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ID : tm289239894

A new Design of superbike Paddock Stand

Common superbikes are not equipped with double-stand that is used to lift up the superbike into an upright position for maintenance work or display. They are only equipped with side-stand which puts the superbike in a slanting position. This slanting position does not allow the rear tire to rotate freely thus limits the owner to do any maintenance work on the superbike especially things involving the rear part of superbike. Therefore there is a need foa a superbike stand (paddock stand) to overcome this problem. However, current designs of stands require at least two people to use and lift up the superbike. one person is required to push the superbiketo a stratight position first before the second person can only engage the supporter at both side of the superbike's swing arm and lift the superbike up. In this new designed superbike paddock stand, it can be operated by only a single users which means without the aid of another person. The user himself will push the superbike's handle into a straight position before he himself will engage the stand under the swing arm and push the stand lever handle to lift up the superbike with minimal force. this ease of operation is contributed form the novel design of its angles between the frames of the paddock stand that were designed to be in specific angles to reduces the moment of force needed to lift up the superbike which makes it more practical and convenient.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289259896

A Method and System for White Matter Hyperintensity Identification and Classification

This invention is an automatic technique to quantify White Matter lesions(WMH) in MRI image based on computer algorithms. The technique involve clustering and enhancement of MRI image to investigate the brain abnormality and classify the region as WMH, which help radiologist for further analysis.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289269897

A Green Route of Graphene for Energy Harvesting/Storage Device and Printed Electronics

UiTM graphene is produced from reduction of Graphene Oxide(GO) with graphite as starting material. Reduction process of GO is achieved with reducing sugars and requires short reaction time using ultrasonic method. Overall, the process is efficient, cost effective, green and environmental friendly.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289279898

The Leg Cooler Best Ankle Rehabilitation & Relaxation Easy, Light and Friendly use

A special chair with ice box drawer under the seat. The chair was made from plastic and aluminums frame. While the ice box was made from fully plastic polymer (polythene).
- Light and easy to carry.
- Mobility.
- Cosmetic looks good.
- Confortable and friendly use.
- Multi usage for rehabilitation for ankle injury.
- Also can be use as recovery & relaxation for lower leg.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289329903

Landfill Leachate treatment with a combined system including Electro-Ozonation and composite adsorbent augmented sequencing batch reactor process.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289339904


CALIB is lightweight brick engineered through green technology by reproduction process of coal ash with intelligence mixes designed. CALIB was designed to satisfied the general bricks specification as per Malaysia standard MS 7.6:1972 and British standard BS EN 771:2011.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289359906

Soft Pastel for Ceramic Underglazed Decoration Using Oxide Colorant

This invention is has been produced because of the difficulty of decoration application on ceramic surface and also to get soft pastel colorant product in Malaysian market. Oxide colorant has been proved which is able to substitute the industrial colorant as a main substance of soft pastel.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm289369907

RECLITE - Recycled Glass Lighting

Lampu hiasan merupakan antara produk yang sering menjadi tumpuan dalam rekaan seni hiasan dalaman. Kebanyakan lampu hiasan dihasilkan dalam pelbagai bentuk dan kriteria bagi memenuhi citarasa ramai.
- RECLITE menyumbang kepada faktor seni reka dalaman dengan aspek tambahan iaitu penggunaan bahan kitar semula dalam proses pengeluarannya.
- Bahan kitar semula yang diaplikasikan adalah merupakan kaca terbuang seperti serpihan-serpihan kaca kenderaan dapat diperolehi dengan mudah di bengkel-bengkel baikpulih kenderaan.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm289379908

Waste To Wealth: Biocomposite Products from Rice Husk

In this study, risk husk, combined with fiberglass and bonded with acrylic resin was used to produce biocomposite products.Biocomposite materials can be made into items such as plates,car parts or household fixtures. Padi planters may benefit from this innovation as they produce lots of rice husk.

Jengka Pahang

ID : tm289429913

Multipurpose Stow Vehicle (CAI-KES)

Cai0-kes is a new innovation designed in relation to fulfill the needs of towing unauthorized vehicles especially motorcycles in the vicinity of the campus. This particular product is cost efficient, require minimum maneuvering and thus is very suitable in handling tow vehicles. Since the product requires minimum spaces of storage, it is not only cost effect and less labour intensive, it also saves a lot of parking space in the campus.

Dungun Terengganu

ID : tm289709941

Wireless Optical Sensor Network (Wosn) for Smart Monitoring in Optical Network

WOSN includes optical passive and active components, digital signal processor, and RF communication. Tapping method is used to monitor the optical signals entering to customers receiver. Experiment was carried out to get the parameters of optical passive components. Based on the experiments, this system only involves 4 dB insertion loss and is able to detect optical signal. Since the insertion loss of this system
is very low, we can use it as a connector in the FTTH system.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289719942

Wireless Monitoring Machining Performance : MO-MAC 3

Mo-Mac 3 is a real time wireless monitoring system for monitoring cutting tool wear progression. The system consists of handy, portable and light weight PDAs/uPC which are used to monitor the real time wear progression during turning process simultaneously, by online detecting and analyzing the cutting force signals. This system is designed to be robust in any shop floor environment. The individual PDAs/uPC produces accurate result by detecting the dynamic signal cutting force data which is then compared to the programmed database installed in the PDAs/uPC. The main function of this product is to detect and analyse cutting tool wear in terms of flank wear land (VB). Later, tool wear progression will be displayed to inform the user about the status of cutting tool conditions is three modes of different colour i.e green(good condition), yellow(transition zone) and red(end of cutting). Therefore, this product is able to give early warning related to the damage and failure of cutting tool, and helps the operation of machine to be smoothly operated in order to produce acceptable quality in manufacturing process.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289729943


The project developed is a Wireless CATV Tester Unit for a fiber-to-the home (FTTH) network system. Wireless CATV Tester Unit is a video monitoring eqiupment for optical fiber network line. It consists of two main parts; a detection module (transmitter) and a handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit (receiver). Detection module functions in detecting and extrating video signal from three main signals present in optical signal in underground cable while handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit is responsible in manually determinig the status of the line by accessing the video displayed on the device's video display. To certify transmitted signals are in working provision, CATV tester device is designed to measure signals passing through optical network unit (ONU) at user's premises. A single mode optical fiber at ONU will be obtained by 'tapping' method and 10% of the signal will be fed into detection module. Video signal is then extracted. Through wireless technology, video signal transmitted by detection module throughtout fiber optic cable located in the underground to the handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit. Here, this handheld device will translate the obtained signal into a video to be displayed and accessed by the in-charged personnel. If received signal is accompanied by noises, FTTP main line is possibly damaged and needed to be repaired. Two worth-enhancing appropriates taken for this project are by using Solar panel to charge rechargeable battery to avoid of frequently changing the battery. Secondy is for power saving, ON/OFF switch is implemented inside signal detection module.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289739944

Voltage Sag Ride through Device for Personal Computer

Voltage sags have emerged as one of the most serious power quality problem. Voltage sag disturbances, which sometimes last less than a fraction of second, can cause sensitive equipment such as personal computers (PCs) to shut down and interrupt PC controlled systems and processes for considerable periods of time, which leads to loss of production and high costs. In order to overcome this problems, an electronic device the enhance the ride through capability of PCs during voltage sag is invited. The proposed device can be connected to the power of supply unit of PC to add a new operational state to the PC???s power supply, in which PC supplied for one second by a capacitor bank in the event of voltage sags. In this case, the capacitor bank acts as an energy storage device. The proposed ride through device consists of sag detection circuit, control circuit, switching circuit and capacitor bank. The device is simple, easy to use and can be built from cheap, commercially available components. Some of the salient features of the proposed device are that it does not require additional uninterruptable power supply for its operation and it does not draw high levels of inrush currents from the mains. Furthermore, the proposed device can be adapted to other voltage sensitive devices such as lamps and contactors.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289779948

Tunable Sonar

This sonar system uses a tunable transducer. The frequency of operation can be varied or tuned over a wide frequency range using inductors. Potential applications are in defense and fisheries (industry)

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289889959

Stacked Patch Antenna for Broadband Wireless System

A novel stacked patch antenna is invented for broadband wireless system. The bandwidth is obtained by a stacked patch fed with a folded patch feed and the size reduction is realized through the use of shorting wall. The antenna occupies a compact dimension of 15mm x 15mm x 10mm. The proposed antenna axhibits impedance bandwidth of 90% for -10db return loss (VSWR 2). Details of the antenna for broadband wireless system.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289919962

Spark Plug Fuel Injector Abstract

The SPFI is a device developed in order to convert any port injection engine to direct injection compressed natural gas (CNG) operation (or any other gaseous fuels). When an engine is converted to (CNG) operation with carburetor or port fuel injection systems, power is reduced and engine upper speed is limited. These are due:
1. Air displacement in the intake manifold causes reduced volumetric efficiency,thus reduced the charge heating value
2. Slower flame speed of natural gas compared to gasoline or diesel that requires advancement of spark timing resulting in increased of negative work fraction per cycle.
Direct injection can mitigate this problem by injecting natural as after the intake valve closes. This increases the volumetric efficiency and the same time, the high pressure gas jet enhances in-cylinder turbulence. However, converting to direct injection requires modifications to or replacement of the cylinder head to accommodate extra holes for fuel injectors and possibly modifying the piston crowns which incur a high cost. With SPFI, this cost can be reduced because no modification on the original engine structure and spark plug placement are required. It is a technically simpler and cheaper conversion system by only replacing the existing spark plug with SPFI and minimal calibration of engine control parameters.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289949965

Solar Powered Hovercraft

The remote controlled solar powered hovercraft is pollution free, long lasting for a minimum of 1 hour with full battery and 1 hour 30 minutes under full sunshine. A 10Watt solar panel mounted on the top to produce more autonomy even for nigh use. The aerodynamic design and size give the good feeling of a real Hoover-craft, which create a psychology pleasure of spending a great time exploiting his/her, ability to control an object at distance.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289959966

Solar Powered Aircraft Warning Light

A prototype of an aircraft warning light using state of the electronic system is developed. The aircraft warning light is a Department of Civil Aviation requirement to be installed on tall strucutures such as buildings control towers, telecomunication towers as warning sign to make the structure move visible and avoid collision. The warning light consists of a smart electronic circuit. LED.NiMH battery and solar panel. An algorithm is developed to produce codes corresponding to 256 different frequencies and duty cycle of light flashed. An infra red controller is used to remotely set to the flash code.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289969967

Solar Hydrogen Eco-House

The solar hydrogen eco-house combines the low energy architectural features such as shading, day lighting and passive air movements with a solar hydrogen production system. These combination will pave way to a futuristic sustainable,environment friendly,and bio-climatic residential dwellings.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289989969

Solar Assisted Chemical Heat Pump Drying System for Agricultural Produce

A solar collector is adapted to provide thermal energy in a reactor so a chemical reaction can take place. This reduces the dependency of the drying technology on fossil energy for heating. The combination of chemical heat pump and solar technology gives extra efficiency in utilizing energy.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290019972


The SME-on-STAT is an industrial and process tool, which mainly developed based on the statistical process control (SPC) techniques. SME-on-STAT is a computer based system intentionally to perform simple statistical analysis as well as to manage the quality data processes. The system provides an online monitoring for the quality production, process, and more easily to correct the quality control data and performances. The system can be used effectively by anyone who does not have a strong background in statistics specifically for operators in process or production sites. The advantages of SME-on-STAT are:

???Enables users with little statistical training to perform simple statistics analysis.

???Users at all levels will be able to access data at flexible times, reduce time to input and retrieval historical data.

-Prevent errors in calculation.

-Trigger out-of-control data automatically

-Well formatted monthly report

-Organize data systematically

The SME-on-STAT is primarily useful to SMEs companies that are contemplating the adoption of advance manufacturing technology. Several benefits as compare to the CURRENT/existing commercial statistical software:

-Data and variable information will be displayed clearly and simply based on appealing interfaces

-Provide information dissemination facilities via email.

-Multiple users and accessibility by user

-Involve a low cost of development

-Ease of use ???point and click capability with simple instructions

-Control charts will user define control limits and control charts rules

-Usable for low skill computer user

-Password system access protection

-Record real user name, time entered and date entered in very single data input

The system is applicable to all types of processes, machines and parameters to store the information, data set and consequently generate the graph.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290029973

Smart Traffic Surveillance System

Assessing the traffic situation on a highway require a good sensor. Point based inductive loops, which are commonly used as traffic sensors are not adequately accurate and sometime gives false alarms. Due to this problem, surveillance cameras have often been installed at strategic locations for observation by human operators. Instead of limiting the camera for this purpose, this product analyses the video images by employing image-processing technique to collect traffic data, thus eliminating the need to install inductive loops. The system is able to collect traffic data such as classified vehicle counting, individual vehicle speed, headway and traffic density. Local area network using wireless has become a viable solution to connect several stations of surveillance camera within a two km interval. High building may become obstacles for the transmitted signal to reach all the stations from a single station. However, it can be overcome by using cascaded network. Thus, the operational of all surveillance stations at all intersections and other remote locations can be synchronized to provide smooth flow of traffic.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290069977

Serindit- Zero Emission Vehicle

The Serindit II TM vehicle model was developed based on fuel cell technology. In this invention, fuel cell stack was installed in the Serindit II TM to generate its motor. The novel design has several advantages besides saving on its operation cost : innovative fuel cell stack, self heat management, environmental friendly.
Product features :
-Quick start-up
-Easy maintenance
-Alternative energy source
-Clean, silent and environmental friendly

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290079978


The Serindit II TM vehicle model was developed based on fuel cell technology. In this invention, fuel cell stack was installed in the Serindit II TM to generate its motor. The novel design has several advantages besides saving on its operation cost: innovative fuel cell stack, self heat management and environmental friendly. Production features is economical,quick start-up, easy maintenance, alternative energy source, clean,silent and environmental friendly also futuristic

Bangi Selangor

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