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ID : tm2927010241

Solar Powered Mobile Water Ultrafiltration System

The water filtration system which uses a solar power system.

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ID : tm3318114152

Ezy Inflatable Bedpan with Biodegradable Disposable Bag

This inflatable bedpan provides bedridden patients a convenient way to meet their elimination needs. It is comfortable, safe, effective and self operated with low risk hazard to PTS and caretakers. The device conforms to human contour and prevent mechanical and contamination problem and easy cleaning.

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ID : tm3347514446

Auto Grab Bar

The auto grab bar is a design to help the disable people especially paralyzed in the legs or the elderly where they have a problem with doing transaction stand-to-sit and sit-to-stand. This product will assist the user to cling at the grab bar where the bar will operate to up and down automatically,

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ID : tm3350414475

I.E.MECH (Intelligent Equipment Mechanical)

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ID : tm3351014481

Aplikasi Sistem Pemantauan Potholes(ASAPP)

-Online services
-Location Potholes Federal Roads displayed in geographic information system(GIS) mapping problem and causes.
-Difficulty to get information of number and location Potholes
-No centralized Potholes database of maintenance work in CSFJ

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ID : tm3441715388


Natural-based products from aloe vera extract and green tea developed using technology from FRIM.

Produk berasaskan bahan semulajadi daripada ekstrak aloe vera dan teh hijau yang dibangunkan menggunakan teknologi daripada FRIM.

Kepong Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3504215669

Sarung Kaki Nano (Nano-Socks)

Socks based on nano technology work to prevent odor and prevent bacterial reproduction.

Sarung kaki yang berasaskan teknologi nano ini berfungsi untuk mencegah bau dan mengelakkan pembiakan bakteria.

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

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