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ID : tm2922810199

Weigh-In-Motion Based Traffic Data Collection System

A weigh-in-motion based traffic data collection system has been developed using quartz sensor as the main capturing device. When the vehicle tires pass over the sensor, the electrical charges produced due to piezoelectric effect are converted to voltages and further processed by a central processing unit to obtain traffic data. This system would capture traffic data continuously in all weather conditions.

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ID : tm2923010201

Waste-to-Brick Machine

The building and construction industry forms the basis of a country's development. The building material consists of wood, cement, brick, steel and other construction materials. The cost of materials is usually a major contribution materials has become a major cause of concern.

A unique brick production solution has been developed and has shown very promising results. The Solution comes in the form of a special brick recipe to produce composite concrete brick at a lower cost while still maintaining its desired characteristics. The brick mixture involves the usage of waste materials mixed in a certain proportion to obtain the concrete brick slurry from which the brick is formed. The novelty of using waste in the concrete brick mixture not only reduces the cost material but also solve the problem of waste management.

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ID : tm2923410205

Vibration Performance Civil

This work describe the first part of a vibration-based damaged detection project. It describes the modal testing carried out to evaluate the dynamic characteristic (natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios) a damaged floor of a building.

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ID : tm2923510206

Variable Speed Limit Enforcement System

Speeding has been identified as a contributing factors in many traffic accident especially those involving road fatalities. Speed limits are meant to advice drivers on the safe operating speed beyond which safety may be compromised. Current techniques to capture speed data either involve the presence of human operators or using speed cameras. In addition, using existing devices to enforce different speed limits to both non-commercial and commercial vehicles as required by is impractible.

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ID : tm2923910210

UMsys-ShoreProtec: A Protection System for Muddy Shorelines

UMsys-ShoreProtec is an innovative design, offering a sustainable and cost-effective coastal protection system against erosin on mudflats, where construction activities are very difficult and costly because the unconsolidated layer of soft mud is generally weak and highly compressible.

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ID : tm2924010211

Umsys-Shoreprotec: A Protection System For Muddy Shoreline

Construction of coastal structures on mud deposits is very difficult and costly since the unconsolidated layer of soft mud is generally weak and highly compressible. Large and differential settlements or even overall slide may occur in the coastal structures erected on a soft ground. This makes mud deposits unsuitable foundation materials. However, these geomaterials can be improved and stabilised through mechanical methods (e.g. using vertical drains, reinforcement, piles, deep mixing, etc) and/or chemical treatment (e.g. adding cement or lime), but either way could be prohibitively expensive for most local stakeholders and authorities. In addition,chemical alteration of substrate could cause ecological impacts on the habitat and associated biota.

Sustainable construction materials that can be inexpensively provided in bulk and simple techniques of construction are two most important aspects of this cost-effective approach that could be practical and affordable for local stakeholders and authorities.

The lightweight design of UMsys-shoreprotec with its high interlocking capability has the advantage of low manufacturing and construction costs. It has great potential as coastal protection system for the muddy shoreline of west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

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ID : tm2924110212

Twin-Rotor Energy Recovery Turbine Generator

An idea on harnessing clean energy from both natural and unnatural wind resources is introduced. The system consists of a twin-rotor diffuser augmented vertical axis wind turbine with an enclosure mounted above an exhaust fan of a cooling tower to harness the wind energy for producing electricity.

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ID : tm2925310224

The Flat Fiber: Flexible Extended Length Glass Optical Chip

We have developed and patented an impressive " Flat Fibre ". We have fabricated this remarkable fibre using expertise that combines the advantages of optical fibre technology and integrated optical chips. The Flat Fibre is the first in the world flexible, extended length optical chip based on pure glass(silica). Glass is the same material that the ubiquitous optical fibres are based on.
The advantages of using established optical fibre manufacturing techniques makes this next-generation technology a very attractive low cost solution. The Flat Fibre would find use in vital areas such as inexpensive, wide deployment sensor applications for homeland security, protection of the environment, and structural integrity supervision.

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ID : tm2925510226

The Creator Of Walls, The I-Block

The innovated I-Block offers virtually any wall face patterns desired and provides a more efficient use of construction material without sacrificing the technical aspect of a sound engineering retaining wall system.

I-Block signifies the increment of wall face area over the same amount of concrete used per block for other convention block systems. The success of this innovation will thus greatly increase the cost effectiveness of this I-Block wall compared to other conventional block walls.

The I-Blocks are stacked, connected with plastic pins and geosynthetic reinforcing element to form a reinforced soil wall. The use of the plastic pins and geosynthetic elements eliminate the need to use granular materials compared to other reinforced earth walls.

The I-Blocks could also be stacked and placed with steel reinforcement as detailed in the conventional reinforced concrete wall to form an aesthetic pleasant reinforced concrete wall. The I-Blocks in this case served as the hollow block formwork system for casting the reinforced concrete wall. This system will thus eliminate the need to use wall face steel bar which is usually placed for crack purpose control at the wall face in the conventional reinforced concrete wall. Hence, I-Block is, in fact, a two-in-one block system which offers an aesthetically pleasant and cost effective wall system.

Today, various types of segmental blocks are extensively used in many geotechnical applications in Malaysia and those blocks are imported from abroad or locally produced under the jurisdictions of the patent countries. By considering the socio-economic aspects and cost effectiveness, it can be said that there is a great opportunity of the innovated I-Block to commercialize in Malaysia.

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ID : tm2925610227

The Creativity Game

The Creativity Game is a new game created to stimulate creativity of the players. It is most suitable for school students (primary and secondary), but it also can be played by adults at any age. Besides getting fun, when the player plays the game, his knowledge about creative thinking and his creativity ability in terms of originality, fluency and elaboration will be indirectly enhanced. The basic concept of the game is, a player completes the incomplete lines to form an object based on the drawing activity card he randomly selected from the cards, and then provided a title for his object. His response will be given scores (colour coins are given for scores) for creativity on three aspects, the ability to produce original idea (originality), the ability to create idea on time (fluency) and the ability to elaborate the idea he has produced (elaboration). The game was built based on the theory of creative thinking process, that: creativity involves the ability to produce original ideas, to perceive new and unsuspected relationships, or to establish unique and improves order among seemingly unrelated things; creativity does not involve just one kind of behaviours; creativity is a potential that all people have, but to different degree, and it can be improved through suitable stimulation. As experimental study has been conducted on school students, and the result indicates that the CREATIVITYGAME effectively increased the respondents??? creativity. The game is user friendly and fun. It can be played by all races at any age levels, as young as the age of five. It is most suitable at any age levels, as young as the age of five. It is most suitable for schools, family and for travelling. Just like other kinds of modern games (the pictorial game, check board games, etc.), it can be marketed universally (globally) to any country and any place for any race. Computer games are popular recently, but they have a lot of disadvantages. The creativity game has advantages because besides promotes creativity, it enhances quality of life through besides promotes creativity, it enhances quality of life through interaction, communication, healthy competition and relationship building among the players. It also can be used in schools to promote creativity in their students in co-curriculum activities.

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ID : tm2926210233

Synthetic Protein-Free Embryo Culture Medium: Elimination of Disease Transmission During Infertility Treatment

What is it? It is a nutrient solution (embryo culture medium or ECM) used to grow embryos in laboratory dishes in the test tube baby program for the treatment of infertility.

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ID : tm2926510236

Stealth Fatty Acid Nanoliposome

This study focused on preparation of nanoliposomes from a series of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid because of the biological properties; similar to phospholipids, commercially available and at a reasonable price. We have successfully prepared less expensive and non-toxic fatty acid PEGylated nanoliposomes which are ease of preparation and shown remarkable stability over a period of 15 days. There is no change in particle size and high value of zeta potentials indicated that destabilization and flocculation among the nanoliposomes did not occur. The encapsulation efficiency for hydrophobic vitamin A and E are more than 50% while the encapsulation efficiency for hydrophilic calcein is 14%. This tool for delivery plays a prominent role because it can direct a drug to the target, inert in the body hence protect the drugs against degradation, prolong the duration of drug exposure by slowing down the release of drug, higher biocompatibility, minimize drug toxicity, simpler preparation method and cost effective compared to commercially available nanostealth liposome. Due to the fact that global pharmaceutical market sale is expected to grow at a 4-7% and Malaysian pharmaceutical market grew at between 8 to 10% annually over the last decade, this invention is important to fulfil not only pharmaceuticals industry but also healthcare, cosmetics and nutraceuticals industry. Since liposomes were first produced by Alec D. Bangham in 1961, liposome have been used as a tool for delivery of active ingredients, vaccines, enzymes, or drugs in the body to the specific target. However, classical liposomes produced from synthetic surfactants or lipids are most likely will undergo rapid clearance from circulation either through a complete disintegration or bind to the cell. Hence, liposome having a stealth property was introduced; that dramatically increases the circulation time, alter and enhances its pharmacokinetic properties, eliminate toxicity and wider drug range solubility.

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ID : tm2927010241

Solar Powered Mobile Water Ultrafiltration System

The water filtration system which uses a solar power system.

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ID : tm2927110242

Solar Kios

Produk ini berupaya menukarkan sumber tenaga
solar kepada tenaga elektrik. Dengan
penggunaan sistem ini, penjaja dapat
menjalankan operasi perniagaan mereka
sehingga larut malam dalam persekitaran yang
bersih dan senyap

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ID : tm2927210243

Software Development for Intelligent Elevator Group Controller

This invention provides user-friendly simulation software for an elevator group control system. It affords a complete animated view of the elevator movement between the source and destination floors in a building.

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ID : tm2927310244

Smart Secured Integrated Control Mechanism (SICM): A New Approach To Road Safety And Emergency Messaging In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (Vanet)

Most of the Vehicular applications focus only on creating and improving a vehicular safety during the vehicle movement considering different factors such as communication performance, intelligent communication and secure vehicular communication.

Vehicular communicationis considered as a special class of mobile Ad-Hoc networks. It based on wireless-equipped (road) vehicle form a network without using any additional central infrastructure for exchanging the information. This project aim is to provide safety movement and reducing the cost of traffic collisions.

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ID : tm2927810249

Rotating Bending Fretting Fatigue Machine

The aim of the project is to develop and build an innovative rotating bending fatigue (RBF) testing machine. This new apparatus has to cover most of the commercially available machines in testing possibilities, due to its wide range in force, rotation speed and dimensional flexibility.

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ID : tm2928310254

Recycling of Metal Hydroxide Sludge From Waste Water Treatment Plant to Produce Coagulants

Technology which uses waste as raw materials to produce coagulants with competitive price. Waste to wealth technology for Malaysia. Coagulant is a safe and effective method of treating water, which improves its quality by reducing levels of organic compounds, dissolved phosphorus, colour, iron and suspended particles.

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ID : tm2928610257

Rapid Sintering of An Ageing Resistant Ziconia For Fuel Cell And Machinery Applications

This invention deals with the production of an ageing resistant zirconia using a rapid sintering microwave technology. The derived ceramic components exhibit superior mechanical and electrical properties for fuel cell as well as a host of machinery and engineering applications.

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ID : tm2929110262

Pulsed Plasma X-Ray Source

Photolithography, or also known as optical lithography is a process used in microfabrication to selectively remove parts of a thin film (or the bulk of a substrate), it uses light to transfer a geometric pattern from a photomask to a light-sensitive chemical (photoresistm or simply resist) on the substrate. The basic apparatus includes a source of radation (typically a mercury lamp), a mask having the desired features, and a lense system for focusing the image of the mask onto an emulsion-coated chip. In recent years, the use of X-ray for lithography applications has been given much attention since X-rays have much shorter wavelengths. Thus, X-ray lithography is one of the leading techniques being considered for the next generation of micro-electronic components. On the other hand, X-ray microscopy has long been used to obtain images of the internal structure of objects, including biological samples. Several sources for the production of X-rays for use in lithography and microscopy have been developed. Electron-impact X-ray sources generally produce high energy X-rays that are not stopped in the resist layer and can continue on to damage the substrate material. Synchrotron sources emit softer X-rays but are limited by high cost and large physical dimensions. Laser produced X-rays have been tested but have thus far yielded poor performance and efficiency. Electron-impact X-ray sources are produced by interaction of an electron beam with an anode as a target. Conventional electron-impact X-ray sources rely on either field effect or thermionic emission for the production of electron beam. X-ray sources based on the field effect requires high electric field and hence high operating voltage of exceeding 100 kV. On the other hand, sources based on the thermionic emission require filaments which are heated using external power sources. In view of the above, it is advantageous to provide an X-ray source that enables X-ray to be generated at a high pressure and at a lower tube voltage, as compared to conventional X-ray sources that rely either on the field effect or the thermionic emission for the production of the electron beam.

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ID : tm2930110272

Portable and Automated Traffic Classifier

Traffic data is a necessity and a mandatory input in transport planning, traffic impact assessment and any planning and design of transport facilities and road networks. It is also a mandatory input for the carrying out of traffic impact studies for any new land use development such as residential, housing and commercial areas. Traffic data is also a mandatory input for justifying funds for road network upgrading or expansion. The need to obtain accurate and comprehensive traffic data is certainly overwhelming. This requires reliable techniques and methods of traffic data collection in order to ensure that accurate and reliable data is captured for future analysis. Several methods of traffic data collection is currently being utilised ranging from manual techniques to using mechanical devices and image processing techniques. Despite having a variety of techniques and methods, there is still much lacking in terms of getting reliable and accurate traffic data. The solution is to have the robustness of a mechanical device, the accuracy of the human eye and the relatively cheap mechanism and process. The working principal behind the solution is to be able to detect the number of axles that passes through a certain point on the road, and to be able to assign the axles that belong to a specific vehicle that was passing that part of the road. Knowing those axles that belong to a particular vehicle, the actual traffic volume can be determined accurately without having to estimate from the number of axles and short term human observations. In this case, actual traffic volume measured in terms of vehicles per hour or for any time interval can be determined accurately. Currently, there is no commercial system available that can do this based on our survey. Our portable automated traffic classifier is a device that can determine vehicle and traffic flow parameters simultaneously in real time without the need to post-process information to determine those traffic parameters. This portable device that connected to both preformed loop and road tube as sensors provide reliable, comprehensive and accurate traffic and vehicular data automatically and continuously in real time. It is a microprocessor-based data collection system for recording sufficient traffic and vehicular data, namely, headway, speed, wheelbase, traffic volume, vehicle count, total axle count and axle count per vehicle. Recorded data can be uploaded directly to personal computer (PC) via universal serial bus (USB)without any additional interface device or reader.

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ID : tm2930410275

Polyurethane Foam from Waste PET Bottles

One of the biggest problems caused by soft drink PET bottles is the waste problem resulting in environmental pollution. To economically reduce this waste, we come out with a method to recycle the PET bottle by glycolysis and convert it into a polyol that can be used to make polyurethane foam. Common soft-drink PET bottles were glycolyzed by glycerol in the presence of zinc acetate as a catalyst. Miscibility of the glycolyzed products with a commercial polyol designated for flexible polyurethane foam synthesis was investigated. Preliminary results showed that the semi-rigid polyurethane foam could have density of 60-90kg m-3, with high close cell content and good compression strength. The polyurethane foams synthesized could be used in automotive applications such as insulation materials.

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ID : tm2931110282

Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Monitoring System

Designers of Photovoltaic (PV) systems use performance data of PV modules to improve design and increase cost effectiveness. Valuable data is often uncollected owing to high costs of data acquistion. The Photovoltaic Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking Monitoring System monitors a PV array's maximum operating power point by plotting the array's current-voltage (I-V) curve and then determining the maximum point. When the system is connected to an inventer, it shows the array's operating point. Whether or not the PV inverter maximizes the energy that can be produced by the PV array can also be monitored.

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ID : tm2931610287

Palmyrah: Natural Protector Against Tsunami

A study was carried out on socio-economic values of palmyrah palm in several parts of Tamil Nadu, India. The palmyra palm (sea coconut) is scientifically known as Borassus flabellifer L. is abundant in Southern India, Sri Lanka, certain parts of Thailand, Cambodia, etc. In Southern India, it is abundant in wild and also cultivated for various purposes. The palmyrah palm is closely connected with everyone's daily life in certain parts of South India. Each and every part of the tree is used traditionally and to generate household income. It has a notable socio-economic value for people. Palmyrah play role as natural protector from cyclone, wind and tsunami. In many case and incidents of natural hazards, palmyrah save the community from disaster. Palmyrah is found in scarce especially in northern part of Peninsular Malaysia which can be planted in several coastal areas as a tropical storm protection and also as natural defence against coastal erosion and tsunami protection

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ID : tm2931710288

Outlier Detector

One of the most common problems that arise in any statistical analysis is the existence of some unexpected observations in data set.Appropriate treatment of the observation, which is usually called outlier, has become an important issue for more than a century and its impact has been discussed by numerous authors. Outliers refer to surprising observations which are suspiciously far from the main data mass. Fisher (1993) summarized ways in which outlier can occur, due to mis-recording, sampling from a second population, or vagaries of sampling resulting in the occasional isolated values. Beckman and Cook (1983) and Barnett and Lewis (1978) reviewed the literature on outliers in various areas of statistical data. In this work, we have developed extensive SPlus toolbar for outlier detection in medical, financial and environmental data. The main purpose is to generate better forecast and interpretation of the data analysis.
The programs of outlier detection have been written in SPlus environment. The programs have been developed based on current research work and he theoretical background have been published in the literature.Consequently, the appropriate toolbar have been created for each case. Hence, users can now easily perform the outlier analysis without any hassle.
The procedures have been successfully applied on data from various areas including medicine,finance and environment.For illustration, we consider the Malaysian breast cancer data, the Malaysian air quality index data and Asian stock exchange index data. We will show that the quality of forecast has improved when appropriate treatment on outlier is undertaken.

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