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ID : tm3131412285

xGTWay: Parallel Java Unit Testing Execution Tool with Task Resumption Facility

Unlike existing execution tools, xGTWay has the following unique features: supports parallel and automated unit test execution for Java programs and supports resumption facility, that is, upon interruption, the overall test execution need not start from the beginning. It integrates seamlessly with t-way automated test data generator. It also adopts intuitive look-and-feel GUI.

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ID : tm3136112332

Open Architecture personal computer-numerical controller (OAPC-NC)with an efficient reference-pulse CNC interpolator

PC-Based controller has penetrated the CNC systems. Among the advantages of PC-Based systems are: open platform, information handling for improved analysis of manufacturing system, built-in communication, improved programming and integration into enterprise systems for `e-manufacturing` implementation.

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ID : tm3137112342

NCMEM: Indigenous Biomedical Lateral Flow Membrane

Ncmem, a novel lateral flow membrane that by nature exhibits high binding capacity, fast laterial wicking speed and low background staining. It is appeared as the most important material used in immunodiagnostic strip, that translate to swift detection of fatal diseases, which then help to save lives.

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ID : tm3139612367

JTst : A Parallel and Automated Java Unit Testing Tool

Although covering as much as 25 to 35 percent of the software development costs, current software testing practise is still based on highly manual processes from the generation of test cases (i.e. from the specification documents) up to the actual execution of the test. These manually generated test cases are sometimes execuated using ad hoc approach, typically requiring the construction of a test driver for the particular application under test. The construction of a test driver is tedious, prone and cumbersome as it puts extra burden to test engineers especially if the test cases are significantly large. In order to meet market demands and deadlines for more software functionalities, test engineers are alo under pressure to test increasing lines of code (i.e. to maintain the required level of quality).

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ID : tm3140312374


The trafic on a network is generated by hundreds of devices and thousands of software drivers and applications. Without the proper tools that can interpret , analyse and display network traffic and related problems, a network administrator is limited to the time-consuming trial and error method to identify a problem. With a network analyser application, auch problems can be immediately detected and solved.

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ID : tm3141312384

Gen 2 Passive RFID System with Range Variation for Digital Smart Community Platform

The first locally made EPC Class1 Gen2 Passive Reader has been successfully developed. The system can detect within the range up to 7 meters using UHF 919MHz-923MHz. Multiple range system is focusing on digital smart community system that is fully served by digital infrastructures and other digital facilities, such as computers, servers, databases etc, such that all personal services, inventory of equipments and delivery of reports, all can be carried out through digital network infrastructures, computers, fixed and mobile communications in the passive UHF RFID system markets, which could lead to lower costs for end user. It has good protocol, anti collision, offer better range and can transfer data faster. By connecting the reader to PC and other devices via stated interfaces, the integrated device can be used for many kinds of RFID applications. This system, could be easily modified to suit a variety of need such as for Car Park System, Time and Attendance, Smart Clinic System, Electronic Toll Collection System, Smart Library System and Reward Card System.

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ID : tm3144412415

Computational Tools for Non Linear Dynamics Analysis of Membrane Structures

This is a computational tool that is : Able to find the initial equilibrium shape of a membrane structure. With this tool, a structural engineer can carry out analyses to determine if the shape of a membrane structrue designed by an architect is structurally feasible and what modification is required, if needed. Able to check for structural adequency of a membrane structure under static and dynamic loadings.

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ID : tm3150212473

Unidireational link mesh network over DVB-S(Direct video broadcast - Satellite)

Existing geostationary satelite network typically are bidirectional Poin-to-Point star configuration network or Point-to-Multipoint unidirectional network for transmission. The combination of Point-to-Multipoint unidirectional technology with bidirectional transmission in the form of a Unidirectional Link (UDL) mesh is expected to improve bandwith utilization, latency and cost. A brief overview of traditional Poin-to-Point configuration vs UDL mesh links is presented. We have implemented a prototype UDL mesh network in the lab using a ULE encapsulator in bridge frame encapsulation mode. Each UDL node requires an ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) card connected to a DVB-S modulator and must have (N-1) DVB receiver cards where N is the number of nodes in the UDL mesh network. Transmission of data is performed through the ASI interface at a frequency allocated for a node, while each of the (N-1) DVB receiver cards on a UDL node is responsible for receiving data from the other (N-1) UDL peer nodes.

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ID : tm3151112482

Special Interest Goup Knowledge Portal (SIGKP)

Special Interest Group Knowledge Portal (SIGKP) serves as a generic framework to support the development of an online or electronic community (e-community) for technical special interest group (SIG) around the world. It applies a classification and visualization approach for knowledge management (KM-ClaVis) that enhances knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing among an electronic e-community. SIGKP has been successfully applied to build the e-community for Malaysian Software Engineering Interest Group (MySEIG) available at

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ID : tm3151412485

Secure Multimedia Conferencing System Over Wan

A secure delivery method for multimedia conferencing content through network.

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ID : tm3152012491


Sistem atas talian untuk menyokong tabiat merokok

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ID : tm3152212493

Publication Tracker and Analysis System (P-Tas)

Publication Tracker and Analysis System (P-TAS) is specially designed web crawler that automatically indexes publications made by organization's personnel on major publication databases. The indexed data is analysed and turned into useful information for publlication while providing useful insights on an organization's publications capabilties and performances quickly and accurately. The system could also crawls data from other general publication databases such as SCImago Journal & Country Rank to extract important information which determines the visiblity of the journals that are indexed in some databases. The values obtained are computed and analysed together to produce useful insight on the performance of the whole organozation and its individual personnel. Furthermore, the analysis reflects real and updated enviroement and it helps the management to better better drive the organization's effort in improving their performance and future directions. The P-TAS Engine is a deamon program designed specifically to reindex publication databases automatically after a time frame. Any changes which are detected will be extracted and improted into the P-TAS database. The P-TAS database will then be queried and used by the P-TAS Admin Portal for management purpose while the analysis results is to users through the P-TAS Web Portal.

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ID : tm3153212503

Pharmbeez E-Learning Management System

An LMS, Pharmbeez e-learning was developed to enhance teaching and learning among pharmacy students. The system was designed using the latest web2pyTM framework and Python programming language. The LMS can provide online access to course materials, assignments, discussions, assessment, communication and collaboration, references, multimedia and file storage. The Pharmbeez LMS can be easily extended to serve field-specific pedagogical functions for pharmacy training.

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ID : tm3153912510

PanLFrapid: an immunochromatography test for the rapid detection of Iymphatic filariasis

Lymphatic filariasis is caused by three species of blood/tissue worms: Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi and Brugia timori. About 120 million people in 83 countries of the world are infected with this mosquito-transmitted parasite. Infection symptoms may include recurrent fever lymphatic damage, renal damage, adenolymphangitis, hydrocoele, lymphoedema, elephantiasis and pulmonary disease. pamLFrapid test addresses the lack of rapid diagnostic tool that can simultaneously detect infection caused by all speciec of lymphatic filiria.

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ID : tm3154612517

NLTVC High Definition Video Conference

Northen Light Technologies Video Conference (NLTVC) system is a multimedia conferencing solution based on a proven and time-tested technology originating from the research laboratory of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The underlying technology behind this product has garnered many international and national level recognation and awards including the National Innovation Award in 2007, gold medal from Brussels Eureka in 2006, silver medal award in Geneva at 34th International Exhibition on Invention in 2006 and Gold Medal for Best ICT Technology & Best Joint Venture Product at IPTA R&D Expo in 2005.Immediate benefits of NLTVC other than affordability include reducing operational costs of any organization by reducing the expenditure associated with travelling and logistics, increasing productivity of workers by eliminating hours and even days of travelling or in transit which also contributes to fatigue and finally contribute to the green earth initiative by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gas.

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ID : tm3155612527

Multi-Point IP Video Conferencing/Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS)

MCS presents a revolutionary MULTIPOINT-TO-MULTIPOINT conferencing systems that employs novel technologies such as RSW control criteria, Server to Server (S2S), NAT traversal solution and Multiple LAN IP Converter (MLIC) to deliver superb performance. MCS is a complete conferencing solution with audio and vidoe conferencing, integrated chat and realtime document conferencing. Besides its own standard, MCS also supports video conferencing in H.323 mode.

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ID : tm3155712528

Multi-Point IP Video Conferencing, or Commercially Known As Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS) Version 6

MCS presents a revolutionary MULTIPOINT-TO-MULTIPOINT conferencing systems that employs novel technologies such as RSW control criteria, Server to Server (S2S), NAT traversal solution and Multiple LAN IP Converter (MLIC) to deliver superb performance. MCS is a complete conferencing solution with audio and vidoe conferencing, integrated chat and realtime document conferencing. Besides its own standard, MCS also supports video conferencing in H.323 mode.

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ID : tm3155912530

Multimedia Conferencing System Version 5

MCS V5 is a truly multipoint-to-multipoint video conferencing solution that provides the capability to conduct desktop-to-desktop, boardroom-to-boardroom, desktop-to-boardroom, or document conferences, with additional video streaming and text chatting capabilities.

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ID : tm3156312534

MCSv6 with NAT and Firewall Traversal Solution

MCSv6 introduces a new Network Address Translator (NAT) traversal solution that allows clients behind NAT (see Figure 1) to automatically send and receive multimedia data. The solution transiently detects the user's setting and allows the user to successfully send and receive data. A NAT maps a private address and a port to a public address and a port. Generally, the public address and the port are dynamically assigned to the client each time the client connects to the Internet. The mapping is kept in a session while the client sends requests to the Internet. When the client becomes inactive, the session will be terminated after a time period defined by the NAT configuration. After the session is ended, if the client sends a new request using the same port and the same IP, the NAT could assign a different port to this client.

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ID : tm3156412535

M-Community for Advertising and Connecting People - Flying2U

Flying2U is a platform for students to communicate and upload notices to M-Board using SMS, MMS and 3G by private groups and public groups. It enables to notify the location of a private group members if they are at the same time and at the same place based on phone cell id independent from TELCO.

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ID : tm3157212543

Isotonic antioxidant drink

Isotonic Salution - Osmotic pressure of the solution is equal to the osmotic pressure of protoplasm

Isotonic Drink - Isotonic formula contain roughly the same number of dissolved particles per kg )osmolality) as blood plasma; 280-330mOsm/kg

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ID : tm3157412545

IPV6 Over Fiber

IPv6 provides stnrngthover IPv4 In tern ofaddressspace, 0pUon support and securlly. By using the 128 bit addressing space in IPv6, we can generate up to 2 IP address which is equivalent to 3.4 X lO unique lP. Thls large amount of address can make every host, including mmputer, PDA and mobile phone to gain an identical IP. Because of IPv4 is not sufficient in IP address, they need MAC address In order to identified every h&. This MAC address is prMded by Data Link Layer (Layer 2 IT OSI Model). But, since lPv6 has provided large enough of address space for every host on the earth, that Is no point to use b C address anymorewhen lPv6isimplementin NetworkLayer.

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ID : tm3157512546

Intelligent Worm Detection - iNetworm

iNetworm is a 24/7 application that monitors and pinpoints sources of worms in a local area network. Current commercial protections againts worms include IDS/IPS/Firewall in the gateway and Antivirus at the end-hosts. However, there are still security hole(s) in such protections, if a worm manages to get into the local network, users in network with patched and antivirus-protected machines. Security products that are currently available are unable to detect these infected machines. iNetworm covers up holes that are still in the network. When a worm is detected in the network, an alarm is raised, and a solution presented to the user. iNetworm does not depend on any specific hardware. A PC with a network card running on Windows is sufficient.

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ID : tm3157612547

Intelligent Scheduler For Manufacturing Process

Software that can be used by manufacturing industries to determine optimized production schedules.
The current method of scheduling in most manufacturing industries normally involved ad-hoc methods that do not consider the optimization of the resources in the shop floor. This because scheduling involves many constraints and objectives that have to be considered, and these are difficult to determine, formulated and optimize.
In this project, we consider the problem of scheduling in a high-mix-low-volume (HMLV) environment, where the manufactures have to produce more variety in lower volume in a dynamic business climate. Scheduling of products for the a certain bottleneck process is complex, as it involves various inputs such as resource utilization, resource limitation, product variety, product characteristics and product demand.

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ID : tm3157712548

Inteligent Slope Monitoring And Mitigation System Using Latest Advanced ICT Technology

An intelligent alert warning system as a pilot study to improve current setup monitoring system at USM Slope and implement with the latest cost-saving communication technology to be used with the current setup for a better market value and long term sustainability

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