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ID : tm3499915626

Selective Leverage System

The invention relates to improve performance of a device having a pulsing behavior input or output such as engines and other cyclically devices. This solution includes a selective leverage system gear train that uses leverage principle to improve performance of compressors, alternators, etc.

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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm3070211673

WONDERMOMO: Biodegradable Portable Charger (BPC)

More and more portable device had been produced to fulfill the high demand of the new portable device era. Wondermomo: Biodegradable charger (BPC) is portable power supply for mobile electronic devices. BPC eliminate down time for charging mobile electronic devices like mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras, notebook computer and video camera which normally require electricity from conventional utility socket for charging. It is a solution for the user in charging heir portable devices wherever their location maybe. BPC is very reliable, charge any portable electric compact and it is very light in weight and small in size. It is easy and handy to carry along while traveling. It will use a much more environmental friendly energy source compare to conventional electricity charger. Handy portable device has become part of hour daily life. Everyday, there are new handy portable device launch in world wide. The portable handy device which using rechargeable battery cannot works efficiently without a convenient energy source for charging it, especially when the user staying out from the house or indoor, where there is no plug and play energy source nearby and some of use end up carrying extra battery. Thus, it is important to take this problem seriously. Although there are existing portable chargers in the present market, but these devices are not working efficient due to various reasons, such as expensive price, bulky size, made of heavy material and slow charging speed and furthermore the energy source is not renewable and environmentally friendly.

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ID : tm3071111682


The UVTREAT Machine is designed that is capable to treat the fresh tropical juices such as pineapple juice to inactivation of the bacteria at least 5 log10 reduction as required by the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). Dean vortex flow concept was adapted in this machine to increase the mixing effect as well as exposure of the microorganism to UV, thus, increase the lethality rate of microorganism. The machine is simple, feasible and a cost saving piece of equipment. It consists of an inlet, UV reactor and outlet. The UV reactor consists of 6 UV lamps in which five of the units are arranged in a circular pattern to minimize the size of the process system yet ease to handle and maintenance. A lamp in the centre of the five lamps that arrange in the circular pattern to boost the effectiveness of the processing system to give extra UV-C wavelength. The UV lamps able to switch on/off individually by using the control panel. Juice is pumped in by hydraulic pump and it is treated at the UV reactor (254 nm) prior packaging at the outlet. The production rate of this machine is depending on the characteristic of the juice and the number of lamp uses.

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ID : tm3072611697

Treatment Of Oilfield Produced Water With Isolated Tropical Hypersaline Microorganisms In Membrane Bioreactor For Recycle and Beneficial Reuse

Oilfield waste water or produced water is produced in large quantities in onshore and offshore exploitations. This waste contains high concentrations of salts, oil, organic acids, heavy metals, and radionuclide. In many cases, current disposal practices have caused severe environmental petroleum hydrocarbon contamination to surface, ground and coastal waterways. In this research, treatment of produced water with combined biological and membrane system was studied. Because of hypersaline conditions of produced water, local hypersaline microorganisms was isolated, acclimated and seeded to a sequence batch reactor (SBR). A suitable and efficient ultra-filter membrane was used for retention of microorganisms in biological unit and a reverse osmosis membrane was used to desalinate the first stage membrane permeate. Results showed that membrane bioreactor effluent can meet environmental discharge limits and can be used for recycling in oil well-re-injection to increase oil production, and various industrial uses (e.g., dust control, vehicle washing, and fire control). Reverse osmosis effluent can be use for power plant makeup water, irritation, livestock or wildlife watering and habitat even drinking water. The isolated microorganisms and proposed RO-UF-SBR shows good potential for oilfield produced water reuse.

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ID : tm3072711698

TMP Ester

Pelincir Mesra Alam. Cecair ini mempunyai kestabilan haba yang baik, pelinciran yang lebih baik, turun naik yang rendah dan resits hidrolisis lebih baik berbanding ester lain.

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ID : tm3072811699

Tissue Culture of economic and exotic plants

A novel approach of producing planting materials and compounds of economic importance is available. The technology provides the feasibility of large-scale screening and selecting desirable cell, tissue and plants.

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ID : tm3073511706

The Effect of Magnesium Vacancies on the Intraband Scattering in MgB??? as Determined by Point Contact Andreev Reflection

The discovery of a new type of superconductor -MgB??? in 2001 has revived the research interest worlwide in the hopeto search for non-oxide based materialwith higher superconducting transition temperature,T??. With a T?? of around 39K the multiple band structure of the superconductor MgB??? is responsible for a wide range of observed and predicted intriguing phenomena.For applications purposes,it has been proposed that making the three dimension (3D) ?? band dirtier with respect to the more two dimensional (2D) ?? band increases the low temperature upper critical field, H????? which determines the sustainability of the material in high magnetic field before losing its superconducting properties. Experimentally,various methods of dirtying this unusual superconductor have been attempted,although it has proven very difficult to selectively dirty one band.For instance,nominal aluminium doping onto the Mg site has inevitably resulted in both the ?? and ?? bands being affected.

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ID : tm3073911710

T.F-DCM/F7: A New Potential Anti-Leukemia Drug from a Local Tropical Plant

A fraction (DCM/F7) obtain from the tubers of Typhonium flagelliforme has been found to be a herbal formulation useful for the treatment of leukemia in children.

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ID : tm3074311714

Study of Novel Nanoscale Multiferroic via Magnetic and Electrical Properties.

The invention of high dielectric permittivity, of ceramic according to its formulation and processing technique that can be utilized at wide range frequencies and temperatures 0c to 125c. The plateau of permittivity expands to higher frequency as the temperature increases to 200c. The premittivity at 25c is 34,800(1kHz) and increased to 75,800 (1kHz) at 200c.

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ID : tm3075911730

Single Port Saw Resonator for High Temperature Passive System

Substrate is 50 Gallium Phosphate
Inter-digital metallization=70nm thickness of Platinum + 20nm thickness of Chromium under-layer.
Centre frequency (fo)434 MHz
Wavelength (o)=5.6m
Number of finger pairs in IDT=50
Number of strip in each reflector=100
Acoustic Aperture (W)=280 m

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ID : tm3076311734

Screening method for detection of immediate amino acid decarboxylases - producing bacteria implicated in food poisoning

Many microbiological tests had been developed in microtitre plates because they are usually more rapid and less labor-intensive as compared to the conventional method. In our study, we developed a method for screening of amino acid decarboxylase-producing microorganisms in 96-well microtitre plates using the Moeller Decarboxylase Base Broth (MDBB). The microorganisms convert amino acids into biogenic amines which can induce toxicological risks and health problems, are precursors of carcinogenic nitrosamines and act as indicators of food spoilage. MDBB contains a chromogen which reacts with biogenic amines causing a colour change that can be visualized and measured spectrophotometrically. Results obtained were based on mathematical and statistical analyses. The study shows that positive decarboxylase activities were detected with E. coli and K. pneumoniae, in agreement with previously reported studies. The advantages of this method were early capture of amino acid decarboxylase activity (within 7.5 hours), shortened incubation time, usage of less growth media and test substrates (amino acids), and application of up to 96 tests per run. Usage of the mathematical formulae ruled out the possible contamination and sample turbidity contribution and statistical analysis provide accuracy in determining the colour change.

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ID : tm3076411735

Scrap Rubber Tyres Retaining System (ScRUTyR)

The feasibility of reusing whole scrap rubber types as one of the elements of a retaining system is investigated. The investigation encompasses the development and testing of scrap rubber types for utilization in reinforced retaining systems, construction of a5m-high reinforced slope retaining wall and field monitoring of the rubber tyres reinforced wall system.
The rubber tyres are found to have a minimum tensile strength of 20 kN at the 90% probabilitistic level with the average value being 35.9 kN. The modulus of elasticity is found ti exceed 200 MPa. The earth ant tyre reinforced wall is found to be technically proficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable. The environment solution provides one of the best ways to the recycling of waste scrap rubber tyres as huge quantities of the unwanted tyres are required with minimum energy consumption. The solution is environmentally sustainable and cost competitive as low cost unwanted recycled raw materials, unskilled workers and light machineries are used. Technically the 5m flexible wall have a low lateral pressure with the coefficient being less than the coefficient of active pressure. Field monitoring since July 2005 indicates that the settlement falls within acceptable values.

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ID : tm3076711738

Safety Syringe

Safety gears with removable and fixed needles.

Picagari keselamatan dengan jarum yang boleh ditanggalkan dan dipasang secara kekal.

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ID : tm3077511746

RITA (Automated Temporary Immersion Reactor)

A new method for in vitro culture by using RITA system. This system is low in cost and has a simple operation principle. Nutrient culture is supplied to the plants by pumping air into upper chamber of the reactor, containing the cultured plant tissue.

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ID : tm3078111752

Radiation-Induced Graf Copolymorization of Proton-Exchange Membrane for DMFC

Graft copolymerization of methylstyrene monomer an to poly (ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene films follomed by sulfonation)

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ID : tm3078411755

Putra Blok

Putra Blok is a type of building blocks with easy installation methods, fast procedures and cost effective construction, without the need for skilled labor. It also does not require expensive assembly machinery.

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ID : tm3078611757

Psychrozim: A Novel Cold Active Lipase for Low Temperature Industrial Application

Enzymes are catalysts that serve as a catapult for life processes. The structures of these enzymes dictate their function. Thus, understanding their structures would be very valuable in tailoring these enzymes for useful purposes such as in the production of drugs, food and chemicals. A psychrophilic microorganism (cold living) named P112 was isolated from the Antartic sea ice. The Gram negative microorganism showed visible growth after a week of incubation evevn at 4?C and was inhibited at 37?C.
The socalled psychrophilic organism bacterium because its adaptation to cold climate produced extracellular lipase. The lipase gene was isolated via shotgun cloning. Four colonies among thousands of seccessful transformants appeared to have cold active lipolytic on top of tributyrin-LB containing ampicilin when grown at 4?C. An open reading frame of 783 bp was found to encode a lipase with a putative size of 27kDa. Purification of recombinant intracellular LipPI12 was done using Nickel Sepharose affinity chromatography. The purified intracellular LiPI12 was the size of -30kDa with recovery of 75% and purification fold of 42. Characterization of the recombinant cold active lipase was done in order to understand the novel enzyme. Temperature profile shown that in functioned optimally at 20?C at pH around 7-8. Medium chain length of triglyceride and fatty served to be its best substrates. The cold active lipase was also activated in the presence of Ca ion. Interestingly, the cold active lipase wasalso stable in the presence of organic solvents.

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ID : tm3078711758

Psychrozim: A Novel Cold Active Bifunctional Enzyme for Low Temperature Industrial Application

This is call psychrozim. A Novel Cold Active Bifunctional Enzyme for Low Temperature Industrial Application.

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ID : tm3078811759

Provaccis: Probiotics-enhanced Vibriosis Vaccine for Fish Health Improvement

Probiotics-recombinant vaccine enhances fish health through dual roles of improving gut flora and elevating humoral immune respone. Elavated lgM titre, size increment and disease resistance upon challenge with virulent fish pathogens, Vibro alginolyticus. Safety for animals and human upon exposure or consumption since the product comprised probiotics coupled immunogen.

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ID : tm3079411765

Production Of Natural Carotene From Crude Palm Oil

Carotene is used mainly for food colouring, vitamin supplements pharmaceutical and cosmetic agents. Recent evidence suggests that alpha and beta carotene may offer some protection against cancer. A physical process has been developed for the recovery of carotenoid without damaging the edible triglycerides of oil palm.

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ID : tm3079611767

Processes for Producing Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Cooking Oil and Raw Material for Coconut Biodiesel

The present invention relates to an improved process for the preparation of virgin coconut oil, raw material for biodiesel and coconut cooking oil from the coconut milk by applying microwave separation technology. It is based on the optimum set up of microwave power, time and temperature in the microwave separation system. This new process is chemical free, a faster method, easy to operate, high yield of about 10-11 coconut per litre of biodiesel and good quality of VCO and cooking oil

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ID : tm3080111772

Polymerization of PVA/PANI conducting polymer Blends by radiation technique

Synthesizing PANI by radiation method.The PVA/AniHCl blend films were prepared by solvent casting in air. The influence of the 1.25-MeV gamma-ray dose and the polymerization kinetics were investigated by means of visible absorption spectroscopy, XRD, and conductivity measurements. The polymerization of PANI was evident as the blends change colour from white to dark green, peaking at the absorption band of 780 nm, which is the colour of PANI. There is a significant reduction in the peak intensity at the diffraction angle of 19.5o, as the dose increases to 50 kGy, indicating the crystalline phase of the blends has been transformed into the amorphous phase due to the polymerization of PANI.

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ID : tm3081311784

Parallel 2PB Software for Solving Large Non Stiff ODEs

The development in computer technology has allowed people in science and engineering sectors to apply numerical methods to solve mathematical model arising from physical phenomena.The numerical solutions of large ordinary differential equations (ODEs) systems require a large amount of computing power.The need for an accurate and faster solution has motivated researches at UPM to develop and efficient parallel block software for solving large problems of ordinary differential equations using variable step size and order on a parallel shared memory computer.

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ID : tm3081511786

Over Expression of Gibberellin 20 Oxidase Gene Increase of Cellulose Fiber Length In Kenaf ( Hibiscus Cannabinus L.)

Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.), a versatile multi purpose crop is a viable alternative of natural fiber for biocomposites industries. Longer fiber and higher cellulosic content are indicators of good fiber quality for specific end-uses. Gibberellic acid (GA) a plant hormone responsible for stem elongation may play a role in fiber development. We hypothesize that increased GA could improve fiber quality. Thus GA 20 Oxidase, one of the key enzymes in GA biosynthetic pathway was transferred to kenaf. Effects of this transformation were evaluated through molecular, morphological and biochemical analyses. GA transformed kenaf demonstrated significant increases in core fiber length and cellulose content. The positive attributes in fiber quality exhibited from these transformed plants would definitely offer a wider scope of utilization, particularly in the development of high valued materials such as security papers, technical textiles and advanced biocomposites.

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