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ID : tm290109981

Rural Electrification

Produk ini adalah satu pakej penyelasaian bagi
pembekalan tenaga elektrik melalui teknologi
suria bagi kawasan luar bandar

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290119982

ROBO_C : Online Educational Games For Self-Assessment Of Programming Introductory

Popularity of computer games and lack of motivation to learn programming among students initiate our interest to combine the subject into an educational game called ROBO_C. The game purposely developed to enhance students motivation in doing programming exercises, which is crucial to learn the subject. Robo_C is a game prototype consist of compendium of 4 mini-games namely Find Me!, Go GROW! Hangman and Fix the Bot. Each game has its own features, game engine, and score model, integrated into a compendium to cater for various games genres suitable for different learning outcomes. ROBO_CC developed with combination of fun and pedagogical features to ensure its effectiveness.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290129983

ROBO_C : Online Educational Casual Games To Promote Self-Assessment of Programming Concepts

Educational games R&D have attracted lots of attention due to its potential to motivate students to learn. Our younger generations also have enormous interest towards computer games. On the other hand, Programming is considered as a difficult subject.Students found it boring and not motivated to learn due to difficulties to understand, consequently resulted in low achievement among students. Among the problems founds are lack of motivation to do Programming exercises.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290159986

Real-Time Occupational Vibration Analyzer (ROCUVA) Abstract

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a normal phenomenon in our daily life. Everyday, human were exposed to a wide range of WBV. There are various sources of WBV for the workers who are standing on the vibrating platforms and floor surface, driving in constructions, mining, manufacturing, and transportation vehicles. Exposure to WBV that exceeds the body performance limit may cause health problems.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290209991

Purification Of Crude Glycerol from transesterification RBD Palm Oil Over Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Catalysts For The Biolubrication Preparation.

Crude glycerols used in this study consisted of crude glycerol (CGI) produced from homogeneous catalyst (Na0H) obtained from golden hope biodresel plant and crude glycerol (CG2) as a product of heterogeneous catalysed transesterification RBD palm oil using KOH/ A1203 catalyst.KOH/A1203 catalyst was produced by wet impregnation method and characterized by using BET, XRD and SEM-EDX methods. 15% KOH/A1203 has BET surface 26.1025 m2/g. The first purification stage of the crude glycerol was achieved by employing the addison (2006) neutralization method followed by ion exchange resins method. Sodium phosphate salts as a result of the neutralization of Na0H with 85% v/v phosphoric asid of PH1 were filtered using syringe filter 0.45pm. Only glycerol peak could be detected using a dionex C-18 column in the HPLC indicating that the neutralization step enabled the removal of excess homogeneous catalyst as well as the unreacted free fatty acids in the crude glycerol samples. The free ions from salt and catalyst were than eliminated through ion exchange process using amberlite resins to produce higher glycerol purity. The purified samples were also analyzed using FTIR to check on their purify level and to detect any impurity that may still exist. The regeneration technique of heterogeneous catalyst and ion exchange resins were also studied.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2902910000


SPC is a powerful problem-solving technique and has been used for monitoring, controlling, analyzing, managing and improving a process throughout statistical methods. However, there is non-existing of SPC software or programmed that could be effectively and suitably used in the context of SMEs constraints, such as operator skill level, as well as other commitments faced by Malaysian SMEs. In order to sustain in business competitiveness, SMEs must struggle to the rapidly changing of their business strategies and it can be done through the support of SPC system, named as PRISM (Process Improvement for SMEs). The PRISM is an industrial and process improvement tool, and as an alternative of using a manual SPC method (based on graph paper)to perform simple statistical analysis as well as to manage the quality data processes. PRISM is a based system which provides an online monitoring for more easily control the process performances in production site. This system is also applicable to all types of processes, machines and parameters to store the information, data set and subsequently generate the graph.The PRISM is primarily useful to SME companies that are contemplating the adoption of advance manufacturing technology. Several benefits/purposes of this system as compared to the CURRENT existing statistical software are:- Provide information dissemination facilities via email, prevent errors in calculation, multiple users & accessibility by user, trigger out-of-control data, ease of use- point&click capability by simple instructions, and usable for low skill computer user. The value of this system should be particularly useful to SMEs to expand and stimulate their business opportunities in long term expectation.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903210003

Portable Continuous Power Generation System

The unitized regenerative fuel cell can work as electrolyze which splitting water to hydrogen and oxygen with assist of PV panels power through the shiny hours, these gases to be stored in gas cylinders and then utilize the stored hydrogen and oxygen to produce power through fuel cell mode during the sunset time so this cell with the PV panels and the gases tanks will consider to be uninterruptible power source of energy in which the energy will be produce from the sun and water in one cells stacks at different modes.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903410005

Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Coupler for Fiber-In-The-Home (FITH) and Automobile System Application

In this invention, we proposed a simple 1X2 Y-branch POF coupler to be used in POF applications which include fiber-in-the-home (FITH), ethernet POF for automobile system, and optical sensors. The 1X2 Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) coupler has been designed using a simple metallic mold insert. The device is composed of three sections: an input POF waveguide, an intermediate hollow taper waveguides and output POF waveguides. Short POF fibers at the input and output sections are inserted inside the mold insert before the interfaces of the hollow structure allows large splitting angle to be utilized where in this region, light rays are guided only by reflection at the metallic wall surface of the waveguide. One of the key advantages of the newly developed POF coupler is the simplification of the fabrication steps. In this process, a rigid mold insert is designed and fabricated using CNC engraving tool. This technique is a mask less process which significantly reduced the highly cost of producing photomask, and the costly photolithographic equipment.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903510006

Pico Turbine- Green Power Direct From Your Backyard

Pico turbine is the most cost effective solutions for providing electricity for off-grid settlements. It is capable of producing 200W to 1kW power supply depending on variable head and flow-rate. It is a run-of-river application, which does not require storage or dam. Suitable almost everywhere, where streams can be found with a slight drop of height, even at your own backyard. Its advantages include:
1.Low flow application
2.Low head application
3.Continuous operation
5.Fish friendly
6.Environmental friendly
7.Fabricated locally
8.Cheapest renewable option

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903610007

Pico Hydro

Hydro power generation system less then 5KW is known as pico hydro. Pico hydro turbine is designed to provide electricity for off-grid settlement. It is connected to alternator through a series of gear arrangement. It is an off-the - river application, which does not require storage or dam. This pico hydro turbine can be fabricated locally and capable of providing between 200 W to 1 kW power supply. Suitable for eco-friendly chalets with river flow nearby.

- Gold, ITEX 2009
-Silver, Malaysia Technology EXPO 2009

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2903710008

Photonic Technology Research Group

The group's current major research is in designing and developing silicon based optical communication components. The research activities can be divided to few major streams:
- Fibre optics fusion coupling technology to produce
fiber-based components
- Waveguide components design technology
- Integrated optical receivers
- Optical polymer technology

- Development of an InGaAs/InP Lateral p-i-n Photodetector
for WDM Optical Communication System (Project Leader:
Prof. Dr. Hj. Sahbudin Shaari), Project Code:
06-02-02-0069-EA231, RM 193,000, Starting year/duration:
2003/3 years.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2904010011

Pengumpul Suria PVT (Fotovoltan-Terma)Lekuk
(Groove PVT (Photovoltaic-Thermal) Solar Collector)

Secara konsepnya pengumpul suria yang direka dapat digunakan dalam pelbagai keadaan. Dalam rekaan ini, panel suria fotovoltan yang terdapat dipasaran telah diubahsuai supaya dapat menghasilkan tenaga elektrik dan udara panas secara serentak. Konfigurasi pengumpul suria PVT yang direka cipta, dengan modul fotovoltannya adalah sejenis SHARP NE-80E2EA dengan kuasa maksimum 80W. Lengkuk yang diperbuat daripada kepingan aluminium digunakan untuk mengumpul udara panas, dan dalam masa yang sama dapat menyejukkan panel fotovoltan.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2904110012

Pengumpul Solar Hibrid

A hybrid solar collector for collecting solar energy comprising a body with insulation means; a photovoltaic system and a photovoltaic/thermal system; characterized in that the body comprising two side plates; a rear plate; a base plate and a lid to accommodate the photovoltaic system and the photovoltaic/thermal system creating a lower channel and upper channel therein.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2904310014

Parameter for a H Space Pin Photodetector

The research concentrated on a new interdigitated design based on a space-filling locus and the GUI interfaces that was created for testing it. We used a mathematical fractal in the designs in order to optimize the active area of the device and MATLAB program to build software to test the effectiveness of the design. When put into a simulated test, the H-Space electrode produced a promising result. We compared current-time graphs of two pin photodetectors with different electrode design but with the same properties, i.e. (100) silicon substrate with a resistivity of 11-16 ???.cm.
A concentration of 1?? 1016 cm-3 phosphorus and 1?? 1019 cm-3 boron were applied with the width of the active region two times wider than the width of the fingers. By running it on three different widths and applying a reverse bias voltage of 5V into the device, we obtained a graph which highlights the improvement in the rise time factor of the H space electrode devices wherein we found that the rise time factor of the H space electrode is roughly 5.1 ??103 A/sec while for the interdigitated electrode, the steepness is 857.8 A/sec. The H electrode is able to increase the response by 595 % compared to those performed by the interdigitated electrodes.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905010021

Occupational Vibration Analyzer (OCUVA)

Vibration is common in our daily life. There are various sources of whole-body vibration (WBV) for the workers who are standing on a vibrating platform and floor surface, driving in construction, mining, manufacturing and transportation vehicles. Exposure to WBV that exceeds the body performance limit may cause health problems,e.g.low back pain (LBP) or musculoskeletal disordersc(MSD).The risks are depending on intensity and duration of vibration exposure. To estimate the health risk, the measurement strategy has to consider the vibration level that exposed to the workers. This innovation was developed an occupational vibration analyzer (OCUVA) to measure the vibration that exposed in human body based on the real-time approach. This portable analyzer is reliable to obtain the value of vibration dose value (VDV), daily exposure to vibration, average over one week exposure to vibration, exposure action value (EAV), and exposure limit value(ELV) from the real-time vibration signal. Therefore, the current vibration exposure that has been absorbed can be evaluated . In,advance, this project implements a newly developed statistical analysis method calledI-kaz to determine the vibration level accordingly. The high value of I-kaz coefficient corresponds to the hugh VDV value and otherwise. Since, the workers know the vibration limit, they will be alert on the safe time for them to work. Indirectly, the health problem can be avoided. Thus, the quality of workers performance will be consequently exaggerated. In response, the responsible party will be able to find the best ways in order to prevent high vibration exposure in occupational environment.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905110022

Novel MEMS Fingerprint Sensor with Thin Structure and High Sensitivity

Biometrics are trustworthy and fingerprint technologies as the most established and used biometrics features are growing rapidly. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) employ movable parts to sense signals of the outside world. In this invention, which is a highly sensitive capacitive MEMS fingerprint sensor, direct pressure of the ridges of the of the generates deflections in an array of movable wide beams. The deflections cause a proportional change in the capacitance between this movable part and a static electrode in each sensor cell. This capacitance change is sensed and measured to generate the pattern of the employing a novel MEMS structure. Advantage of this technology are very thin sructures of the sensor and resistance to electro static discharge (ESD), moist and other surface conditions. The presented MEMS fingerprint sensor has the potential to be integrated to the proper CMOS circuitry. Future potential markets for thin fingerorint sensors in credit cards anad smart cards are especially enticing.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905310024

Novel Carbon Nanotubes Metal Composites For Energy Storage (CNT-MC)

The objective of this invention is to produce carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for energy storage applications. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes metal composites (CNT-MC) were produced by catalytic chemical vapour decomposition of acetylene (C2H2) over supported metal catalyst of iron and cobalt (Fe/Co). The CCVD method reduced the cost of CNT-MC production by a factor of four. Hydrogen adsorption measurements were carried out for CNT-MC using a high pressure Sieverts type apparatus. The CNT-MC showed high hydrogen diffusivity and thermal energy transfer consistently. CNT-MC has created hydrogen transition sites and facilitated hydrogen atom transition. This invention will present an alternative and safe means for hydrogen storage medium especially for fuel cell in mobile and vehicular applications.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905410025

New Interdigitated Backside Contact Solar Cell

Back contact solar cells hold significant promise for increased performance in photovoltaic for the near future. Two major advantages which these cells possess area lack of grid shading loss and coplanar interconnection. Front contacted cells can have up to 10% shading loss when using screen printed metal grids. A front contact cell must also use solder connections which run horn the front of one cell to the back of the next for series interconnections. This procedure is more difficult to automate than the case of co-planar contacts. This invention is a backside contact solar cell with new interdigitated design contact solar cell design has the following principal advantages of this design including (a) no front surface shadow losses, (b) simpler lamination process; i.e; no tabbing from front to back, and (c) simplified solar cell processing. An additional benefit is that cells with both contacts on the rear are easier to interconnect and can be placed closer together in the module since there is no need for a space between the cells.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905910030

Nano Ferrite Magnetic Paper Via in Situ Synthesis Method

Paper possesses good magnetic properties are produced using a novel in situ synthesis approach. Ferrite nanocrystals (FE3o4/MnFe2O4) are in situ precipitated in pulp fiber suspension. The ferrite nanocrystals are deposited onto the fiber surface due to the electrostatic interaction. The resulting magnetic fibers are used to produce magnetic paper. The magnetic properties of the paper can be adjusted, by controlling the degree of magnetic loading, to suit the requirement of the final applications. The produced magnetic paper can be potentially used as magnetic recording medium, printable magnetic sheet and electromagnet wave absorber.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2906310034

Multistation Thermal Comfort Real Time Monitoring System

Comfort level is measured by the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Percentage People Dissatisfied (PPD) index using BS EN ISO 7730, BS EN ISO 10551 and ASHRAE Standard 55. The instrument measures basic environmental parameters such as globe temperature, air temperature, relative humidity, illumination, cross wind ventilation and CO2 sensors. These parameters can be used to determine the PPD and PMV.

- Silver, Malaysia Technology EXPO 2009

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2906510036

Multifuction Solar Assisted Heat Pump System

The system operation for cooling , heating (drying mode) mode and dehumidification air comprises of our separate modes. In the cooling mode the valve means direct refrigerant to the evaporator of heat pump a way to absorb heat by refrigerant from conditioning air in the evaporator, in the heating mode the valve means direct refrigerant to the air-based condeser of the condenser. In the dehumidication mode the air at the dryer exit, direct to dehumidifier to enable the recovery of tge thermal energy carried by the air, which would otherwise be wasted. In multipurpose mode, the system can serve more than one function, simultaneously. A system for electricity production is also considered in this design.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2906610037

Multi--Access Detection System (MADS) for Optical Line Monitoring in Industrial Enviroments

MADS is a prototype built to monitor the optional signal in industry.MADS is also been used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTP) industry and develoyment to identify the status at drop region. The causes of loss signal are line break, failure of sensor, optical splitter and optical converter. MADS consists of optical signal detector, wireless module, microcontroller and Grahical User Interface (GUI) for displaying the condition of all optional lines. Optical signal detector is used to detect the optional signal in line and converts it to logic signal. The Microcontroller to process the logic signal and send it to the Central Office, XBee-PRO RF module was use. XBee-PRO RF Module were engineered to meet IEEE 802.15.4 standards and support the unique neeeds of low-cost and low-power wireless sensor networks.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2906710038

Monitoring Of Machining System Performance- Mo-Mac II

Mo-Mac II is a handly, portable and light weight PDA which is used to monitor the wear progression during turning process by on-line detecting and analyzing the cutting force signals. This product is designed and programmed to be robust in any shop floor environment. It produces accurate results by detecting and dynamic signal cutting force data which is then compared to the programmed database installed in the PDA. The main function of this product is to detect and analyze cutting tool wear in terms of flank wear land (VB). Later, tool wear progression will be displayed to inform the user about the status of cutting tool conditions in three modes of different color i.e. green (good condition), yellow (transition zone) and red (end of cutting). Therefore, this product is able to give early warning related to the damage and failure of cutting tool, and helps the operation of machine to be smoothly operated in order to produce acceptable quality in manufacturing process.

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ID : tm2906810039

Modal Insan dan Agihan Pendapatan di Malaysia

This paper aims to identify the role of human capital in exploring income distribution in Malaysia. The analysis is based on 4,003 household data collected by a survey in 2007-2008. The study will construct Gini coefficient by ethnics, regions and strata to look at patterns of income distribution. Income ration and percentage income will be used in the analysis. A regression model will be specified to estimate the role of human capital on income distribution. In the model, household income ratio will be used as a dependent variable whilst household characteristics, location and regions are the independent variables.

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ID : tm2907110042

Microelectronic Research Groups

Research in this area focuses towards the development of expertise and facilities in semiconductor technology. The Institute of Micro-engineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN)was officially established in November 2002.

Research in IMEN excels in the following themes:
- MEMS devices and sensing micro-structures
- Development of high electron mobility transistor layers for high frequency telecommunications devices
- Development of an internet based, intelligent integrated information system for MEMS product, design, manufacture & marketing

The emphasis is also on:
- VLSI design for automotive industry and IC design for digital broad based communication system.
- Advanced semiconductor packaging techniques for development of wafers containing in-built IC chips.

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