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ID : tm288499820

Multifingered Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand

The objective of this work include:
1. To design multi-fingered anthropomorphic robotic hand that can mimic the human hand motions.
2. To develop methods for motion control of individual finger and entire hand
3. To conduct test for grasping of object with specific geometry and size
1. Capable to mimic the human hand motions
2. Capable to grasp objects of various geometries and sizes
3. Minimal motor usage
4. Stand alone
5. Three methods for motion control of individual finger and entire hand (Graphical User Interface, Autonomous Reaction, Joystick Control)

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288509821

Multifingered Anthrophomorpic Robotic Hand

This fourteen degree-of-freedom robotic hand can mimic the basic motions of a human hand. The mechanism that enables such flexion-extension movement consists of micro servo-motors, pulley systems and belts connected to each finger joint. A GUI control interface with embedded programming, a joy stick for manual control and reactive movement were developed enabled by a sensor integrated on to the robotic palm. This product is an ideal educational tool for mechatronic/robotic engineering for the following topics: kinematic and dynamic analysis, hardware and software integration, control and programming in C++, Visual Basic and Matlab.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288649835

Interactive Parameter Estimator of Multivariable Systems

Interactive Parameter Estimator is an interface to facilitate the inverse Fuzzy State Space Algorithm in multivariable control systems. Its contribution lies in the methodological development and formulation of the algorithm. The algorithm provides a fast and simple way of incorporating uncertainties and expert knowledge and able to handle ill-posed problems. iPE will be beneficial as an engineering support system or a teaching tool in control system modelling.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288679838

Intelligent Classification System For Agarwood Using k-NN Technique

The product offers an intelligent system for Agarwood classification. The system identifies the origin and grade of Agarwood based on k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) classification technique. The target market for this product is Agarwood traders and consumers where it will be able to help identity Agarwood origin and grade to help stabilizing the Agarwood market.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288689839

Integrated Intelligent Slope Monitoring System and Early Detection of Shallow Landslide

Existing slope monitoring system monitors rainfall and GWT is the early indicator of landslides. However, there is no mechanics involved between rainfall and landslide; the prediction is purely empirical and most of the time inaccurate. In high land, GWT is too far down to influence the landslide at the surface thus its prediction is baseless. In contrast, this newly developed soil mechanics characterize rainfall-induced landslide by the advancement of wetting front. The threshold wetting front can be accurately monitored using moisture probes installed at various depths.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288699840

Integrated Intelligent Slope Monitoring System and Early Detection of Landslide

1. Existing slope monitoring system mainly monitors rainfall, groundwater level and slope movements. the threshold values are deduced base only on empirical correlation and not supported by a strong engineering mechanics.
2. These variables are not applied directly in the mechanics of existing slope stability theoretical method except for the groundwater table.
3. But then, groundwater level has no influence on the shallow rainfall-induced landslides as reported by Brand (1981) for Hong kong and Othman (1989)for Malaysia landslide experiences. Groundwater table is too far down on highland area to influence failure at the surface even when there is rainfall.
4. The variables that govern shallow landslide are invariably the depth of infiltration, moisture content and suction. They are incorporated in a new slope stability method of Md. Noor (2007) which makes use of the realistic soil shear strength behaviour defined by the curved-surface shear strength model of Md. Noor and Anderson (2006).
5. "Integrated intelligent slope monitoring system" offers the indigenous monitoring of moisture content, by which the depth of infiltration and magnitude of suction can be deduced. The threshold moisture content and the critical depth of infiltration can be predetermined using the new slope stability method of MD. Noor (2007). In this manner the real state of stability of a slope with respect to rainfall can be monitored.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288729843

Industrial Air Pollution Wireless Monitoring System (IAP-W-MOS)

The industrial Air Pollution Wireless Monitoring System (IAP-W-MOS) can be used in Industrial Air Pollution (IAP) monitoring, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, Work Environment monitoring, Welding Process (Exposure monitoring) and also in Automotive Component Manufacturing.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288749845

Hydroxyleum Technology

This technology utilizes electronic control circuit to enhance the generation of the Hydroxyleum gas by means of breaking the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen that will be used to enhance combustion through a Hydroxyleum Gas generator. Hydroxyleum Gas generator is calculated to operate at optimum electrical current consumption by designing the electrochemical process plate area.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288759846

Hydrogel Charsh(HC), A Powerful Adsorbent

Hydrogel Charsh (HC) is a powerful adsorbent to remove unwanted pollutants(gas and liquid form). HC is originated from waste of blended biochar with coal fly ash. HC offers several benefit such as economical viable, high sorption capacity, shorter sorption time, longer lifetime usage and versatile.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288769847

Humidity Sensor Fabricated Using Highly Sensitive Zinc Oxide/Tin Oxide(ZnO/SnO2) Core-Shell Nanostructures for Excessive Humidity Control

Uncontrollable amount of humidity level can bring damage to many belongings and equipment. This product is related to the fabrication of highly sensitive humidity sensor manipulating zinc oxide and tin oxide as sensing elements. This product manage to surpass the performance of commercial product.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288819852


HALABIOMAXTM nutraceutical is an advanced nanotechnology formulation of poorly absorbed lipophilic compound using self nanoemulsifying system in soft gelatin capsules. HALABIOGELTM cosmeceutical is an advance nanotechnology nanostructured cubical phase system for topical (skin) applications.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288829853

GSR Forsense

Immediate analysis of Gun Shot Residue(GSR) is a crucial evidences for a forensic analyst. GSR Forensic Sensor(GSR Forense) provides simple, rapid and precise information on the spot at the firing scene. GSR forsense shown compatible result as compared and verified using ICP-OES results.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288859856

Governance Information System for Third Factor

This product allows an assessment of good governance practices by organisations in the third sector. This product is research based and developed with ROS and CCM, the two main regulators in Malaysia as there is no such product to date. Hence, this product can continuously be updated and sustainable.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288879858

Golden Box Flexibility

This project produces a testing measurement which will be able to measure the level of flexibility of our athletes. It provides a good reference to the coach for their training schedule and for the sport industry to increase athletes performance. It is easy to conduct with fast results. It can be commercialized for gyms and sport complexes. This testing measurement is innovated by using the basic sit and reach box for accurate result. This instrument targets athletes in schools and universities. The outcome of this project is the prototype testing measurement which can measure the level of flexibility of athletes to increase their performance.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288889859

Glioma Brain Tumour Detector

Glioma Brain Tumour Detector is an automated non-invasive software solution to assist radiologist and neurologist to diagnose glioma brain tumour by using signal and image processing techniques. It is convenient, cheaper and faster as patient is not subjected to injection of gadolinium contrast agent. The software is easily installed and can be use with all Windows operating system, i.e. XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288989869

Essential Oil Extraction System

The easy-to-use and portable system is a compact distillation kit for essential oils extraction from botanical materials by using steam. Given the high demand for the essential oils, the system has great commercial value as it could help the local cottage industry to increase the oils production by many folds. Producing essential oils is easier and more productive when temperature control and steam rate control are completely done in automatic manner. Targeted at the small-industries/domestic.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289019872

e-LIFE QUOTA: The Adequacy of Life Insurance Purchases. How Much is Enough?

This research combined both concepts and methods of human life value and needs analysis as a new method to estimate the amount of life insurance nees of a person. It is a user-friendly software program to develop an accurate scientific method to replace the conventional methods in selling life insurance. This use-friendly software could be used by life insurance agents and financial advisors in recommending adequate amount of life insurance a person needs to purchase.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289029873

Efficient Street Lighting Management System using CEES-STL-2011 Controller

In Malaysia, there are more than a billion of kilowatt power used for highway lighting every year without cost benefit analysis. Therefore, CEES-STL-2011 is designed to offer a new way in managing power consumption. It an innovate design for street light using low cost approach. The objective of CEES-STL-2011 is to reduce electrical energy for street lighting through smart and innovative energy management controller. This project is a good potential to be successful implemented in Malaysia since Malaysian government emphasize green technology solution to manage.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289039874

D-Mic: A Mobile Learning Application For Dyslexic Children

There were about 314,000 school-going children in Malaysia who have dyslexia in 2005. Learning difficulties experienced by these children will contribute to later educational, social, psychological, and employment disadvantages. Dyslexic children have poor academic performance. Hence, D-Mic (Dyslexia Mobile Interactive Comic) is designed as a mobile learning application; combining both educational intervention (instructional content) and technology intervention (multimedia on mobile) to assist them in learning.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289049875

Discovery of New Application of Chitosan

Chitosan is from the shells of crabs, shrimps and the cell walls of fungi and yeast. It has been commonly used in agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical. We discovered a new application of chitosan. Chitosan-based solar cell (1/3 of the cost of silicon solar cell) is to be exhibited at ITEX 2017.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289059876

Development of Cabin Temperature Control System using Photovoltaic Cell

This project has developed a cabin temperature control system using a photovoltaic cell. When a car is parked in a hot sunny day, the user has to increase the usage of air conditioner. Thus it is designed and assembled as a prototype of a car cooling system using the Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) as a controller and solar photovoltaic (PV) system as a power supply to control the cabin temperature. The control system aims to reduce the temperature inside a parked car. The power source connected to the PIC controller is the Photovoltaic system that captures the sun ray and converts it into electricity. This project will save fuel and is friendlier to the environment.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289079878

Corrosion Resistant Coating of Nanosized Cobalt-Nickel-Iron Bolts

A new technology co-ni-fe coating on steel bolt produced by using electrodeposition method. The bolt show improved corrosion and wear resistance. The new technology extend the life span of the bolt thus benefit to economic of related industry in term of cost saving and maintenance.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289139884

CET-Ramp Comprehensive Evaluation Tool for Ramp Design

The CET-Ramp tool was designed to comprehensively evaluate and monitor the performance of the urban expressway at both merging and diverging sections of a junction. Through several model developments, CET-Ramp allows prediction of the Level of Service (LOS) of Malaysian urban expressway to be made more accurately based on guidelines of Malaysian own traffic conditions and not that of foreign cases. CET-Ramp model allows maximum accessibility and increases safety index for road users.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289179888

Biomimetic Concept Approach in Diabetic Footwear Design

Biomimetic refers to a nature inspire approach in product design are widely applied in the development of new material, shape, function and much more. In this project, the chosen nature object is MOSS. MOSS concept approach in diabetic footwear design is through mimicking the layer of the MOSS.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289209891

Bacterial Embedded Oil Spill Absorber

Oil spill is the international or uninternational release of oil (generally petroleum) into the natural environment as a result of human activity. The term often refers to marine oil spills, where oil is released into the ocean or coastal waters. Oil can refers to many different materials, including crude oil, refined petroleum products or by-product, oil refuse, oil mixed in waste, or oily ballast. The most effective and cheapest steps in mitigating the possible effect of an oil spill are through containing and effectively treating spill oil. The main problem with the commercially available oil spill absorbers is the dispose after being used. The innovative product was developed to overcome that problem. This product is developed from biodegradable material which in then embedded with bacteria via special technique. The bacterial activities will degrade the absorbing materials as well as the trapped oil.

Shah Alam Selangor

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