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ID : tm2942110392

Extending the Service Life of Sewage Concrete Pipes

Sewage flows in pipelines to the central wastewater treatment plant before being discharged to the receiving waters. Suitable pipe materials and well maintenance on operating networks can be helpful in reducing the sewage collection network damages. In selecting the type of material and pipe size to be used, one should
consider carrying capacity, durability and maintenance, installation and first cost.The physical characteristics essential for sewer pipe are durability for long life; an abrasion-resistant interior to withstand scouring action of wastewater carrying grittymaterials, impervivious walls to prevent leakage of water; and adequate strength to resist failure or deformation under backfill and traffic loads.

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ID : tm2942210393

Explicit Model Predictive Control of an Inverted Pendulum

This project aims to examine the structure of the control strategy that is being deployed on the control of the inverted pendulum. Using this control strategy, the inverted pendulum Is able to track a given path in presence of physical constraints.

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ID : tm2942810399

Ergonomics Saddle Chair for Children with Cerebral Palsy (for diplegia and hemiplegia types) for Education Purposes

The person with CP especially children are difficult to educate either as a direct or indirect effect of their disabilities and lack of special facilities. The different types of disabilities between CP people make the situation worse. They need custom-made facilities to cater to their disabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the anthropometry data so that engineers can create comfortable devices that suit them. This CP chair consist of three main major custom made parts which are the sadle, seat, back support and adjustable armrest and footrest. The primary study focuses on the saddle seat which will help them to improve their stability and concentration in daily activity and routine learning process. The design will consider the anthropometric data from CP children which range ages between 10 to 17 years with diplegia and hemiplegia types.

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ID : tm2942910400

Ergonomic Medical Computer Trolley

In hospitals, papers and x-ray films are widely used by medical doctors in recording and reporting the status of patients. This ergonomics computer trolley was invented to ease a doctors job in recording, monitoring and reporting patients status. This trolley hence reduces time and use of paper. And also, using this computer trolley, X-ray films are not needed anymore.

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ID : tm2943410405

Enviro Design

ENVIrodeSIGN is a software based on qualitative method of accessing a design's environmental risk and facilitate the eco innovation process in product development.

ENVIrodeSIGN is intended for use during the initial product development phase and follows through the life cycle of the product. The main target of this software if for Small and Medium size industries (SMIs). The lack of resources and information make their product vulnerable to eco impacts. This simple and easy to use system helps in managing eco design initiatives.

ENVIrodeSIGN is used to identify and assess potential environmental risks of a product during the early stage of development and helps established alternative design/processes through TRIZ inventive thinking.

The proposed system is a software tool to be used by the product development team in manufacturing companies. The system is an integration of tried and tested methods but have been restructured to allow a more holistic approach in eco design.

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ID : tm2943510406

Engineering Design & Manufacturing of a Low Cost Metallograhic Hand Grinder

Metallographic specimen preparation is a common microstructural characterization technique used in most engineering industries, particularly automotive, aerospace and metal processing industries. This invention involves development if a new engineering design and fabrication resulting in a manufacture of a low-cost metallographic hand grinder

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ID : tm2943710408

Electromechanical Level Detector

Silometer is an electromechanical lever detector which can measure the level in silos, tanks, bunkers and any kind of containers, depending on the sensing weight and strain force. The Silometer is mostly applicable in dusty, harsh and coarse environment, but it is also useful to be employed in other environments such as in liquid and so on.

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ID : tm2944210413

Educational Cnc Lathe Uml-V1

Educational CNC Lathe UML-V1 is a new design of a compacted and modular CNC machine. All the parts are fabricated using conventional methods to be assembled or dissembled easily. It is simple to operate, has symmetrical H design and deploys educational applications.

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ID : tm2944310414

Eco-Greenergy Outdoor Lighting System

An innovative outdoor lighting system powered by a shroud-augmented wind turbine and solar panel is disclosed. It combines a hybrid renewable energy generation system, energy-saving lighting and rain water collector. This hybrid green energy system is a compact design that harmoniously integrates a vertical-axis-wind-turbine (VAWT) with the omni-direction-guide-vane (ODGV), solar panel and LED lighting system. The ODGV is designed to surround the VAWT for wind power augmentation. It is mounted on the post and used to guide and create the venture effect to increase the wind speed before the wind-stream interacts with the wind turbine blades. This system fully utilizes the advantages of the Malaysian climate, i.e. high solar radiation and high rainfall for green energy generation and free water supply. It overcomes the low wind speed challenge in the tropics by guiding and increasing the speed of the wind from all directions radially trough the guide-vanes before entering the VAWT at center portion. The solar panels can be mounted on the top surface of the ODGV for solar energy generation. In addition, the solar panel integrated platform can serve as a rainfall catchment area. The green energy generated from this wind-solar hybrid system is utilized to power the outdoor lighting system. LED light is preferred since it is an energy-saving light and lasts very long. Extra power generated (after fulfilling the lighting requirement) can be stored in a battery or used to supply energy demand of other appliances or fed into the grid line. Another important feature of this ODGV is that its bottom surface is painted with reflective color to act a reflector for lighting system enhancement. It is also safer to the public since the rotating parts of the VAWT are enclosed within the ODGV, and cause less disturbances to motorists for street lighting application.

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ID : tm2945210423

Development of Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloys for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Micro elector mechanical systems (MEMS) are ultra small machines that combine both electronic and mechanical functions in a tiny space.MEMS are recognized to have great potential in offering new product/technology as well as improvements of existing products in almost all areas of technology ranging from engineering to medicine. One of the important techniques used for the fabrication of MEMS components is the LIGA (a German acronym for lithography,electrodeposition and forming) process. The main material of construction in LIGA technology is electrode posited nickel.However the strength,wear resistance and hardness of electrode posited nickel are not considered adequate for many applications particularly those involving high temperature ,such as micro-mould inserts, micro-combuster etc. This work aims at the development of nanocrystalline Ni-W alloys with good thermal stability for high temperature MEMS applications.
An electrode position technique was developed where Ni-W alloys micro-components with high aspect ratio were prepared using LIGA technology. The composition and structure of the alloy can be tailored to suit a specific requirement.Structural investigations by different techniques including transmission electron microscopy confirm the presence of nanocrystals in the Ni-W alloy with a grain size of about 20nm. When subjected to high temperature exposure, the nanocrystalline grain size of a Ni-W alloys remains quite stable. Ni-W alloys have been found to be more stable than other nickel alloys. These alloys show great promise for micro-components for high temperature MEMS and micromould inserts.

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ID : tm2945310424

Development of Nanocomposite Based Eco-Friendly Solder

Recently environmental concern imposed by RoHS directive recommended the use of Pb-free solder for microelectronic devices. Near eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) solder are considered as a replacement for Pb-Sn Solder. But SAC solder alloy can not guarantee the required performance. To enhance performance, SAC solder is reinforced with Mo and Co nanoparticles by paste mixing route. Longevity of the solder joint is determined by high-temperature aging test.

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ID : tm2945410425

Development Of Corrosion Inhibitor For Automotive Materials In Palm Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a promising environmental friendly alternative to petroleum diesel in automobiles. However, biodiesel is more corrosive to automotive materials compared to diesel. In this study, an inhibitor is developed that reduces the corrosiveness of palm biodiesel and develops an inhibitor that reduces corrosion in palm biodiesel.

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ID : tm2945510426

Development Of CNGI Retrofit System For Stock Car

Automotive vehicle has become a necessity in modern day society and become an important industry for the wealth creation of any nation. A country that aspires to become a developed nation may embark in automotive manufacturing as a first step. Along with it come many challenges such as global competition, protectionism, import and export restriction, environmental issues, political and regional grouping interest. Despite all these challenges and hindrance, automotive vehicle and its industry still offer many opportunities for nation building, economic, social and human development.

The CNG-DI Project was initiated in year 2003 as part of the Intensification Research Priority Area (PR) project - Compressed Natural Gas Technology; Engine and Transmission under the Malaysian Universities Consortium and funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. UM role initially was to develop an injector for the National CNG Vehicle Program. As a spin-off from the national project UM has embark further in the research on a CNG-DI Installation System for stock cars. A proof of concept prototype was completed in 2006.

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ID : tm2945810429

Developmen Of Corrosion Inhibator For Automotive Materials In Palm Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a promising enviromentally friendly alternative to petroleum diesel in automobiles. However, biodiesel is more corrosive to automotive materials compared with diesel, which is one of the obstacles in its wider use. In this work, an inhibitor is developed that reduces the corrosiveness of palm biodiesel. In automobile engine, fuel comes into contact with different metal components. Because of acidity and presence of higher oxygen content, biodiesel causes enhanced corrosion of automotive materials as compared to petroleu diesel.

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ID : tm2946310434

deCOLTM anti-hyperpigmentation cream from Malaysia Seaweed

Hyperpigmentation is adarkening of the skin which is caused by increase of melanin production by existing melanocytes (melanotic hyperpigmentation ) or proliferation of active melanocytes melanotic hyperpigmentation ) due to tyrosinase increase (Cayce et.,2004).

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ID : tm2946610437

Costum Design Local Oscillator to Cover Unconventional Frequency Bands and Phase Noise

A high performance dual-loop structured frequency synthesizer in 7.5GHz is presented in this paper. The front-end synthesizer device is programmable to cover 7.0 to 7.6 GHz frequency range. The performance parameters are measured and compared with calculated predictions and they are comparable with very low tolerance. In 7.60001GHz output frequency, phase noise of -85.67 dBc/Hz is measured by HP8562A spectrum series.

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ID : tm2946710438

Continuous Production of Super High Quality Biodiesel Using A1203/Ti02 Membrane Reactor

In this invention, a novel process was developed for continuous production of methyl esters biodiesel. The most common method for producing biodiesel is catalytic trans-esterification of vegetable oil and animals fats in conventional reactors (stirred vessels. This method suffers from issues such as high water usage (for washing), long processing time to obtain high yield (making continuous process a challenge), non-uniform product specification and mass transfer limitation due to immiscibility of oil and methanol. In this work, a novel A1203/Ti02 ceramic membrane reactor was designed and fabricated to produce high quality biodiesel which will eliminate major disadvantages of conventional production method.

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ID : tm2946810439

Continuous & Accurate Speed Monitoring System

A weigh-in-motion based vehicle speed data collection and monitoring system has been developed using quartz sensor as main capturing device. When the vehicle tires pass over the sensor, the electrical charges produce due to piezoelectric effect are converted to voltages and further processed by a central processing unit to obtain vehicle speed data. this system would capture speed data for all vehicle types continuously in all weather conditions.

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ID : tm2947010441

Computer Aided Application In Environmental Management System (EMS ISO 14001) Implementation Using EMSYS Tools

This project applies an Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 to assist organizations to achieve an ISO 14001 Certification. The crux of EMS ISO 14001 certification is in assessing and identifying the significant environmental impacts by the operations of the organization. Environmental objectives will be translated to environmental programs to the requirements of the ISO 14001. The data tracking and documentation will incorporate the use of Emsys Tools to automate information and statistical analysis.

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ID : tm2947210443


Produk mudah alih unutk menguruskan gaya hidup yang sihat melalui pengesanan aktiviti pengguna secara sistematik. UMCH telah mencipta CHIEF berdasrkan konsep untuk mewujudkan keperluan dan motivasi untuk pengguna agar terus berinteraksi dalam perubahan tingkah laku untuk jangka masa panjang. CHIEF melaksanakan "rangka kerja akauntabiliti sokongan" membolehkan jurulatih kecergasan untuk meniliti log harian pengguna dan memeberikan maklum balas. Aplikasi ini mampu mengesan beberapa metrik seperti Aktiviti Fizikal, Diet, Aktiviti Tubuh Badan dan Mental. Ia memberikan pandangan yang lebih tepat dan menyeluruh kepada pakar-pakar kesihatan. Pengguna akan terdorong untuk kekal sihat melalui maklum balas yang konsisten dari sekumpulan pakar kesihatan professional.

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ID : tm2947610447

CASTLe-Classroom Assessment System for Teaching and Learning

CASTLe is a new CD medium school-based assessment system that provides quality teaching and learning through the generation of reports giving accurate and comprehensive feedback of student's cognitive, affective and psychomotor development, and providing ample information to parents regarding their children learning process

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ID : tm2948110452


Blubox adalah peranti perubatan yang bersifat
tidak invasif yang digunakan untuk mengukur
dan merekodkan zakar membengkak.
Penggunaan bluebox melibatkan satu set
elektrod yang dilekatkan di beberapa lokasi zakar
untuk mengesan dan merekod zakar

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ID : tm2948610457

Automated Thermocyclic Dipping Machine (ATDM)

The Automated Thermocyclic Dipping Machine (ATDM) is designed for simulation of oral temperature changes. The sample is immersed cyclically in bath of hot , warm and cold fluids. The machine is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) system with a touch screen as the interface for user can select two or three types of temperature. All six tanks are independent profiles, where the user can be controlled via touch screen. Our technology is unique in Malaysia as we cater to a specific clientele with specific objectives (thermal test). That being said, this machine is robust enough that simple modifications will enable it to be used for other applications such as sample coating and plating.

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ID : tm2948710458

Automated Methadone Dispensing Machine with Integrated Secure Database System for Individualized Methadone Maintenance Treatment(MMT)

Patient that require special medical arrangements may include being prescribed to a predetermined amount or dosage of medication at a predetermined intervals of time. The current practice is to monitor the intervals manually by a skilled person.

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ID : tm2949910470

An Optical Fiber Dosimeter (OFD)

A tool that can detect extremely low radiation sources.

Alat yang boleh mengesan sumber radiasi yang sangat rendah.

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