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ID : tm2932910300

Ocean ware energy power generator

Rising demand for energy and the finite nature of conventional fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas , have lead scientist to focus attention on alternate energies which are inexhaustible or renewable energy resources. Ocean ware energy is one of the more concentrated forms of renewable energy, which is an abundant energy resource, pollutant free and in the near future is likely to be economically viable. By converting into more usable forms, the ocean ware can give a significant contribution to the energy requirement of coastal nations, especially those with island communities.

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ID : tm2933110302

Novel Method Of Fabricating Nano-gaps Using DNA Strands

A new method of creating NGs on Al/Si substrates using DNA strands is proposed that utilizies a wet etching process. This innovation provides a novel flexible method for fabricating cost-effective NGs of higher resolutions (nm) and it does not require lithographic patterning. Utilized in electronic and bio-electronic devices, this cheaper method is able to fabricate as cheaper and highly miniaturized electrical components/devices.

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ID : tm2933410305

New Generation of the Dental Posts for endodontic application

When restoring endodontically treated teeth, two types of post system are usually employed in order to rehabilitate the root canal and provide retention for crown; cast metal posts and prefabricated posts. However, there are significant mismatch between material properties of these types of posts, e.g. stiffness and surrounding dental tissues resulting in the poor stress distribution and root fracture. In order to overcome the shortcoming of the currently available dental posts, the concept of Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) is applied. The fabricated FGDPs performance is better than all available uniform posts in the market.

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ID : tm2934110312

MyAddyXia - A Computer-Aided Diagnosis System to Detect Dyslexia among Children

The word 'Dyslexia' has a Greek origin. "dys" means difficulty and "lexia" means written words. It is defined as the disability of reading and spelling. Syslexics, however, might also have problems like depression, anxiety, sydgraphia and attention-deficit/hyperactity disorder (ADHD) may co-occur with dysgraphia. According to the Ministry of Education Malaysia, about 314,000 students (about 10%, one out of 20 childrent)are dyslexic. Early detection can help dyslexics to get proper treatments as soon as possible.

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ID : tm2934310314

Multipurpose L&Z Revetment

Erosion control system which utilizes a plurality of blocks having interlocking means to form entire revetment. It is comprised of hand placed interlocking blocks for used as a lining material in channel improvement for flood mitigation works as to protect river banks, sea shore and slope against erosive forces of currents, wave actions and another effects that can lead to erosion.

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ID : tm2934810319

Model of Urban Slope Failure Threat, Vulnerability and Management

This model incorporates slope failure process, population vulnerability and management measures. Slope failure process includes a slope stability weakening parameter which could threaten vulnerable population. The impact of slope could be reduced via efficient management measures.

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ID : tm2935410325

MFPintar (SmartMF)

Sebuah mesin analisis impedans berbilang
(MFBIA) untuk memantau komposisi badan
pengguna dan pengurusan penyakit. Sistem
yang dibangunkan terdiri daripada perkakasan
dan modul perisian
Sumber Dana Geran Penyelidikan

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ID : tm2935610327

Method for Lipase Production from Palm Oil

Enzyme called lipases are among remarkable biomolecules known because of its extraordinary specificity and catalytic power, far greater than those of inorganic catalyst to hydrolyse ester bonds (Gdfrey and Reichelt, 1983 and Bjorkling et al., 1987.) The catalyst reaction occur under very mild conditions: at room temperature and normal pressure. Easily inactivated under adverse reaction conditions: strong acid or alkaline pH, high temperature and pressure (Khor et al., 1986; Tanigaki et al., 1993; Wu et al., 1996; Kawano et al., 1994; Noor et al., 2003). Biocatalyst PolipazymeTM (Patent No: PI2012700014)-solves industries problem and creates duper clean fuel from unwanted waste and other by products. Our pioneer technology from Malaysia converts POME into very clean fuel, fertilizer and RO water. Biocatalyst PolipazymeTM is produced from palm oil. It is based on fermentation process. Thus the process is at low ambient pressure and temperature. Polipazyme catalyst used in Biopro diesel technology will cover many other oil sources such as olive oil, corn oil, soya oil, castor oil, and animal oil waste, etc. End product using polipazymeTM is biopro diesel. It is superclean and rated better than Euro 2M and 4M Standard. It has successfully been tested on a commercial diesel engine (Mitsubishi Storm).

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ID : tm2936210333

Medical Identifier for the Pilgrims during Hajj Season

In this research, we developed a special bracelet that will be worn by pilgrims. This invention can be used as medical identifier for pilgrims during Hajj season. It is a new device which considers design styling and potential technologies to fulfil the requirement of the pilgrims.

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ID : tm2936410335

MEDCOM-OR Integrated Operating Theatre Management System

Products related to integrated operating room management system.

Produk berkaitan pengurusan sistem bilik bedah secara bersepadu.

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ID : tm2936510336

Measurement of Artery Stiffness Index (ASI) using Blood Volume Pulse

1. Measuring the artery stiffness index. 2.Deduce and detect specific cardiovascular diseases. 3.Checking the endothelial dysfunction. 4.Noninvasive method. 5.Low cost materials. 6.Simple to use and no need for very complicated methods. 7.Portable. 8.Safe measuring device (no chemical,x-ray or any harmful materials).

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ID : tm2936610337

Low-cost desktop Portable Electrical Discharge Machine (PEDM)

The present innovation relates to a low cost portable electrical discharge machining for effecting micro electrical discharge machining at a remote work site.

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ID : tm2936810339

Low Cost Energy Efficient AC Induction Motor Driver

The main objective is to create a low cost motor driver. From the product in the market that notice, most of the driver provide many special function and advance control method. This result the product needs very high technology processor to formulate the signal to run the motor driver, and high technology processor like DSP, Digital Signal Processor are relatively expensive. The main concern is functional and low cost.

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ID : tm2937110342

Life Cycle Impact Assessment framework for Malaysia using Eco-indicator

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an emerging decision-support tool that is design to systematically assess the environmental performance of selected product system, from the extraction of raw materials, proceeds though production and usage, and ends with waste treatment or disposal. Life sysle impact assessment (LCIA) ad a part of LCA is the formulation of environmental impact that derives from the different environmental burdens.

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ID : tm2937610347

Investigation on Intumenscent Coating Made with q New Bio-Filler, CES as Fire Protective Materials for Steel

The instrument coating is a water-based system into which fire retardent agents, ammonium polyphosphate (APP) phase ii, melamine (MEL) and pentaerythritol (PER), silica fume (SF) as binder and recycled chicken eggshell (CES) as filler have been incorporated. The eggshells were cleaned thoroughly and then dried at 90C for 12 hours in the oven. The dried eggshells were mechanically triturated to a powder form.

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ID : tm2937910350

Intelligent Drowsy Driver Sensing System (IDDS)

An intelligent sensing system has been developed to detect the drowsy driving condition of the drivers and alert them to prevent accident.

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ID : tm2938010351

Innovative Method of Strengthening Steel Beam in Torsion

The purpose of this innovation was to fill the knowledge gap on the behaviour of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) strengthened hollow structural member under pure torsion. In particular, this research presented several key findings relating to reinforcing systems for square hollow section to withstand torsional moment using novel wrapping configurations of CFRP sheets. Strengthening and retrofitting of existing superstructures are essential in high seismic regions for withstanding seismic damage caused by earthquake or hurricanes, especially for communication towers or oil and gas related manufacturing structures. Besides, bridges are also highly susceptible to seismic damage caused by traffics. Square hollow sections often used to resist twisting action in building, bridge, space structures, aircraft structures,, automotive industry, ship structures, communication towers or oil and gas. A strengthening system in this invention is a combination of three materials: mild steel (square hollow section), CFRP ( a unidirectional carbon fiber) and epoxy (adhesive) which forms a highly efficient a reinforcing system that is able to increase torsional moment ip to 83% compared to non-reinforced system.

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ID : tm2938210353

Innovative dynamic analysis for 3D Space Structure by Professional Mathematics

This technique use Fletcher algorithm from Professional Mathematical which is indirect metohd. The approach is based upon the principle of conservation of energy. 3D space structures are very light and flexible and they undrgo appreciable deflection when subjected to external loading. The purpose method was found to be stable for time steps equal to less or less than half the smallest periodic time of the system.

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ID : tm2938310354

Innovative 3-in-1 Wind Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy and Rain Water Harvester

This wind-solar hybrid renewable energy system is a new concept of the utilisation, integration and optimisation of existing renewable energy and rain water harvesting technologies. It is compact and can be built on the top of high rise building to provide on-site green power to that building or feed into the grid line. This system utilises the advantages of Malaysian climate, i.e high solar radiation and rainfall for green energy generation and free water supply. It also overcomes the inferior aspect on the low wind speed by guiding and increasing the speed of the high altitude free-stream wind from all directions radially through power-augmentation-guide-vane (PAGV) before entering the wind turbine at center portion.

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ID : tm2938710358

I-Block, the Creation of Walls

I-Block wall offers beautiful wall face pattern. It provides a more efficient construction material that considers the technical aspect of a sound engineering system. I-Block satisfies users to own an aesthetic and functional earth retaining wall. Today in Malaysia, various types of segmental blocks are extensively used in many geotechnical applications and those blocks are abroad or locally produced under the jurisdictions of the patent countries. Considering the socio-economic aspects and cost effectiveness, the innovated I-Block can be marketed in Malaysia.

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ID : tm2938810359

HyPro-E : Hyper-threading Processing Engine

This invention presents a framework and solution to improve the efficiency of the authorization processing of credit card transaction using multi-threading and shared-memory pool techniques. A prototype has been developed to overcome the slow sequential processing of a single-threaded model.

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ID : tm2939510366

High Throughout Large Area Graphene Oxide For Fabrication Of Transparent Conducting Film

Large area graphene oxide is highly desirable for fundamental research and technological applications of graphene and graphene oxide. In particular, large area graphene sheets are regarded as the most ideal for transparent conducting films (TCFs). The small area of graphene oxide sheets results in high intersheets contact resistance in ther graphene oxide films due to large amount of intersheet junctions, while large area graphene oxide will significantly reduce this problem. TCFs have a wide range of significant technological applications such as solar cells, optical communicating devices, flat panel display, touch screen sensors, organic and solid state LED. Thus, large area grapehene oxide is an important step toward next generation nanoelectronics devices.

However, most of the reported graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide had small area in the order of 100m2 and lateral dimension of a few hundred nanometers to tens of micron. It is difficult to produce large area graphene oxide due to the unavoidable breakage of graphene oxide sheets during extreme oxidation condition and exfoliation process using ultrasonication.

In order to achieve commercial value, the synthesis process of graphene oxide needs to be simplistic and cost effective. Current method of producing grapehe oxide using chemical oxidation like the Hummer's method, Steideumaier's method and Brodie's method involved tedious and long hour experimental time. The long hour of experimental time is due to the oxidation procedure with various temperature controls and various mixing steps. which will take up to 3-5 hours before the oxidized samples are ready for washing or purification. Here, we managed to tremendously shorten the experimental time to less than 5 minutes. The simple method graphite oxidation was achieved by simply adding graphite and potassium permangate (KMnO4) into concentrated acids (containing sulfuric acid, with or without phosporic acid) under constant stirring. The whole process was carried out without any temperature control, neither increasing nor decreasing the temperature.

The advantage of this method is that the graphene oxide produced upon washing with deionized water without any ultrasonication, reduces the breakage of the graphene oxide sheets into smaller pieces. Here, we have identified 4 key factors contributing to the large area of graphene oxide formed.

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ID : tm2940010371

Halal RF-Validator

This invention focused on validating Halal status on food products by using RFID. The authentic Halal logo can be easily validated because every inlet is identified with its own unique ID number. RFID reader will be placed on the food rack lanes for customers to validate the halal status.

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ID : tm2940310374

Green Catalysts for Generation of Multiple Products from Low Grade Palm Oil

Malaysia as the world largest palm oil producer and exporter, has the potential of being the leader in producing palm oil based biodiesel and many products. However, huge amounts of low-grade oil are produced from palm oil industries as a by-product of milling processes. According to Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) statistics report, the annual production of low-grade oil mills in Malaysia reaches 50 million tonnes. These huge amounts of low grade oils need to be utilized to produce beneficial product. The availability of bioresources is an important factor in any economical process. In this innovation, we converted many types of chemicals such as strong acids to deep eutectic solvents (DESs). DESs have been recognized as low cost alternatives of ionic liquids (ILs). DESs are mixtures of two or more components which have low melting points to their constituting component. This depression of melting point causes the liquid state of DESs, whereby hydrogen bond interactions between an anion and a hydrogen bond donor are more energetically favoured relative to the lattice energies of the pure constituents DESs share common solvation properties with ILs. In addition they have many advantages, e.g. they are prepared easily in high purity at low cost. Other advantages include its non-toxicity, no reactivity with water and being biodegradable. The main objective of this work is to develop an economic process for producing high quality multi products with zero waste. This technology can led to a novel potential process in the palm oil manufacturing and oleo chemicals.

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ID : tm2940610377

Glycolipid Based Cream For Cosmetics From Natural Derived Surfactants

This invention relates to emulsion composition, an oil-in-water emulsion composition of alkyl maltoside in mixture of water and paraffin oil to produce a base cream which is proven to be more stable. The emulsion composition according to the present invention may contains polyethylene glycol (PEG) and titanium dioxide (Ti02) in an essential amount which usable as a UV-Protect and moisturizing formulation cream

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