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ID : tm2950010471

An Oil-in-Water Cream Emulsion Composition

This invention relates to a cream emulsion composition which remains perfectly stable over time. More specifically, it relates to an oil-in-water cream emulation composition, which contains glycolipids consist of sucrose fatty acid ester (SFAE) as surfactant

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ID : tm2950110472

An Inorganic Nano Base Lubrication System To be Used in Heavy Duty Industrial Machining

The invention of the nanolubrication system has been specially developed in heavy duty industrial CNC machining process for better product quality, more power savings, less oil consumption and pollution. The inorganic nanolubrication oil is prepared by adding silicon dioxide nanoparticles siox (0.2 weight %) with an average size of 5-15 nm into the mineral oil, followed by sonification (240W, 40kHz, 500W) for 48 hours in order to suspend the particle homogeneously in the mixture. SiO2 nanoparticles is well known as a hard and brittle material and this nanoparticle has very good mechanical properties, especially in term of hardness (Vickers hardness -1000kgf mm-2). The machining process with SiO2, nanolubrication capability is investigated in machining of aluminium alloy AI6061-T6. With SiO2 nanolubrication, the power consumption in heavy industrial machining could be reduced significantly up to 40% and the surface quality is highly improved. Through this invention, better machining processes, better product quality, more power savings and less oil consumption and pollution in heavy duty industrial machining process could be obtained by using an inorganic nano base lubrication system.

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ID : tm2950310474

An Implementation Of Wireless Sensor Network In Remote Monitoring Condition Of Induction Motor

This work proposes to develop a performance system for a three phase induction motor by implementing wireless sensor networks (WSN). Monitoring system is important to maintain a system's sustained operability, and for a user to understand glitches that occur while the system is operating. Some key parameters are measured to evaluate performance of induction motor. Induction motor performance monitoring comprised of Central Supervisory Station (CSS) and motor control unit.

CSS was installed in a personal computer equipped with system-monitoring application sofware developed via casual C++. Motor control unit and CSS are connected via zigbee wireless module.

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ID : tm2950410475

An Early Warning System on Erosion Hazard and a Method for Providing Warning Signals to the Public

With many incidences of landslides, mudslides and erosion occurrences lately, especially in highlands in Malaysia, properties were damaged and lives were lost. Seeing the need of resolving and minimizing incidences, this invention embarked on a near real-time early warning system on erosion risk or hazards to provide early warning to the public. It is envisaged that application of this new locally developed system, which has been trademark under the name ENWARNS (Early Warning and Risk Navigation System) would be beneficial to local authorities, highway operators and public in general

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ID : tm2950910480

AgIR Coating Lacquer: An Effective FIR Absorber and UV Blocker for Agricultural Greenhouse Film

It is known that growing vegetables under tunnels or greenhouses covered with the so-called thermic films (plastic films opaque to infrared (IR) radiation, specially between 3000-14000 nm) have a greater vegetative development, earlier harvests of greater quality and more abundance. Other additional advantages of these films are the reduction of risk of frosts when the greenhouse is not heated, or an important reduction of the energy consumption when a system of heating is used; both improvements are due to the lower heat losses by radiation. The use of standard mineral fillers or additives such as calcined kaolin, calcium-magnesium, etc which have been normally used to increase the IR opacity of LDPE and other greenhouse films, accelerate the photodegradation of the film as well as moderately increase the haze and diminish the light transmission. Our new developed nanocomposite coating lacquer has the desired characteristics of high FIR effectiveness and high transmission levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). FIR effectiveness measured by FTIR showed that the AgIR coating lacquer has greatly improved the thermic effect of agricultural film. The improvement of FIR radiation is important due to their relationship with energy retention and ???Greenhouse Effect??? which can retain the long wave IR radiation from rapid loss at night. The use of this specialized infrared barrier system allows the control of the climatic conditions inside plastic greenhouses such as those of small and large tunnels. During the day, slightly decreases temperature inside greenhouses by blocking near infrared radiation (NIR; 750-1400 nms) outside thermal greenhouses. During the night, increases temperature inside greenhouses, by creating a barrier to far infrared radiation (FIR; 3000-14000nms) reflected by the soil from rapidly loss. These modified conditions allow for optimum growing conditions which allow the producer to extend the season, increase yields and maximize profit.

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ID : tm2951110482

Advanced Vehicle Weight Sorting System

The proposed system is able to weigh a vehicle while in motion automatically and continuously in real-time. Therefore, it can provide accurate vehicle weight information to enforcement station for effective and efficient enforcement implementation.

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ID : tm2951210483

Advanced Transport Data Collection System

The significant invention provides more and better data for traffic data-collection and monitoring, which eventuallly can be used for many purposes such as traffic data management (statistics), overload detection, bridge protection, weight dependent tolling, road safety research, pavement management system and future road planning.

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ID : tm2952210493

A Novel Base for Walking Cane

The objective of this novel design is to develop a single unit of walking device which can substitute or replace the existing individual gait aids available in the market i.e. single point stick, quadripod and tripod. This walking device can be used by rehabilitation professionals. The unique feature of this design is that users may customize the number of cane legs according to their needs in the course of their gait retraining programmed. The walking device is interchangeable from quadripod into tripod or single point stick. This will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing the individual walking aids should the user need to use more than one type of walking aid during the course of gait retraining. This novel rehabilitative tool is locally made, user friendly, cost effective and meet the basic mechanical safety standard.

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ID : tm2952310494

A New Method For Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Of 3D Space Sturctures

The main aim of this thesis is to provide a new efficient method to all aspects of analysis of space structures. The space structures are structures which resist external actions by distributing their effects among three-dimensions. Examples of space structures include multi-layer grids, braced domes, and tensile structures.

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ID : tm2952410495

A New Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of 3D Space Structures

The main aim of this thesis is to provide a new efficient method to all aspects of analysis of space structures. The space structures are structures which resist external actions by distributing their effects among three-dimensions. Examples of space structures are multi-layer grids, braced domes and tensile structures.

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ID : tm2952510496

A New Invention: Biopesticides Products From Melaleuca Lucadendron

Pesticides available in the market today contain high levels of chemical toxins which are hazardous to humans and also pollute the environment. We are promoting green pesticides that are made from natural resources which not only benefit consumer's health but alsoprovides for a greener and healthier environment due to the natural active ingredients of cajuput oil. We are aiming to commercialize this item and to promote and increase its usage as green household product for a safer and healthier future.

Recent efforts to reduce widespread release of toxins into the environment have brought the usage of biological pesticides back into vogue. There is a great need for pest control from a natural source because pesticides available today contain high levels of chemical toxins which are hazardous to humans and contribute significantly to pollution. Recent studies have proven that the essential oil of Melaleuca Leucadendron can exterminate ants, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects effectively.

The formulation of Melaleuca Leucadendron essential oil will be carried out to produce the biopesticede product for commercialization. the expected outcomes of the marketing efforts are growth in sales and the increase awareness of the biopesticide product which will also educate the consumer on the importance of green product.

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ID : tm2952910500

A New Electrically Conducting Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystals

This invention is related to the development of a new electrically conducting tetragonal zirconia polycrystals ceramic. The engineered ceramics are able to conduct electricity at room temperature without needing any surface preparation; yet the ceramic possesses a fully tetragonal structure and excellent mechanical characteristics; suitable for a host of electrical applications.

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ID : tm2953110502

A Model Of Vulnerability Of Agriculture System To Climate Change

The model provides a framework to analyse the vulnerability of agriculture system to climate change within a defined administrative boundary or those defined by morphogenetic classification. It is also for drainage basins or different types of agricultural systems such as paddy cultivations.

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ID : tm2953610507

A Building Construction System and Method

The present invention provides a building construction system comprising; a flooring structure, a plurality of wall member, a plurality of roof member, a plurality of angel plate, a plurality of receiving means, a plurality of mechanical connectors, characterized in that the plurality of wall member connected to a flooring structure by a receiving means; the plurality of wall member adjoining the perimeter of the floor structure in spaced apart from one another; a plurality of roof member interconnected the uppermost of the wall member by a plurality of mechanical connectors; a plurality of roof member defining a ridge structure is secured together by a plurality of angle plate thereby defining an enclosed building.

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ID : tm2953910510

4 In 1 ECO: Coating

The originality of this 4-in-1 coating comes from the usage of a common aviculture by product, chicken eggshell (CES) as a flame retardant bio-filler and industrial by-product, silica fume (SF) as a binder in the coating which results in a non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly invention that not only protects human lives bul also improves the cost-effectiveness and fulfills the requirements of the high-performance fire resistive coating. Existing fire-resistive coatings use alumina trihydrate (ATH) or magnesium hydroxide Mg (OH)2 as a flame retardant filler. This coating provides water resistance, thermal insulation, corrosion protection and fire protection, allowing buildings to maintain their structural integrity for a longer period and giving vital time for evacuation. They also prolong the lifetime of coated substrates due to weather resistance protection. The advantages of this invention are listed as below:
a) Prolong evacuation time during fire breakout. This enables safe evacuation, saving precious lives while reducing building damage;
b) An environmentally-friendly product that reduces by-product waste accumulation and avoids depletion of natural resources;
c) Energy-saving due to extra thermal insulation function on the coated substrate.
d) Cost effective fire-resistive coating with only 1/3 cost of the commercial fire-resistive coating in the market;
e)Easily produced and is one of the most efficient ways to protect substrates against fire and weather resistance.

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ID : tm2954010511

3KVA Grid Connected Inverter

? To develop, test and integrate a prototype hardware design of three-phase grid connected inverter
? To develop a three-phase grid connected inverter with maximum power point tracker control
? To design a three-phase inverter power factor correction that able to obtain at near unity power factor from leading or legging
? To achieve synchronization of the main frequency at 50 Hz 2% with sinusoidal current waveworms

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ID : tm2954410515

1550nm High Power Fiber Laser

A single-mode high power fiber laser is invented using a double-clad Erbium-Ytterbium doped fiber. The laser has an output power of 1.8W with a spectral width of about 0.2nm.
Long Description An Efficient fiber laser is proposed using a double-clad Erbium/Ytterbium doped fiber (EYDF) in conjuction with 915nm multimode pumping. The laser is achieved using a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) in conjunction with a Fresnel reflection from the other end to form a linear cavity resonator. The EYDF laser operates at 1552.3nm with the efficiency of 38% and pump power threshold of 500mW. The laser also has a spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and signal to noise ratio of more than 25dB. The single mode output was obtained by splicing the output end of the double-clad EYDF with a single mode fiber. The single mode output of 1.8W was obtained with 915nm pumping power of 5W.

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ID : tm2954610517

Virtual Reality Programme & Simulation System For Industrial Robot

The system is designed to improve human-machine interface (human-robot interface). The system is divided into four major parts: task teaching by demonstration, robot simulator and command generator and real task execution. Off-line programming is used to generate a robot program to reduce robot down time and also removes the programmer from potential hazardous environment.

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ID : tm2955310524


Traffic data collection and monitoring system, incorporating variable speed enforcement and weight enforment

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ID : tm2955410525

Revolutionary Global Strain Exyensometer Pile Test Instrumentation Technology For Piling and Deep Foundations

Revolutionary for Global Strain Extensometer system, Interim reports and summary testing on spun piles, development of design guide and improved empirical method of designing piles based on results of full-scale instruments load tests, to produce safer and more economical foundations and publications in journals conferences.

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ID : tm2957310544

Night Time Collision Alert System

The present invention relates to a night time collision alert system for a vehicle which gives warning signals to the driver of an incoming vehicle on the existence of a stationary vehicle, parked by the roadside during emergency situation.
Such as a breakdown, and more particularly to an automated alerting system consisting of light sensitive devices for detecting illumination from the head light of an incoming vehicle coupled to a controlling module.
It will trigger the alerting means to provide warning signals to the driver of the incoming vehicle of a potential danger.If the relative distance between both vehickes exceeds a predetermined safety threshold.

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ID : tm2958210553

Micropulsed jet System For Minimal Quantity Lubrication

MQL is a minimal quantity lubricating system for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine used for machining process.
- This system comes in a relatively small unit and can be fixed to any existing CNC machine.
- It is unhygienic and hazardous to the operators. - It also ensures expandability and compatibility of the system with existing machines.

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ID : tm2959610567

Global Wearable Heart Monitoring System

This invention relates generally to a wearable and portable heart monitoring system that reads the heart condition of a patient and is capable of wireless transmitting heart condition signal of a patient in real time mode.
More particularly, the invention relates to a heart monitoring system that will obtain the patient's electrocardiogram (ECG) signal and automatically establish a wireless transmission with the nearby control unit.
This control unit then redirects the ECG signal to the central alarm station such as the hospital, triggers an alarm of the portable heart monitoring system itself and also of the hospital.

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ID : tm2959710568

Expert Pedagogical System

The present invention relate generally to training program delivery systems and methods, utilizing a trans disciplinary concept, monitoring critical thinking ability and charting critical thinking ability at each stage of the activity which is not compartmentalized to a particular content or a specific discipline thus widening the scope of learning across disciplines, and more particularly a trans disciplinary pedagogical system and method for delivering trans disciplinary training materials for a trainee accompanied by improvements in functionality utilizing computer technology to create an organized pedagogical system to distribute the training in various formats, including a tutorial using a computer system.

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ID : tm2960310574

Development of Commercial Ready Novel Energy Storage Device for Advanced Application

Develop a commercial ready energy storage device that can enable exciting new advances in laser, softx-ray, plasma and neutron source generation technologies. A novel energy storage devices using plasma technology.

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