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ID : tm287709741

Sar-Alam BioSolid Compost Biofertilizer from Sewage Sludge

Sar-Alam BioSolid Compost is a biofertilizer developed from sewage sludge. The sewage sludge, collected from a residential area in Kuching, Sarawak was successfully used as a nitrogen source using landscape and agricultural crops biomass t produce compost.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm287739744

INFINITE SERIES: Three-Dimensional Artwork Based On Islamic Aesthetic Values

This project showcase the transformation of a two-dimensional pattern into three-dimensional forms. The transformation is derived from nature and represents Islamic aesthetic values. The resulting appears in organic and geometric forms. This produces a pattern which is attractive and produces an unlimited form when combined. The usage, production and transformation of this design encourage society to appreciate the role of nature in any piece of art.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3023511206

Stabilized Peat Using Lightweight Material as Reinforcement Layer for Sub-Grade

This study focused on the modification and improvement on shear strength of peat by using lightweight material; a waste tire disposal acting as fiber for soil reinforcement of the sub-grade layer.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3024111212

Seaweed Cultivation Method

The Malaysian government supports research and development in aquaculture activities such as seaweed cultivation. This is aligned with RMK-9 which encourages potential areas such as Semporna to produce 250,000 tonnes of seaweed in 2010. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to design a new seaweed cultivation method that will simplify and improve the overall process and increase productivity.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3024311214

SCC Ammonia Tank Tester

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in storage tanks for ammonia has been reported all over the world. The cracks depend on the type of steel, the impurities of ammonia, and the stresses in the materials. Cracks are mainly formed in welds and heat-affected zones. Ammonia is known as a very toxic and volatile liquid usually kept in large volume of 500 MT or so. Therefore the possible hazards associated with the ammonia can be enormous if leakages were to occur. There is a risk of initiating Ammonia SCC when the large industrial ammonia tanks are exposed to thermal stress and oxygen especially during tank commissioning period. A team of researchers at UNIMAS has designed, built and tested an ammonia tank SCC tester for industrial application,
specifically for investigating the above problem. The SCC tester has been successfully used for inspection and maintenance, as well as for studying crack propagation behavior of ammonia tanks.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3025311224

Optical Interferometry Surface Profiler System

Optical technique fo measuring suface texture has the advantages which are non-contacting and non-intrusive. This would means the measurement only depends on the light being shown on the sample. A common measurement method is the interferometry techniques. The sample is nickel plated polished substrate commonly employed in the manufacture on thin film media for disk drive and other optical based industries. The measurement is performed using the point method where a Coupled Charge Device (CCD) array is used for collecting the combined beam. This is then transferred to a processor to analyse the image and to calculate the phase using Fourier Transform. By mounting the sample onto a translational stage the whole of the area can then be measured.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3025611227

Night Cooled Water for Modular Radiant Cooling Prototype in Malaysia Building

Night cooled water for modular radiant cooling in Malaysia is a green technology invention for controlling the ambiance in buildings not exceeding the thermal comfort levels in south east Asia region. The thermal comfort zones during the hottest day can be achieved with the minimum energy used.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3026011231

Method of Manufacturing Decorative Woods Products

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing bark flooring from sago bark waste for interior decoration such as craft,wall tiles, product design and furniture beside flooring. The method for manufacturing bark flooring comprises the steps of shaping and treating sago barks in chemical solution, laminating three layers of two clamped pieces of the sago barks to form a bark block,slicing the blocks to form square tiles with surface grains and composing the tiles on composite backing with bio-binder by hot press and post treating the tiles.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3027111242

Forecasting Malaysian Business Cycle Movement: Empirical Evidence from Composite Leading Indicator

Accuracy in predicting the turning points in business cycle is imperative as each turning point possesses certain crucial information that can be used as a signaling tool in macroeconomic policy management. This project aims to construct and evaluate empirically the forecasting performance of Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) in tracing the business cycle fluctuations in Malaysia. CLI can serve as a valuable forecasting tool if can track business cycle movement closely.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3027211243

Flexi-Jacket: Practical Jacket for Recreational Activities.

Recently backpackers or climbers used to carry a lot of gadgets during recreational activities such as tent, sleeping bags, safety kits and others. Usually they need to bring an extra bag to put all these considerably heavy gadgets. Through this observation, the aim of this study was to design a jacket that is versatile, lightweight and easily transformed into tent as a temporary shelter. Flexi-jacket has been designed to help in minimizing the above problems. Flexi-jacket key design concept are ease to set-up, light weight, ability to withstand raining weather and the material application are from shower resistant polYester micro fiber, waterproof zipper, adjustable hood, and elastic wristband to fit all sizes. This innovative jacket includes the safety reflector stripes for safety purposes especially at night. It has a practical compartment for carrying basic gadgets such as torchlight, compass, safety kit and a map. Future features will include foldable solar panel to the jacket for light purposes at night or for charging batteries to power cell phones and lap top computers.This product is targeted to the individuals, backpackers and hiking Gadget Company.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3027911250

ENAI Online Counseling Management System (ENAICS) the Comprehensive Approach of Counseling Management

ENAICS is a feature-rich counselling management solution that allows users to manage counselling and all counselling-related aspects via web. It offers an innovative three-tiered program to give employers and employees access to an array of services that address personal life challenges and improves workplace productivity and performance. It incorporates a complete counselling management package that enables counselling online for internal usage or the rest of the world.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028111252

E-Materials: Recycled Materials in Product Design

E-Materials are waste materials produced by the garment industries in Malaysia. This research focuses on the experimentation of various types of recycled natural and synthetic yarns and plastic to produce new types of visually enhanced fabrics for product design. A simple method of bonding and layering involves turning old fibers and yarns into thick, transparent and fabric-like sheets. These thick and durable sheets can be sewn into products such as jacket, sturdy casual bags or other products.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028911260

Dual Functional Automated Guided Vehicles for Flexible Manufacturing System

The new Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) is designed using the 3D computer aided design (CAD) software. The AGV is about 780mm in height, 350mm in width and 650mm in length. The overall size is similar to the existing AGV except the new AGV has 205mm larger in the length compared to the existing AGV. This is to provide space for vacuum cleaner and power supply for the AGV.It is capable of loading ad unoading objects in the FMS environment and at the same time perform the domestic tasks as a mobile robot. The domestic task such as carrying objects for human and perform the vacuum cleaning task is selected for the AGV.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029411265

Circular Oil & Grease Phase Separation Tank

A circular phase separation tank/system, with inclined coalescence frustums for efficient removal of oil and grease
and suspended solids from waste waters, has been developed
and tested. The primary component of the separation
system consists of a series of inverted and upright
frustums to enhance gravity separation, coalescence of oil
droplets and coagulation of suspended solids. It applies
the principle of Boycott effect whereby the presence of
inclined frustums medium promotes faster rising of oil
droplets and settling/falling of suspended solids by process
of coalescence and coagulation. The design takes the
shape of a circular tank to take advantage of the continuous
decrease of horizontal velocity as surface area increases.
The inlet of the separator is equipped with an
up flow center-feed perforated-pipe inlet distributor to direct flow to the inclined parallel frustums to enhance oil water-solids separation. The invention is proven effective for the treatment of waste waters loaded with oil and grease, and recycling of metal-cutting fluids loaded with tramp oils and fine metal chips.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029611267

Charge Injection Electrostatic Atomizer

A third generation charge injection electrostatic atomizer
for generating electrically charged sprays of insulating liquids has been designed. The motivation for this research
is to further develop an energy-efficient method for atomizing insulating hydrocarbon liquids for future application in spray combustion systems. The addition of electric charge to the surface of a liquid jet may introduce a disruptive electrical force and may enhance liquid atomization.A degree of electrical atomization' assistance' is possible without using energy intensive secondary methods such as air blast and centrifugal force. Thus, electrostatic methods have the potential to be a very energy-efficient spray generation technique in their own rights. The novelty of the electrostatic atomizer concept also invites application for other electrically insulating liquid spray systems that require a high degree of control, such as in agricultural systems without the need for electrical additives. Electrostatic spraying of hydrocarbon liquids for practical combustion systems also still lacks of basic research, and it is important to carry out this task with increased efficiency and reduced pollutants in mind.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030411275

Authentic Chair, Cockle Artifial Reef

The piece highlights environment friendly concept, recyclable for both the seat component and the main wood structure. Interestingly, the structure is made from the ironwood of Borneo, its scientific name, Eusideroxylon Zwageri, which is also popular among the locals of Belian.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3031311284

A New Fingerprint Matching Method for Security Verification & Identification

Bit-plane extraction for fingerprint image is explored and a new fingerprint verification system is developed by using Phase-Only Correlation (POC) function. The grayscale image of the fingerprint is extracted into its eight bit-plane and selected bit-plane is used as the input image of the recognition system. The bit-plane extraction approach is chosen due to its advantages in using lesser memory storage and ability to carry useful information for verification purposes. Application of this method in fingerprint recognition have showed good recognition rates.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3188612857

Water Draining Road

Water Draining Road is a patent-pending road and drain system suitable for construction of sport facilities. Innovative exploitation of biomass silica, recycled Styrofoam, fly ash, foamed aggregate concrete and materials on site provides a cost effective and environment-friendly method for road construction on peat. Mix design nomograph incorporating foamed aggregate and self-leveling foamed concrete offer a unique total solution to the problems of durability of such construction Specification and construction drawings with emphasis on controlled density, strength and ground water level are prepared according to the properties of soil especially its moisture content.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3188812859

Wall and Line Following Hexapod Robot

Hexapod Robot is a mechanical vehicle that moves on six legs and guided by lines and walls. A fuzzy logic control governs the robot to follow the line and the wall. This control algorithm is embedded into PIC16F877A microcontroller to create a wall and line follower behaviour. The Hexapod robot will move along the wall for about 40cm distance of no line is detected. When a line is present, the robot will move following the line. In a development, a simple 6-legged robot was used which involved 3 servo motor as actuator to leg movement. Infrared sensors were used to sense line and distance to the wall as the input variable for the controller. Based on these signals, the controller controls the turning angle of forward movements thus making the robot move forward and turn at the same time.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3188912860

Walk in Stability Chamber for Thermal Comfort and Productivity Studies

This Walk-in Stability Chamber (WiSC) was completely design on December 2006. A preliminary study was conducted to determine its characteristic and baseline data as it was a new and custom-made design. The manufacturing cost of the WiSC was RM300,000. The objective on commercialization of WiSC is to povide a facility and services in conducting and experiment related to temperature and humidity simulations. This WiSC consists of three rooms which are chamber room, control and a changing room. The chamber room equip with a cooling unit and heating unit which is the main system to create the desire climate and indoor enviroment. It is also include with a ducting system and a safety system. The main purpose of this chamber is to conduct and experiments and studies on Indoor Enviroment Quality (IEQ) including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), human productivity and HVAC performance. Nevertheless, it also can be utilize to conduct studies in other field such as biologist experiment, media and ink testing, physical respond test to army and athelete, agriculture testing, test the quality of product and other that related to simulation of temperature and humidity. This WiSC was also participated in International Exposion of Research and Inventions of Institution of Higher Learning 2007 (PECIPTA 2007) and winning a Gold Award in Research and Inovation Fest 2007 at UTHM.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189012861

Versatile Data Logger System

The Versatile Data Logger System is a cost effective solution for researcher and students for collecting various analog data depending on the sensor used. The interval of each reading can be selected on the device and will be stored in an MMC card. User ca easily take out the memory card and use a PC to read out the data. Data can then be manipulated using spreadsheet application for analysis. This device is battery operated making it portable and can be used almost anywhere.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189312864


When a passenger vehicle collides with the rear end or side of trucks, trailers or buses not equipped with effective guards (bumpers), it continues to travel beneath the taller chassis of the larger vehicle, the passenger vehicle "ride under" the larger one. Therefore, it is important task for us to provide a strong underride protection with low structural weight in order to additionally reduce fuel consumption. This new concept of underride is to introduce polymeric foam into the structures. According to previous research conducted by the author, it is found that by filling the foam into the structures, it is capable to absorb impact energy during the vehicle accident effectively.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189512866

Two-Stage Exhaust System

The 2-stage exhaust system consist of two different lengths of exhaust pipes that split approximately 0.5m from the exhaust ports. The best of low RPM, low-end torque and better top-end power can be achieved by routing the exhaust gas through different stages of the exhaust system. The routing of the exhaust gas is guided by a control mechanism to provide maximum efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189612867

Twin Head Turbine Ventilator

Twin head turbine ventilator (THTV) is basically an adaptation from the existing turbine ventilator (TV). The modification made is by adding an extra fan at the base of TV This fan is then joined to the air catch unit at the top of TV by a shaft. When the air blows through the air catch unit, the shaft with high speed bearing will rotate the fan. This invention has been proven can greatly improve the indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level of premises in terms of air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity,and CO2 concentration.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189712868

Tunable Exhaust

Tuning an exhaust is deemed necessary when a new engine configuration is being researched and developed to obtain the best engine performance. The exhaust tuning process involves tedious work such as cutting and welding of the exhaust pipe. More problematic is that the tuning outcome is quite enpredictable, which make the process iterative and cost-consuming. Besides reducing research and development time and cost, a tunable exhaust may potentially be applied on the road to meet the torque and power requirement according to a certain load and driving characteristic.

Batu Pahat Johor

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