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ID : tm289769947

Tunable Sonar System

This sonar system uses a tunable tranCRucer. The frequency of operation can be varied or tuned over a wide frequency range using inductors. Potential applications are in defence and fisheries (industry).

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289839954

The Agent-based Rough Set Data Mining Tool

The novelty of ROUGHAGENT compared to previous agent-based rough set technique, is that it is employed within default rules generation framework (DRGF). It improves the existing Emergent-based Approach where the running time has been reduced thus maintaining the number of rules and classification accuracy. ROUGHAGENT controls the number iteration to avoid the unnecessary mining path but reserves the generation of simpler and shorter rules. ROUGHAGENT improves the mining speed and maintains the quality of knowledge.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289869957

Synthetic Wood Composition & Method of Processing Thereof

The invention relates to the technology and materials for processing thermoplastic natural rubber wood from a blend of natural rubber and polyethylene, as the matrix and cellulosic fibers, rice husk or any dried parts of the rice plant/grass and wood powder, as the filler.
The composite will be further improved in properties (hardened and strengthened) with addition of particulate filler such as clay, and chemical modifications to the matrix. The special properties of the thermoplastic composite wood like mouldability and resistance to moisture and fungi enable it to be applied in the construction of formed products for outdoor applications (garden furniture) and in wet indoor areas (tiling applications). It can be applied to door fittings and furniture through the addition of pigments or painting of the composite for a better finishing. The use of agro-waste such as rice husk and wood flour helps to lessen environmental problem related to rice and wood industries.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289879958

Superior Red Rice with Low Gi

Five transgressive variants derived from a cross between the wild rice, Oryza rufipogon Griff and a high yielding Malaysian rice cultivar O. sativa L. indica cv. MR219 were evaluated for red pericarp stability, grain yield potential and resistance to blast disease. The experiment was conducted at a single location over two seasons. Grain yield was significantly higher (15%) than MR219 for variant G33 (R14-3-66-4-B-B) which also possessed the desired physico-chemical properties of grain with high antioxidant activity (Ferric Reducing Ability of Plasma = 107.72 molFeSO4/g and Total Phenolic Content = 0.49 mg GAE/g), low glycemic index (GI =51) and low insulin index (II = 39). The same variant was resistant to blast disease and the red pericarp colour was stable. The transgressive variant G33 is recommended for cultivar development as a specialty rice.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289929963

Solar-Assisted Urban Farming

Membantu menggiatkan usaha pertanian di dalam
bandar dengan menggunakan tenaga hijau
berasaskan tenaga suria. Terdapat beberapa
paten/teknologi yang digunakan untuk
menjayakan projek ini

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289939964

Solar Powered Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell System

The unitized regenerative fuel cell can work as electrolyzed which splitting water to hydrogen and oxygen with assists of PV panels power trough the shiny hours, these gases to be stored in gas cylinders and then utilize the stored hydrogen and oxygen to produce power through fuel cell mode during the sunset time so this cell with the PV panels and the gases tanks will consider to be uninterrupted power source of energy in which the energy will be produce from the sun and water in one cells stack at different modes.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289999970

Solar Assisted Chemical Heat Pump Dryer

A solar collector is adapted to provide thermal energy in a reactor so a chemical reaction can take place. This reduces the dependency of the drying technology on fossil energy for heating. The combination of chemical heat pump and solar technology gives extra efficiency in utilizing energy. The system consists of sour mean components evacuated tubes solar collector, storage tank, solid-gas chemical heat pump and drying chamber. A solid gas chemical heat pump consists of reactor, condenser and evaporator. An average drying chamber temperature of 55C and air at relative humidity of 20-30per cent has been achieved. The total energy required to maintain a drying temperature of 55C is 60 kWh over nine hours drying time. The system contributed 51 kWh and contributed approximately 85per cent of the overall energy requirement.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290039974

Smart Heat Pump Dryer

Dalam sistem ini suhu operasi kebuk pengeringan adalah di antara 40oc hingga 50oc dan kelembapan relatif udara di antara 10% hingga 30%. Sistem ini terdiri daripada pengering pam haba, kebuk pengeringan dan pengumpul suria multifungsi yang menggunakan pemampat di antara 380 W hingga 500 W. Ia dapat membekalkan haba melalui kondenser dan pemampat kepada kebuk pengeringan. Penyejat digunakan untuk menyejatkan udara lembap yang terhasil semasa proses pengeringan. Pengumpul suria multifungsi membantu meningkatkan jumlah haba yang diperolehi dari persekitara. Ianya berfungsi sebagai pemanas ketika adanya sinaran suria, penyejuk pada malam hari atau semasa hujan dan penyejat pada suhu persekitaran rendah. Pengumpul suria terdiri daripada penutup, penyerap selang seli, penyerap haba dengan dimensi 130.0 cm x 70.0 cm x 12.5 cm. Keupayaan pada keamatan sinaran 1000 W/m2 sebagai pemanas adalah 490 W semasa kitaran udara terbuka dan 755 W kitaran udara tertutup. Keupayaan sebagai penyejuk pada suhu udara ambien di antara 20oc hingga 33oc ialah 65 W hingga 260 W, manakala keupayaan sebagai penyejat pada suhu udara ambien di antara 0 hingga 15oc ialah 290 W hingga 390 W.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290059976

Sistem Pengeringan Suria PV/T

Sistem ini merupakan gandingan antara pengumpul suria terma bersirip dan juga pengumpul terma PV/T. Kapasiti kebuk direka untuk memuatkan 200kg rumpai laut dan kebuk juga boleh digunakan untuk mengeringkan hasil-hasil pertanian yang lain. Pencapaian oleh system pengeringan suria PV/T ini, mampu mengeringkan 200kg rumpai laut (basah) ke 20kg rumpai kering dalam tempoh 15 jam pada keadaan hari cerah.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290109981

Rural Electrification

Produk ini adalah satu pakej penyelasaian bagi
pembekalan tenaga elektrik melalui teknologi
suria bagi kawasan luar bandar

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290179988

Randomly Textured Nanoscale Surfaces for Low-Cost Manufacturing of Si Solar Cell

Industrial Si solar cell manufacturing is based on wet-chemical texturing to remove saw-damge, reduce reflection, and plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition to deposit high index SiN films to reduce reflection as well achieve adequate surface passivation. Wet-chemical texturing requires large quantities of water and chemicals, SiN deposition requires expensive plasma processing equipment as well as highly flammable and reactive silane gas. Both these factors contribute to higher manufacturing costs and environmental pollution. Our work seeks to reduce manufacturing costs through an environmental-friendly approach.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290189989

PV as Cottage Industry

An alternative approach aimed at solar photovoltaic (PV) cost reduction by tailoring the technology to the socio-economic culture of the society has been developed. Such an approach must stress development of photovoltaic-based cottage industry. A cottage-industry based business model aimed at manufacturing of 110 W PV modules in a pilot plan in Terengganu, Malaysia with estimated capacity of 1 MW/year has been setup. Almost entire equipment and manufacturing processes were developed with processes and performance yields comparable to any automated operation. Hence, in this approaches many customized PV panel can be produce at very low cost and job opportunities for the local population.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290199990

Purification of Grade from Transesterification Rbd Palm Oil Over Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Biolubrication Preparation

Crude glycerols used in this study consisted of crude glycerol (CG1) produced from homogeneous catalyst (NaOH) obtained from Golden Hope biodiesel plant and crude glycerol (CG2) as a product of heterogeneous catalyst transesterification RBD palm oil using

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290229993

Process for the Production of Wood Composites from Renewable Natural Resources

According to the present invention, there is provided a process for the production of plant-based composites, said process comprising the steps of: (a) preparing and processing fibrous plant material; (b) combining the processed plant fibres with a vegetable oil-based binder composition; and (c) molding or compressing the combination of plant fibre and vegetable oil-based binder formed in step (b), thus forming wood composites that are readily cured.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290239994

Process for Preparing Natural Oil-Based PolYesters and Polyamides

The present invention provides a process for preparing natural oil-based polyols from palm kernel oil and/or coconut oil by way of a two-step polYesterification and polycondensation process.
This process is formed by adding refined, bleached and deodorized palm kernel oil and/or refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil to a mixture of a polyhydric alcohol or a combination of polyhydric alcohols, with or without a polysaccharide alcohol and a catalyst. The palm kernel oil and/or coconut oil will undergo hydroxylation by way of polYesterification and polycondensation so as to form a natural oil-based polyol.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290249995

Process For Manufacturing Thermoplastic natural Rubber (TPNR) Using Liquid Natural Rubber (LNR) as a Compatabiliser

Thermoplastic natural rubber (TPNR) is an elastomeric thermoplastic consisting of a blend of natural rubber (NR) and a thermoplastic such as polypropylene (PP). Normally the material is prepared by melt-mixing the components at about the melting point of the thermoplastic. TPNR is a tough material exhibiting both thermoplastic and rubber properties. The potential applications of the material are very wide. Weight seems to be a major concern in most of the applications.
Making the material lighter would be most appropriate and timely. One way of reducing the material density without loosing significantly other physical properties is by expanding or foaming the material i.e. introduction of cells or pores in TPNR. The nature of the cell formed, its size and distribution, depend on the technique of foaming and type of matrix.
Researchers at UKM have identified a method of preparing TPNR and introducing pores into the structure. The technique can be utilized to prepare the required cellular TPNR with specific hardiness, elasticity, density, modulus and other physical parameters.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290259996

Process for Manufacturing Liquid Natural Rubber (LNR)

The present invention relates to the process for manufacturing liquid natural rubber. A sufficient quantity of dried natural rubber is soaked in an organic solvent and then mixed with a sufficient amount of a photosensitizing agent solution. Alternatively, these two steps can be done in reverse order. The resultant mixture is then exposed in visible light for a predetermined time period. The molecular weight of the degraded rubber thus produces ranges from 20,000 to 100,000.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290269997

Process For Making Catalyst by Impregnation
Of Platinum on Activated Carbon

A Method of impregnating platinum on activated carbon comprises bringing into contact an activated carbon sample with a dissolved platinum solution, adding a base into the platinum solution to raise the pH to a range of 9.7 to 9.9, boiling the platinum solution with distilled water and evaporating a mixture of the base and the distilled water from the platinum solution by heating it to a calcining temperature.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290279998

Process for Making Catalyst by Impregnation of Platinum on Activated Carbon

An impregnation process for the preparation of platinum on activated carbon catalyst (Pt/AC) using indigenous activated carbon is elucidated. Pt uptake is a very important parameter in the impregnation process to load Pt on AC. These involve three types of Pt uptakes observed when using solution of PtCl6 (pow 2-) anions , namely, -fast and strong adsorption of Pt anions on protonated sites (OHpow +), - weak adsorption on pre-adsorbed ammonium sites at medium, pH and - deposition of neutral Pt compound formed by the precipitation of Pt precursors, such as (NH)PtCl6 at high pH and HPtCl6 at low pH. A method of impregnating platinum on activated carbon comprises bringing into contact an activated carbon sample with a dissolved platinum solution, adding a base into the platinum solution to raise the pH to a range of 9.7 to 9.9, boiling the platinum solution with distilled water and evaporating a mixture of the base and the distilled water from the platinum solution by heating it to a calcining temperature.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903010001

Potential DNA diagnostic tool for optical dengue virus detection

A new DNA biosensor model fabricated based on binding and interaction of schiff base metal salphen complex as optical DNA label for early diagnosis of dengue virus via investigation of solid state DNA hybridization chemistry on the nanosilica supporting matrix using reflecttometric method

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903110002

Portable Energy Efficient Solar Assisted Heat Pump Dryer

Portable Energy Efficient Solar Assisted Heat Pump Dryer with eighteen operation modes is used to dry agricultural and marine products. The system is divided into three main component; heat pump system which is used to increase the temperature of the drying chamber and remove the moisture from products, multifunctional solar thermal collector which able to work as heater, cooler and evaporator and drying chamber which can operate in opened or closed loop systems. The Solar Heat Pump Dryer is also equipped with SCADA system which is used to control and optimize the system operation. This smart dryer is not entirely depending on solar and it can also operate with an auxiliary heater. The solar energy is used to assist the system operation.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903310004

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Electrolyser

A PEM electrolyser, which comprises a plurality of cells in series; each cell comprising an anode, a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and cathode; wherein the anode, membrane and cathode are separated by a spacer; and wherein the spacer, anode, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and cathode are of a plate-like structure.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903810009

Phonelic Resin from oil Palm Soda lignin

In the process of screening various herbs for anti-obesity activity we have investigates the effects of Jin Batu (Strobilanthes Crispus) herbal formulation in assisting weight loss of diet-induced obese rats. Lean Sprague-Dawley rats (350-450g) were fed a high-fat diet containing 31.1% fat for 14 weeks to induce obesity.
Obese rats were given S. Crispus formuation (1% w/w) in drinking water and standard rat chow diet for another 14 weeks. The assay for adipose tissues lipolysis effect was performed by measuring changes of adipose tissue weight, plasma leptin and glycerol levels and lioprotein lipase mRNA expression before and after treatment with S. Crispus supplement. The time course of body weigth, food intake, liver weight and plasma parameters (triglyceride, total cholestrol, high-density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein) were measured. Hepatic histological examination were also performed. After 14 weeks, rats treated with S. Crispus supplement were found to have lower mean body weights, mean body weight gain and feed efficiency than control group.
They also have significantly (p<0.05) lower adipose tissue and liver weights, and leptin levels compared to control group. Mild hepatic steotosis combined with high liposys rate and LPL mRNA expressed in adipose tissue were observed in the herbal treated group. Profoundly, the positive effect of S. Crispus formulation in assisting adipose tissu weight loss was due to enhanced rate of adipose tissue lipolysis. This was confirmed through the high rate of adipose tissue lipolysis found in Obese-Herbal Traeted Group. These results demonstrated that using 1% (w/w) S. Crispus formulation as herbal supplement can assist obese rats in weight reduction and management

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2904410015

Parameter for a H Space Pin Photodetector

The research concentrated on a new interdigitated design based on a space-filling locus and the GUI interfaces that was created for testing it. We used a mathematical fractal in the designs in order to optimized the active area of the device and MATLAB programe to build software to test the effectiveness of the design. When put into a simulated test, the H-Space electrode produced a promising result. We compared current-time graphs of two pin photodetectors with different electrode design but with the same properties, i.e (100) silicon substrate with a resistivity of 11-16? A concentration of 1x 1016 cm -3 phosphorus and 1x 1019 cm-3 boron were applied with the width of the active region two times wider than the width of the fingers. By running it on three different widths and applying s reverse bias voltage of 5V into the device, we obtained a graph which highlights the improvement in the rise time factor of the H space electrode devices wherein we found that the rise time factor of the H space electrode is roughly 5.1x103 A/sec while for the interdigitated electrode, the steepness is 857.8

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905210023

Novel Combined Ejector Absorption Refrigeration System Powered By Solar Energy

The ejector is a key component of the ejector cooling system. Besides the very simple configuration ejectors, the solar cooling systems combining ejectors and other devices are also very simple. The model cover a wide range of compression, expansion and entrainment ratios, especially those used in industrial and residential applications. It shows that solar-driven ejector cooling technologies are not only can serve the needs for cooling requirements such as air-conditioning and ice-making and medical or food preservation in remote areas, but also can meet demand for energy conservation and environment protection. Another advantage of the system is the possibility of using a wide range of refrigerants with the system. These advantages make it a very attractive option to be used in tropical countries such as Malaysia especially in rural areas.

Bangi Selangor

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