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ID : tm3497115598

Q-RAY(TM), Sistem Lampu Tiub Tipis T4

Lampu tiub tipis linear dengan lumens tinggi, penggunaan kuasa
yang rendah, jangka hayat lebih lama dan boleh beroperasi
di luar suhu ambien berbanding dengan lampu pendarfluor
konvensional. Ia sangat sesuai untuk kabinet, hiasan dan
ruangan terhad.

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ID : tm3545716084

Vagler V-821 3D printer

Vagler V-821 3D printer are a homegrown effort to design and manufacture professional level 3D printer/additive manufacturing machines for domestic and international markets. Using FFF Thermoplastic extrusion process ensures maximum relevance and applicability to the local manufacturing industry.

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ID : tm3318314154

The E-Frames: Threshold Positioning To Simplify Exoskeleton Control.

This invention proposes a control method to simplify existing exoskeleton feedback mechanism. This prototype exhibits the threshold positioning points of articulation (POA) that can be considered in controlling exoskeletons in human energy augmentation (load bearing).

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ID : tm3318414155

Mula Light

Mula Light Series, it is about series of lighting design using the recycle material with the main material that are using to produce design product.

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ID : tm3357414545

Trash Crasher

Function: To reduce the quantity of rubbish avoid environmental pollution. Save a lot of time and energy in order to throw rubbish away. Easy to use. Helps to decrease the bad smell from wasted food.
Benefits:Can avoid the presence of crows environmental pollution can be reduced.

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ID : tm3357514546

The transforming bagble

Functions: Multi Functional table that can be transformed to a bag. It is very convenient and comfortable for students to bring it everywhere. Cannot be tore or broken and also a waterproof. It has a wide surface that can be maximally utilized by placing table lamp and portable fan

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ID : tm3357614547

Flexible Baby stroller

Functions: To let the parents get their work done easily such as prepare milk for baby, change the baby's diaper.
The parents can even use their laptop on the table. Parents can have their meal properly.
Benefits: Save time and save energy

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ID : tm3357714548

Ergonomic Chair 2

This ergonomic chair 2 is designed as to be used by both right-handed and left handed people. The platform can be shifted from the right to the left or vice-versa as the platform is built in the middle of the chair. The user of the chair can use in a manner he or she desires and comfortable with.

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ID : tm3357814549

Automated Coconut Shredder with Pneumatic cylinder

It shred the coconut automatically without manual holding of the coconut. Excellent safety features with enclosure as we do not need to hold the coconut during shredding process. Prevent hands in touch with shredder blade during process. Minimum electricity consumption.

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ID : tm3486015487

Acontank - Precast Concrete Tank

Precast Prestressed Tank

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ID : tm3486215489

Matiere - Precast Concrete Arch system

Precast reinforced concrete arches

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ID : tm3489315520

Bacstop TST Water Treatment

Bacstop-tst water disinfection systems are made from tetrasilver-tetroxide and offer a reliable, safe and cost-effective alternative to other water sanitation products. Bacstop-tst is new and unique proprietary delivery system. It is a disinfectant for use in drinking water treatment, water containers, surface spray and hand wash. Bacstop-tst is complimentary to all other water treatment methods currently available. Many water treatment systems dont incorporate disinfection and dont leave any residual antibacterial in the treated water. Bacstop-tst can provide a residual disinfectant in the water for equipment that kills bacteria (ultra-violet and ozone), but provides no post treatment (residual) disinfectant. The Bacstop-tst technology can be used successfully in industrial, commercial, domestic, rural and marginally economic applications eg. Aid, emergency and relief initiatives.

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ID : tm3497715604

Compact Solar Water Heater With Thermal Battery

The 4th generation solar water heater is combined with high efficiency rechargable thermal heat storage battery. The battery is using the technology of latent heat storage by phase change material. The field test is proven higher performance of this model in comparison with the conventional models.

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ID : tm3499015617


Teknologi Pengkomputeran Cloud kepada
syarikat-syarikat perladangan dengan pelbagai
ciri dan modul seperti inventori, senarai gaji,
akaun, pelaporan, GIS dan lain-lain dengan
kaedah pemasukan data bersumber tunggal
untuk memperkemaskan aliran data dan
mempertingkatkan produktiviti perladangan

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ID : tm3499615623

Medium Voltage Switchgear & Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Prototype to be sent for type testing in independent laboratory.

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ID : tm3499715624

Control and Protection System for Extra High Voltage Substations

Total design of control and protection systems including assembly, testing and commissioning of systems.

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ID : tm3500415631


Aquap is a fashionable home/office based mini aquaponic system. It is designed to enhance the surrounding ambiance with the presence of fish and plants. Basically in Aquap the fish will feed the plant and in return the plant will clean the fish's water. Aquap unit is easy to setup and to maintain.

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ID : tm3505915686


Easy-to-use and flexible mobile products. A secure wound treatment therapy for patients with no chronic illness.

Produk mudah alih yang mudah digunakan dan fleksibel. Terapi rawatan luka yang selamat kepada pesakit yang tidak menghidap sakit kronik.

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ID : tm3507815705

Smart solar powered Eco friendly shower system

Smart solar powered Eco friendly shower system is a smart features added shower system using solar energy to heat or col water and its designed to reduce half shower time by pouring water to every part of body simultaneous while waste water is filtered to conserve water for other secondary usage.

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ID : tm3516215789

Green Monster Chowing Down Your Waste

The Green Monstar is an invention that hastens the process of composting. The machine is made of a garbage bin with a few modifications made to suit the many different composting processes. In short, the composter would be a high-on-demand product for small scale projects such as at schools and households in Malaysia.

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ID : tm3516315790


This is an invention that combines temperature and humidity control system on a device known as the Air-Smart. A prototype machine was built to use air conditioner and air circulation method that touches the water surface. This will cause the air to be cooler with moisture.

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ID : tm3520815835

Wow 3D printer

We used Lego mind-storm set to creative wow 3D printer with ICT system including apps,cyber community and website our innovation of recycling plastic straw as filament to print 3D model is environmental friendly. It is a great combination of technology, ICT and recycling to motivate young students.

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ID : tm3524415871


Penyelesaian analitik data besar yang menyokong analisis sentimen dan analisis ramalan.

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ID : tm3545816085

Document evidence and article retrieval and identification system

The invention involves document evidence and article retrieval and identification system which provide solution to track a document or article within a control environment and capable to capture and track activities lives and provide highly security feature to integrate human identity authentication.

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ID : tm3493915566

Establishment of a Pilot Plant for the Production of Malaysia First Refined Kappa (K) Carrageenan Hydrocolloid from Red Seaweed, Euchema Cottoni

The objective of the project is to Refined Kappa (K) Carrageenan (RC) hydrocolloid of food and pharmaceutical grades from red seaweed Euchema cottoni farmed in Sabah. The project is using alkaline method technology which extracted out the carrageenan from the seaweed and removed all Impurities such as cellulose, pigments and fiber. The technology used ensure the carrageenan produced of high get strength, high viscosity and halal which will be of the advantage to the users for minimum amount needed in their applications.(Bried description of the project, that includes objectives, technology used, the main features of the process/product and its advantages)

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