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ID : tm3135312324

Process Intensification of Membrane Bioreactor for the Production of Drug Precursors

The increasing incidences of cardiovascular diseases lead to the development of drug precursors, in particular, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, as the standard course of treatment therapy. The conventional method for synthesis of drug precursors involves the usage of both bioreactor and extractor. For this research, process integration and intensification are applied in a process involving simultaneous reaction and product separation using a purpose-built bioreactor with a single combined reaction zone and separation zone. This membrane bioreactor offers potential in improving the efficiency of enzyme-catalyzed bioconversions to produce drug precursors, reducing enzyme inhibition, and elimination of certain pieces of process equipment and attendant energy requirement. By using this process, a drug precursor for the production of ACE inhibitor could be synthesized by a process which allows a high degree of operating flexibility. Ultimately, the novel membrane bioreactor design will optimize profit, reduce costs and could be easily adapted to pharmaceutical industries and research institutes.

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ID : tm3143412405

Development of Forced-Flow Electrophoresis as Anti Fouling Strategy in Ultrafiltration of Protein Solution.

The application of utltrafiltration process in the field of biotechnology is being incresingly integrated into the recovery schemes for the production of valuable biological molecules. The problems facing with the ultrafiltration process are flux declination during the operation time. The limitation is attributed to accumulation of solute particles on the membrane surface, which offer to some external extra resistance to the solvent flow through the membrane. The phenomena are known as concentration polarization effect and it contributes to the cost of the process as it requieres frequent cleaning and/or replacement of the membrane.
In the present study, the application of electric field to control the concentration polarization is to be explored. the process is know as Forced_Flow Electrophoresis (FFE). In Forced-Flow Electrophoresis, the employment of two types of membranes; polyethersulfone ultrafiltration and cation exchange membranes in the plate-and-frame module are expected will minimize the concentration polarization effect in the membranes processes under the influence of external electric field. The movement of protein charged away from the membranes surface under the influence of electric field has a potential to improve the filtration performance as compared to the conventional ultrafiltration in term of flux decay and concentration polarization effect.

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ID : tm3148612457

Production of Biodegradable Plastic from Palm Oil

A production method of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) and its copolymers from crude palm oil has been developed by using a locally isolated micro-organism identified as Erwinia sp. USMI-20. The production method involves fermenting the carbon source together with a mineral medium solution under an aerobic condition.

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ID : tm3154112512

Pan LF Rapid

Advantages of the tests such as uses finger-prick blood samples that can be taken at anytime of the day, easy to perform and interpret in field conditions, rapid, highly sensitive and specific, do not need cold transportation.

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ID : tm3154812519

Neodles : new noodles with gastroresistant properties for diabesity market

Neodles is a dried wellow noodle with gastroresistant properties. The reduced Glycaemic Index (GI) property is achieved through a protein cross-linking technology that traps strach within the noodles' network coupled with partial replacement of wheat flour with dietary-resistant starch blends. The formulation and process do not affect sensory properties of the final products.

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ID : tm3155312524

Nanoseal Plus

The major objective of root canal theraphy is removal of pathologic pulp followed by cleaning and shaping of root canal system; disinfection of contaminated canals and obturation to prevent re-infection. Root canal filling materials are divided into core material (gutta percha points) and root canal sealers.

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ID : tm3159612567

EZ TB Amp PCR Detection Kit

Tuberculosis (TB) is a significant global health threat with an estimated one third of the world population infected with the disease although most are able to contain the disease. Nevertheless 8-10 million new cases and 2-3 milion death occur annually. TB diagnosis is largely based on clinical features, microscopy and culture. Clinical features are not generally diagnostic, microscopy lacks sensitivity and specificity whilst cultures are time consuming(requiring 2-8 weeks)

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ID : tm3162112592

Cell Suspension Cultures : Tongkat Ali

The herbal industry in the region has great potential for development and commercialisation. One such herbal product, the Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia remains a popular supplement to enhance male libido in Southeast Asia. In USM, our researcher have developed a novel mehod of growing Tongkat Ali cells using the cell suspension culture technique. Tongkat Ali cells are mass produced from the selected elite lines using the shake flask system up to 5L. Optimization of the cell culture is performed using a proprietary cell culture bioreactor.

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ID : tm3162512596

BRUGIArapid TM: A Novel Test for Brugian Filariasis

Lymphatic filariasis, caused by Brugia malayi and Brugia timori, is transmitted by several species of mosquitoes. Infective larvae from the mosquitoes enter the human body and travel to lymphatic channels and lymph nodes where they develop into adult worms. Brugian filariasis is endemic in many Asian countries, ~13 million people are infected and several times this figure are at risk of acquiring the disease. The symptoms and manifestations may include recurrent fever, lymphatic damage, renal damage, adenolymphangitis, lymphoedema, elephantiasis and pulmonary disease.

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ID : tm3162712598


IS an immunochromatographic assay in a cassette format that employs a specific recombinant antigen (BmR1) from a novel gene. It is the world-first commersialised serological test for brugian filariasis.

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ID : tm3163712608

Aplikasi Bioteknologi Dalam Pembersihan Tumpahan Minyak

Pendekatan mengatasi secara bioremediasi yang dijangka lebih berkesan berbanding kaedah berbanding kaedah fisiokimia. Bioremediasi adalah lebih berkesan bagi merawat pencemaran minyak kerana kebanyakkan molekul di dalam minyak mentah petroleum dan produk yang ditulenkan boleh diurai secara biologi dan dalam kajian kami adalah menggunakan mikroorganisma. Dengan penemuan mikroorganisma berpotensi sebagai pengurai hidrokarbon akan dapat digunakan untuk menghasilkan bahan sedia pakai samada dalam bentuk biojisim (digunakan sebagai inokulum) dan enzim (pemangkin biologi) yang boleh digunakan dalam proses bioremediasi. Antara kelebihan bioremediasi adalah kos penyelenggaraan yang rendah, spesifik terhadap bahan cemar, berkesan walaupun pada kepekatan yang rendah, teknologi yang mudah, mengurangkan risiko kemusnahan tapak, kesan pemeruapan dan risiko kesihatan setempat.

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ID : tm3165312624

Aerosol Haruan sebagai Plaster untuk luka dan Luka bakar ( SkinFit)

The aerosol is consist of water soluble polymer which form plaster or covering on open or burnds wound when dried after application. Its contains water extract of haruan (Channa striatus) which enhanced wound healing.

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ID : tm3165812629

A Quick Verification Method of Fresh and Minced Chicken and Pork Meat

This is a quick test of differentiating between minced pork and chicken. The test is based on differentiation of color after a chemical reaction, quantified using spectophotometry. Pork and chicken meat differ in chemical composition, myowater, meat structure and physiological properties that makes it possible to use the colored pigments for differentiation purposes. Current tests in the market are expensive and not SME-friendly.

Potential users of this method:
- small and medium food companies using halal minced meat
as main ingredients.
- companies that process food products using halal minced
meat(frozen pasta, frozen Danish pastry, frozen karipap,
samosa etc.)

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ID : tm3166012631

A Method of Treating Crude Oil Using Microorganism

The invention is a new treatement of crude oil using a natural biosynthetic product containing biosurfactant, USM-AR2 before it undergoes the distillation process. Distillation of crude oil is a common fraction method of petroleum producing desirable products, such as automative fuel and kerosene. The conventional distillation process is conducted without any involvement of biological materials. This has been the current practice for decades, producing distillate of interest with standard quality. The process involves tremendous amount of thermal energy, requiring a long time and consequently, is an energy-consuming process. In the modified process, crude oil is pretreated with USM-AR2 before thThis results in a drastic reduction in distillation time without affecting or reducing the quality of distillate. Pretreatment accelerates the emulsification and biodegradation process, which is absent in the prior method of conventional distillation. Reducing the distillation times simply by pretreating the crude oil by natural biosynthetic product ultimately translates to energy and cost savings in producing petroleum products.

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ID : tm3405315024

Carica Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)

Campuran ekstrak sebatian semulajadi daripada
daun betik dan juga garam

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ID : tm3405515026

Carica Soluble Tablet

Tablet hasil daripada ekstrak daun betik

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ID : tm3405615027

Evidence Based Ginger Drinks

Produk minuman semula jadi, selamat dan
merupakan minuman kesihatan yang
mengandungi eksrak pelbagai jenis halia

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ID : tm3405715028

IPHARMatix Spa Packages

Produk kecantikan dan kesihatan yang telah diuji
secara saintifik dan diyakini selamat untuk

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ID : tm3406015031

Natural poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates) with 6,8,10,12 & 14 C-alkyl chains

Biodegradable poly (hydroxyalkanoates) are truly biodegradable plastics with unique biocompatible properties. Three different biodegradable polymers namely poly (hydroxybutyrate), poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate) and poly (hydroyalkanoates) with 6,8,10,12 & 14 C alkyl chains have been produced through microbial fermentation processes using palm oil as a substrate. Two potential uses of these polymers are biodegradable packing and in pharmaceutical emulsion system.

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ID : tm3494215569

Air Touch Screen

Air touch screen is the first system ever made to project your screen on air. User do not need to wear any special glasses or holding any customized devices to operate the air touchscreen. This is achieved by the latest coating technologies & precision optic developed in house by GF technology. Air touch screen system comprises of multiple a spherical mirrors and beam splitters. The screen from display is projected through the optic and beam splitter before projected through the air. A special coating is required to avoid degradation of the screen resolution and brightness as well. All is done by GF technology.

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ID : tm3507115698


This project transforms abundant pineapple skin waste into a biodegradable composite board which can become the alternative material to be used in the furniture and building industries. Mechanical tests were carried out to determine its flexural and tensile strengths; including the impact test all show that this product can be used to make the various applications withstanding the forces involved. Pineapple is cultivated widely all over the world and is not a seasonal fruit. The skin can be obtained all year round so this product can be sustainably manufactured. This product is environment-friendly and is recyclable. Since pineapple skin is waste, this product can be cos-effective and affordable to consumers. Thus, the market potential for this innovation is very promising in this rapidly developing world.

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