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ID : tm3507915706

Corn Isolater

Currently, there are many small and medium entrepreneurs still using the manual way to separate raw corn beans corn cob, especially with a knife. This conventional method involves many workers, especially women workers, and it also requires a lot of time to complete the work of separation of raw corn beans from corn cobs. Therefore, this machine has been designed and used to separate the raw corn beans from corn cob easier, simple, faster and safely. The machine uses a belt driven by the motor and connected to the two pulleys and a corn cutter. With a motor speed of 2850 rpm, the raw corn beans can be separated easily and quickly. The machine can separate the corn beans from 10 corn cobs in approximately 6 minutes only compared to the conventional method through knifes, 3 corn cobs in 2 minutes and separate by hands, 1 corn cobs in 2 minutes.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3508015707

Jackfruit Seed Flakes Enriched with Sweet Potato and Dried Fruits

This is the real flakes made from jackfruit seed and variety of sweet potato (yellow, orange, purple). This product is also vegan and relatively high in protein, making them a smart choice for a morning meal or afternoon snack. We produced without artificial flavor or colour, low in fat, sodium and sugar.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3508115708

Mesin Penuai Kupang (Mussel Harvester)

Mussel Harvester is a machine that will aid the process of harvesting mussel. Operates through the assistance of 3 main components, which are controller unit, high torque DC motor and a separator bin. It separate mussel from trap line more systematically and efficient than the traditional method.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3508215709

Portable Fish Feeding Machine

Portable Fish Feeding Machine is a machine that will control the process of feeding fish or prawn. Normally fish or prawn feeding process were conducted manually. By this method, owners of fish or prawn will hired more labor and increases the cost of hireing workers to operate their large-scale fish or prawn farm. This machine operates through the assistance of three main components that are Input Switched, Controller, DC Motor and Blower. Once activated this machine will blow away pellets within the set operating time. Its operates in semi automatic made. By using this innovation, costs of hireing workers will be reduced as well as the feeding process will be more systematic and efficient.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3508315710

Remote Operate Vehicle for Underwater Surveillance

Remote Operate Vehicle (ROV) has been commonly used in underwater application such as monitoring and researching activities. These is mobile robot type that are tethered by a series of wires that send signals between operator and robot. This project targeted low cost type ROV for surveillance used.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3508415711

Semi Auto Curry Puff Folder Machine

Semi Automatic Machine folder Curry puff is a machine that works to produce 10 seeds curry puffs in each operation. Apart from that, this machine is designed and the complete mold forming curry puffs that have been modified from forming in the market. Most machines make curry puffs in the market at present consists of a relatively large size and weight, and the price is quite expensive. However, there are entrepreneurs who make curry puffs with full use of human labor. Starting from these problems, this machine is designed so that it is not too big and not too heavy and very reasonable cost. Use appropriate materials to ensure food safety is given emphasis so. Use the power window motor vehicles equip this machine that serves to move the mold to clamp the curry puffs.

Pasir Gudang Johor

ID : tm3353014501

Peralatan Pemeriksaan X-ray Khusus Untuk Kes Trauma dan Kronik (Smart Table)

Kecederaan kes trauma yang berlaku di bahagian tulang belakang seseorang boleh menyebabkan implikasi lumpuh. Bagi membendung kecederaan sekunder terjadi di bahagian badan yang telah tercedera,terutamanya kecederaan di bahagian tulang belakang, semasa menerima rawatan kesihatan pemeriksaan x-ray, maka peralatan pemeriksaan x-ray khusus untuk kes trauma dan kronik ( Smart Table) di cipta. Dengan adanya peralatan ini pesakit kes trauma atau kronik boleh menerima pemeriksaan x-ray tanpa digerakan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat yang lain atau dari satu posisi ke satu posisi yang lain. Pesakit hanya perlu berada di dalam keadaan baring telentang sahaja.
Penekanan menghadkan pergerakan pesakit adalah sangat penting bagi mengelakkan kecederaan sekunder kepada pesakit semasa mahupun selepas perkhidmatan kesihatan diberi. Penemuan ini bertujuan mewujudkan satu kaedah cara kerja baru yang berguna kepada pesakit dan juga kepada kakitangan kesihatan yang terlibat agar dapat mewujudkan suasana perkhidmatan yang selamat serta mesra kepada pesakit dan warga kerja kesihatan

Selama Perak

ID : tm3521115838


Alat yang dapat membantu tukang rumah untuk permasangan jubin atau mozek. Sebelum adanya Nk Smart Tool Bin ini, tukang rumah atau kontrektor amat sukar untuk memasang jubin, ini kerana mereka terpaksa mengunakan kaedah menual untuk meletakkan simen di atas jubin dan ketidak sama rataan boleh menyebabkan jubin tersebut ada yang tinggi dan ada yang rendah, malah kerja mereka agak lama untuk menyiapkan satu persatu jubin tersebut.
Lalu tercertuslah idea saya untuk mencipta satu alat yang diberi nama Nk Smart Tool Bin ianya dapat membantu tukang rumah dengan mudah, cepat dan boleh menjimatkan simen dengan menolak masuk jubin didalam alat tersebut kemudian terus meletakkan jubin di tempat permasangan. Ianya boleh digunakan mengikut saiz jubin sama ada 2 kaki persegi, 1 kaki persegi dan lain-lain persegi. Alat tersebut boleh dibawa kemana-mana sahaja kerana terdapat roda dibawahnya. Nk Smart Tool Bin ini juga disediakan tempat perendaman jubin bagi jubin yang perlu direndam sebelum meletakkan simen di atasnya.

Selama Perak

ID : tm3507415701



Sungai Petani Kedah

ID : tm3525215879

The Development And Replication Of Kammprofile Gaskets And The Kammprofile Machine

To manufacture the solid metallic core for the pressure sealing gasket known as Kammprofile. The kammprofile gasket seals pressure most effectively because of the precise nature of the machined metal profile sandwiched between top and bottom layers of soft, compressible, resilient material.

Sungai Petani Kedah

ID : tm3546016087

Pedal-Assisted Electric Bicycle

Designed specifically with electric components that turn on the battery and allow bicycles to move up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Direka khas dengan komponen elektrik yang menghidupkan bateri dan membolehkan basikal untuk bergerak sehingga kelajuan maksimum 25 km/h.

Sungai Petani Kedah

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