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ID : tm3497115598

Q-RAY(TM), Sistem Lampu Tiub Tipis T4

Lampu tiub tipis linear dengan lumens tinggi, penggunaan kuasa
yang rendah, jangka hayat lebih lama dan boleh beroperasi
di luar suhu ambien berbanding dengan lampu pendarfluor
konvensional. Ia sangat sesuai untuk kabinet, hiasan dan
ruangan terhad.

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ID : tm3545716084

Vagler V-821 3D printer

Vagler V-821 3D printer are a homegrown effort to design and manufacture professional level 3D printer/additive manufacturing machines for domestic and international markets. Using FFF Thermoplastic extrusion process ensures maximum relevance and applicability to the local manufacturing industry.

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ID : tm3070111672

Work Values Congruency System

Work values congruency system is a web-based that can identify the work values needed in a workplace in their rank of importance. The work values of individual candidates or apprentices can then be assessed and compared with the "ought to" have work values to see the extent of congruency (match or mismatch). The system can be utilized for career and human resource management, training and programmes aimed towards producing profitable and psychologically congruent apprentices and workers.

This system currently is using a present database churned out from a study. A total of 26 work values are computed and ranked according to their importance in the institutions and training centers participating in the National Dual Training System.

The work values are work with others, help others, creativity, lifelong learning, friendship, help society, work precision, supervision, working mastery, make decision, intellectual status, search for meaning, work under pressure, achievement, public contacts, security & stability, influence people, affiliations, more fulfillment, competition, change and variety, autonomy, excitement, financial gain, lifestyle and community, and challenge.

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ID : tm3070411675

WARM Model

This invention relates to a system and method for optimum watershed outflow retention, control and management through the utilization of structural best management practices (SBMP) such as constructed ponds to achieve the objects of controlling flood and or maintaining base flow. it is a method for investigating, identifying, implementing and operating SBMP for mitigating, controlling and managing the impacts of land development on watershed outflow quantity. It is a novel and cost effective decision support system (DSS) for current and future mitigation of the effects of land use changes on river discharge. It compiles tools and techniques that include remote sensing (RS) and hydrological modeling to provide a meaningful, integrated and multi-criteria solution. Maps identifying the locations and sizes of SBMP will help planners and decision makers to take the impacts of climate change into account. The future SBMP detailed plans will be generated in advance to help planners and decision makers avoid the negative impacts of land use changes on stream flow magnitude in the watershed.

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ID : tm3070511676

VRS-RadeR System (Virtual Rainfall Stations using Radar-Derived Rainfall Data)

Malaysia has 10 weather radar stations belonging to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) that can be used to estimate rainfall distribution. A new computer program called RaDeR ver1.0 was developed to estimate the radar-derived rainfall intensities from archived raw weather radar data. The RaDeR ver1.0 performs fast estimation more than 100 times of 3D-Rapic program currently used by MMD. Since Malaysia is a tripical country with more than 60% of land area covered by forest, using the limited number of rain gauges to determine the spatial distribution of rainfall in forested watersheds may not be representative, hence not the best technique. Therefore, a VRS-RaDeR system was developed to improve mapping of the rainfall spatial distribution using virtual rainfall stations (VRS) network and the RaDeR ver1.0 program. It was found that using the development system to estimate the rainfall distribution gives better watershed runoff result than using the traditional rain gauge data.

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ID : tm3070611677

VOCIO (Child Rocker)

VOCIO is baby swing that practical and well-use for the use of infants and the parents' as well. This new design of baby rocking swing will considering more the practicality aspect and well-use in the purpose of creating a design that very friendly user. There are many types of swing design can be find. Some of them using the rocking system as the technology developed. This study is to resolve the issue that arises on current baby swing products such as comfort, safety and personal taste.
The disadvantages of existing baby swings are such as the awkwardness of styles with overhead bars or mobiles and the unpractical of some of product assembly during usage. Lastly, personal taste in using a practical product that equipped with justified technology without harming the baby itself was also taken as critical design criteria. Thus, this effort will ensure that the quality of the new design product is better than the older design by considering the best solutions based on the user needs.
In general, the proposed product titled VOCIO emphasizes on the 3 factors of design considerations (comfort, safety and personal taste as mention above). Most of the analyzes conducted have focused on the safe practical usage without abandoning the aesthetic criteria. The concept of new era of design considering each criterion is important due to the demands of personal taste and tendency of the society nowadays. This will help the user/ consumer to accept the design instead of accepting the new technology applied on the design.

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ID : tm3070811679

Viscous Damper Device for Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Earthquake

Maintaining the safety, Functionality of buildings and living confort in the residents during earthquakes and strong winds is of paramount importance in civil engineering field. The present system is development of a numerical finite element algorithm used for analysis of reinforced concrete structure equipped with shakes energy absorbing device subjected to dynamic load such as earthquake excitation. Hence, new nonlinear viscose damper is proposed and finite element program code for analysis of reinforced system is evaluated by implementation in actual reinforced concrete frame buildings. by comparing seismic responses of modeled structures without energy dissipation system, and structures with proposed system shows that using developed earthquake dissipation devices effectively reduced structural response due to earthquakes and mitigates buildings safety. The main aim of present work is to provide safe shelter for one billion humans being against natural disaster such as earthquake and tsunami.

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ID : tm3071211683

UV Treat Machine

The UVTreat Machine is designed that is capable to treat the fresh tropical juices such as pineapple juice to inactivation of the bacteria at least 5 log10 reduction as required by the Foods and Drugs Administration [FDA] in which existing designs are not able to achieve the standard. Dean vortex flow concept was adapted to this machine to increase the mixing effect as well as the exposure of the microorganism to UV, thus, increased the lethality rate of microorganism. The machine is simple, feasible and a cost saving piece of equipment.

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ID : tm3071511686

Usability of Anal Retractor in Anorectal Surgery

Surgery procedure today often relies on intelligently designed techinical equipments. Usability is increasingly of major importance and main consideration when hospitals purchace new equipments. In anorectal surgery, the research finding has identified the importance of self retaining ability for the anal retractor, which in-turn could save time and labor, with additional fro safety and reliability. This invention gives an advantage to surgeons ans assistants as the anal retractor is retained in surgery position during the operation, thius clinically ans economically beneficial.

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ID : tm3071711688

UPM Viras Rader

UPM Viras Rader is a method to measure rainfall runoff by an estimated rainfall data from a weather radar of a single station. It is a rainfall calibration model (for a single radar station using the derived rainfall data). The method identifies at least one rain gauge station of a single radar station to develop the rainfall calibration model and to compare the recorded gauge data with the rainfall data of the radar. Then the method estimates the measurement of the rainfall runoff using the recorded data and the rainfall data of the radar.

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ID : tm3072011691

Ultrasound Assisted Solid Liquid Extraction of Jatropha Seeds

Jatropha oil can be used as fuel alternative and biodiesel. Solid liquid extraction is commonly used to extract the oil from jatropha because it is efficient and cheap. This new process takes about 8 hours and yields around 36-47%. Oil using ultrasound with the conventional solid liquid extraction. It improves the yield of oil in comparison to conventional method. The maximum amount of oil extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted were 47% and 51% respectively. The reaction time to achieve the maximum was shortened to 5 hours from 8 and more oil was extracted in the early phase of extraction. The oil extracted by ultrasound assisted methods was found not to have free fatty acids (FFA) content. This use of ultrasound is suitable to be used in a alrger scale.

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ID : tm3072111692

Ultrasound Assisted Solid Liquid Extraction of Jatropha Oil

Jatropha curcas has a variety of uses which are great economic significance. Jatropha oil can be used as fuel alternative and for making biodiesel that is supposed to overcome the source limitation problem. In this paper, conventional and ultrasound assisted solid liquid extraction of Jatropha seed were studied in terms of amount and quality of the extracted oil. The free fatty acid content which is an important oil quality index was also investigated for the obtained oil. Both ultrasonication and microwave pretreatment of the seed had a positive effect on amount of yield. With the application of ultrasound, more oil could be extracted compared with that obtained by conventional method. The maximum amount of oil which could be extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted were 47 and 51 respectively. Regarding the quality, oil extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted methods did not show any significant difference in terms of free fatty acids (FFA) content. The use of ultrasound as assistance to improve oil yield is practical and more suitable to be used at larger scale.

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ID : tm3072311694


"The new cost effective equipment developed at UPM however is capable of measuring several properties such as stability, density, resilient modulus, and creep compliance of asphalt and soil mixtures automatically as they are roller compacted. The mix properties are automatically captured via pressure sensors and thermocouples embedded in the deck and analyzed with built-in software.
This new device is expected to be relatively inexpensive. A new Malaysian standard can be developed to determine the density and other asphalt mixture parameters using this piece of newly invented equipment.
The equipment is patent-pending under Malaysian Patent registration number PI20031422, and has a great potential for commercialization.

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ID : tm3073011701

Thick Film Paste for Electronic Devices

Thick film technology is currently used to fabricate electronic, mechanical/ chemical, energy, and display devices. Currently, screen printing technology in Malaysia is using thick film paste material imported from foreign countries. The dependency on external source resulted in a high cost and currency deficit to the government of Malaysia. It is reported in 2009 that Malaysia's electronic production and market was ranked at number 6 with 3.7% output. Meanwhile in the market analysis, Malaysia was placed at number 15 with a total of 1.5% market value from the world market. This shows that local demands is high and Malaysia shall produced it locally at a competitive price and open the possibility of exporting it to other lucrative market.
The value of worldwide sales of thick film devices was estimated at $14.8 billion in 2003 and projected to rise at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 15.2% to $30.0 billion by 2008. This scenario shows that there are golden opportunities to venture in the thick film technology locally by introducing a new thick film paste with low cost, good shelf life, good viscosity and rheology.The thick film paste composition incorporates a newly composed organic binder from linseed stand oil, m-xylene and _-terpineol. Furthermore, the uses of linseed oil as an organic element in comparison with the inorganic binder such as binary metal, boride glass frit composition and titanium dioxide is an advantage for a better and healthy environment.

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ID : tm3073311704

The MeTM (Measurement Engagement Tool) A System to Measure Human Engagement Behaviour whilst Interacting with a User Interface

The MeTM Tool (Measuring Engagement Tool) is a programmable system to measure human engagement behaviour when interacting with computer interfaces for related stakeholders (regulatory bodies, government and non-government bodies). The tool could be used for studies on human-computer interaction. It could describe engagement patterns as it occurs during interaction and detect interfaces and facial expressions at the point of engagement during interaction. Measuring in real time, the tool may be used as a research analysis for clients I the website designing industry and designers of smart learning programs.

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ID : tm3073411705

The Melody to Musical Notation Translating System

This invention presents a system that translates the captured or recorded melody into musical notations automatically and instantly into a developed stave whereby a musician can compose music directly without any extra process or procedure, in real-time environments. In this translating system, the frequency of a captured or recorded melody is first analyzed through a microphone or musical instrument for its fundamental frequency. The analyzed fundamental frequency is then compared with the predefined frequency of musical notes. The matched musical note frequency will be distinguished at the developed musical stave interface instantly. This invention will facilitate a composer in automatically translate his melody to musical notes without having to manually writing it down based on the melody he plays.

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ID : tm3073611707

Telephone-based Security and monioring system

A telephone line interface device has been developed. It is capable of auto dialing and/or responding on occurrences and can be accessed through telephone line to get the current status of the occurrences. As an optional facility, a central control station can continuously (24 hours) monitor and report the distributed devices (critical time, vacation and/or home alone mode).

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ID : tm3074011711

Synthesized Tin-Activated Carbon Adsorbent

3 in 1 Activated carbon -Tin adsorbent for hydrogen gas purification by PSA Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells : PEM fuel cells are the most common type of fuel cell being developed for transportation use. PEM fuel cells utilize hydrogen as fuel.Hydrogen Production Processes by Steam reforming: The steam reforming process is one of very important industrial hydrogen production processes. Besides hydrogen, the CO produced is about 10,000 ppm. PEMFC requires very high quality hydrogen. Thus, to provide an optimum performance of the anode catalyst the PEMFC CO-concentrations have to be lower than 10-100 ppm.Pressure swing adsorption (PSA): Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) employing activated carbon as an adsorption media- uses selective adsorption for the recovery and purification of hydrogen and carbon monoxide from steam reforming process. Development of Activated carbon-Sn adsorbent for Hydrogen purification from CO gas: In the study, a cheap AC-SnO2 adsorbent have been synthesized by impregnating SnO2 into activated carbon, and Then effectively used to remove CO from H2/CO mixture using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) separation processes. It is shown that a considerable amount of CO at 1000 ppm was successfully reduced to 10.4 ppm.

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ID : tm3074211713

Sustainable and Environmental Design of Kiosk For Tourism Malaysia (TDC)

Sustainable and nature has been among key players of concepts in shaping out design for this project. Products offer in current market influences by many factors. 'Green' product design, is also known as design for environment, design for eco-efficiency or sustainable product design. Green design uses methods and products that minimize the ecological impact of design and construction on the earth. This Design project has adapted the elements of nature and local 'green' environment to sustain the local material use and minimize the impact one product could give to the mother nature. Despite adapting most of natural material including local timber and texture, this product still allow basic technology to ease its function and provide user friendly interface for users (especially tourists).

The study begun by observing and collecting data about how tourism managed their products. These involved experts and individuals interviews. The Design process has been done parallel with the social inquiry as many changes in design have been implemented through the input from the interviews. This techniques integrate users involvement during the design process as applied in most of 'User Centred' Design Approach.

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ID : tm3074411715

STONE MASTIC Asphalt With Cellulose Oil Palm Fiber

The advantages of SMA with cellulose oil palm fiber are:
- Increased life span of pavement up to 2 times the
conventional pavement.
- The overall cost of SMA pavement including construction is
much cheaper than the other types of pavement.
- Lower tire-pavement noise : 5-10 dBA
- Higher texture depth which better tire grip
- The latest research with COPF in SMA shows remarkable
performance in resisting cracks which are quantified in
terms of Crack Meandering and Sustainance Ratio.

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ID : tm3075211723

Spatial Change Detector (SCD v1.0) 'A Decision and Planning Support Tool'

This product has the ability to project spatial change patterns of land use on the basis of Potential Change Index (PCI). PCI is a new index that allows for visualization of change, thus aiding change detection. This gives a better insight and a quantitative indicator of change that has occurred on the ground.

Land use maps for two time periods are inputted to create the change detection scenario. These Time Series maps were implemented as a critical input of the Potential Change Index to facilitate the projection of land use change. The vector format used helps in the accurate computation of change. Spatial tools are developed in the ArcView software as a new extension; the Spatial Change Detector (SCD v1.0).

This particular technique and the resulting map are simple, straightforward and easy to interpret. The Spatial Change Detector v1.0 helps in the assessment of land use change and is intended as a decision and planning support. Land use experts, with their specialized knowledge can help ensure that the Spatial Change Detector databases represent realistic, practicable and functional spatial systems. The Spatial Change Detector ensures that the results are interpreted correctly, within the relevant context, to maximize the contribution to land use planning and decision support.

The Spatial Change Detector has the advantage of helping in planning of national map revisions. It has tremendous commercialization potential nationally and internationally. Potential customers include mapping, surveying, planning and land related agencies. Its' benefits far outweighs its cost and this tool will be of immense help in better utilization of land resources.

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ID : tm3075311724

Solid State Bioconversion of Domestic Wastewater treatment Plant Sludge Into Compost

Principally the invention is the process Solid State Bioconversion (SSB). But the end product is a
value added organic fertilizer (compost) exhibited superior potential in plant growth and development.
Mostly, the process was conducted in laboratory condition. In SSB process, 8-10% Indah Water
Konsortium domestic wastewater sludge (from drying bed or LSB) was cured followed by separation
of foreign particles and prepared it more or less homogenous. Then it was sterilized after adding of
bulking materials (sawdust and rice straw) and optimized process factors such as, co-substrate,
pH, C/N ratio, and moisture level. Finally the 6% mixed fungal mixed inocula (approximate 3.5 x 103
spores/ml) was used for inoculation and incubated 75 days for bioconversion. The flow chart of the SSB process is shown in Figure 1. Generally in SSB process, enhance microbial growth for excretion of several enzymes, which helps to undergo biological oxidation of the organic substrate. The aerobic biodegradation was occurred into CO2, H2O and relatively stable humus substances. The long chains carbon compounds undergo into simpler one. Therefore, organic materials are modified by decomposition and humification through a wide variety of biological changes (Vuorinen, 2000). Generally biological oxidation is dehydrogenation process and dehydrogenases are a very important group of enzymes, which evaluated the composting process (Fang et al., 1998).

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ID : tm3075411725

SoftAgent00PSemantics: A Software Agent Paradigm for Object-Oriented Programming Semantics

SoftAgent00PSemantics algorithm [1]: Program passing from semanticAgentGUI to semanticAgent; semanticAgent to noviceAgent and vice versa; semanticAgent to SemanticAgentGUI, Pre-processing of two related source codes, comparison of similar keywords in the two related source codes, extract the word (e.g. file names, classes, objects, constructors, print outs, etc.), generate semantics based on extracted words and classify and count extracted words to specific keywords.

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ID : tm3075511726

SOAP - Smart Home Systems

Smart home system, the next gigantic leap in the field of remote monitoring, has become an important emerging research field in recent times. A smart home adjusts its function to the inhabitants, the computation system and the context. Smart home systems and appliances increasingly contribute towards data intensive environment, resulting in few problems of management and operation issues. One potential solution is through Web Services technology which can provide vendor among applications, services and devices. The use of Web Services technology provides a degree of flexibility and dynamic scalability of managing and adding home appliances of different genre in smart home systems for daily inter operation. In Web Services, instructions are based on the Simple Object Access Protocol or widely known as SOAP technology. SOAP technology is based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) that provides standard network communications between software entities.

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ID : tm3075811729


A novel vacuum blood container device is designed to overcome the issue of air leak from inside the blood container. The existing blood container tube available in the market use the penetrative method to produce the vacuum condition in the tube. The new invention provides an innovative solution to prevent air leak due to penetration during the vacuum process. The novel technique to withdraw air from the tube via air passages allows the vacuum process to take place. The production of the existing product is limited to 2 tubes per vacuum process as where the new device can undergo vacuum process in a large number simultaneously

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