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ID : tm2962910600

Wireless Network Sensory Device for Real-Time Water Level Monitoring and Prediction

One of the important data needed to assess water related disaster is the water level at the water resources, where obtaining data from such places involve manual labor. Here, a sensory device for reading the water level in real-time and supplying the data through wireless communication is proposed.

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ID : tm2963010601

Sustainable Design Concept Evaluation (SDCE)

This invention aims to help the R&D engineers to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the design concept evaluation. It enables designers to make better- informed decision with sustainability assessment result before finalising the best design concept.

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ID : tm2963210603

Smart Monitoring of Composite Structure (SMOCS)

SMOCS uses embedded fiber bragg grating (FBG) sensors in a composite structure with real-time static and dynamic monitoring. The FBGS are linked to a group of hardware which are arranged to work as a special interrogation system. It can continuously updates the structure's condition in real-time.

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ID : tm2963310604

SDCE Calculator(Sustainable Design Concept Evaluation)

The SDCE Calculator is comprehensive tool for bench marking the sustainable element of a design concept evaluation for Malaysia industry. The calculator integrates aspects of QMS, EMS and sustainability reporting required by Bursa Malaysia.

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ID : tm2963510606

Novel Combustion of N-Heptane Fueled In Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition Engine

The invention is on HCCI engine testing and fuel testing.The work is to study the engine performance when using diesel blend fuel. The result shows very low emission and the final model is zero emission combustion model.

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ID : tm2963610607

My-Care: 3N1 Oral Hygiene

Dental caries considered the most widespread infectious disease in the world. Plants used for traditional medicine contain a wide range of substances that can be used to treat chronic as well as infectious disease from one hand and inhibit the oral pathogens growth from the other hand.

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ID : tm2964210613

Disimilar Cam Profile For CNG Engine

The cam profile of the intake valve is analyzed to provide higher turbulence using swirl motion. The swirl motion enhances the flame speed which improves the coefficient of variation in Imep. The peak pressure increased by 4% which in turn improves the efficiency by 5.7% and BSFC improved by 5.4%

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ID : tm3316414135

Innovated Child Car Seat

This product built in child car seat for children above 18 month and to 7 years old. It will increase the safety of baby car seat, easily to use when needed and also save the space of passenger seat.

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ID : tm3316614137

Smart Control Module

This product is combination of electrical wiring diagram between door safety indicator system and gearshift lock system .This product is applicable in continues variable transmission (CVT) and automatic transmission (AT). This product is user friendly and not avaible at the market yet.

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ID : tm3316714138

Adjustable Socket

The function of this product are able to adjust the socket wrench size. This adjustable tool with 8mm-19mm sizez in one tool. The user don't have to use multiple size so socket wrench anymore

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ID : tm3513115758

From Waste to Wealth: Sustainable Paper From Waste

In line with taking care of mother nature better, this product is a useful creation-Sustainable Paper from Saccharum Officinarun (sugarcane) wastes. The availability of these fibers could reduce the pressure to harvest trees for papermaking, thus saving more tree and promoting a greener environment.

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ID : tm3513215759

Secret of Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica sp. has been used extensively as a traditional remedy for bronchitis symptoms. The main objective of this research is to study the effectiveness of the plants??? methanol extract inhibiting the symptom of bronchitis as well as getting the profiles of the methanol extract.

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ID : tm3513315760

From Waste to Wealth: ???ParBo??? from Biomass Waste of Palm Oil

This product emphasizes the uses of waste from palm oil tree that can be converted into particle boards (ParBo).

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ID : tm3497115598

Q-RAY(TM), Sistem Lampu Tiub Tipis T4

Lampu tiub tipis linear dengan lumens tinggi, penggunaan kuasa
yang rendah, jangka hayat lebih lama dan boleh beroperasi
di luar suhu ambien berbanding dengan lampu pendarfluor
konvensional. Ia sangat sesuai untuk kabinet, hiasan dan
ruangan terhad.

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ID : tm3545716084

Vagler V-821 3D printer

Vagler V-821 3D printer are a homegrown effort to design and manufacture professional level 3D printer/additive manufacturing machines for domestic and international markets. Using FFF Thermoplastic extrusion process ensures maximum relevance and applicability to the local manufacturing industry.

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