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ID : tm3024811219

Production of Bacteriocin from Sago Starch in Continuous Mode

This invention is related to the continuous production of bacteriocin an antibiotic like substance and used in the food industry as a natural preservative. Using fermentative route, we claim high productivity of product, not risk of contamination of the process and long-term fermentation process.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3024911220

Procolony: Automatic Colony Counting On-The-Go

The aim of the invention: to develop a mobile based computer vision technique to automate the process of detection and counting of colonies to assist microbiologists to tract the colony growth over a times series.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3031511286

(M-AST) Mobile Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

A system to capture the image of a standard Antibiotic Susceptibility Test(AST) assay and automatically measure the diameter of the inhibition zone and interpret the result bu comparing it with the corresponding standard measurement within a database to generate an instant result for reporting.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3104012011

Breakthrough in isolation of Humic Substance

Agricultural wastes such as sao, pineapple annd rice straw are produces in large quantities but these wastes are yet to be properly managed and utilized. As an example, for every 100 kg of sago starch in pith, there are 10 kg of wastes and these wastes are likely to be discarded into rivers ans streams because most of the sago factories are built near rivers and streams. This practice may cause water and other related enviromental pollution. To this end, a zero waste management approach was devised to manage wastes of these kinds.

Bintulu Sarawak

ID : tm3193412905

Reinforced Shell Mould (with palm oil fiber)

The present invention relates to ceramic investment shell molds (for casting molten metals) that are fiber reinforced to improve mold tensile strength which can avoid metal casting defects. Commonly, this defect is associated with the crack mechanism in the firing stage due to the fact that ceramic materials is highly sensitive to any thermophysical change and always response in a nonlinear way. In additional, the removal of moisture during the firing stage can cause shrinkage and warping which may lead to the failure of ceramic mould. Therefore, the use of palm oil fiber embedded in the shell mould system, producing a ceramic shell sufficient strength to withstand the high rigors of metal casting without failure or loss of the cast products.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3204913020

Conducting Polyaniline-iron Oxide Nanocomposite Matrix to Improve Antibodies Immobilization in Immunosensing Applications.

Please contact Prof. Madya Dr Mohd Kamarulzaki bin Mustafa directly for more information.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3205213023

Computer Aided Design For Complete Denture & Rapid Casting : A solution For Future Dental Technology.

A computer aided tools for denture design, assembly and fabrication. Using 3D scanning, CAD system, rapid prototyping and vacuum casting technology. Able to produce.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3221213183


The system for reducing high metal content (up to 90%) in shellfish. The system is also fast, easy to use and cost-effective.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221513186


Makanan suplemen untuk pertumbuhan yang
dibuat daripada produk sampingan pertanian
sebagai sumber protein untuk tenaga, serta
tambahan mikrobiologi untuk kesihatan usus
haiwan. Ia adalah aditif untuk makanan ruminan
terutamanya untuk haiwan muda

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3222613197

Makanan Ikan dari Bulu Ayam

Bulu ayam dihidrolisiskan untuk meningkatkan
penghadaman protein dalam bulu ayam bagi ikan
ternakan. Produk yang dihasilkan ini mampu
meningkatkan penghadaman sehingga 80%
berbanding dengan teknik biasa yang hanya
mencapai keupayaan penghadaman sebanyak
sekitar 60%. Bagi memastikan proses ini mesra
alam, air yang digunakan akan dirawat dan dikitar

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3223213203

Liquid Biopsy Microfluidic System

The present invention showcases a microfluidic system capable to measure mass of single biological cell. The mass of miniature object is calculated based on drag force and Newton's Law formula. Since the mass of normal cells differ from disease cells, this invention has a huge potential in medical.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3225513226

Hybrid Biogranular System For Textile Wastewater Treatment

A system capable of treating textile wastewater with high removal efficiency (up to 90% COD and color removal). A single compact reactor treatment system utilizing small working area. Utilized biogranules which are dense, compact with excellent settling properties (settling time between 5 to 15 minutes). High biodegration rate due to high concentration of microorganism within the granules.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3226313234

High Protein Fish Pasta

This invention is exclusively made for mersing district as a tourism icon. A unique blend of selected fish fillet sourced by local fishermen and high satiety and glycemic index wheat. Incorporation of valuable protein can improve the functional properties and nutritional qualities of pasta.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3226413235

Heavy Metal Scavenging Drinking Water Filtering Unit (HEM-Filter)

Point of use (POU) drinking water treatment unit that can generate an indication of end of service life through a change in pH for the selective removal of toxic heavy metal ions, such as borderline (Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+ etc.) and soft (Pb2+, Hg2+, etc.) metal ions, even in low concentration and that can boost up hard metal ions those are essential for our health, namely Ca2+ and Mg2+, through containing the acid activated carbon effluent with calcium carbonate or calcite(CaCO3) or a mixture of CaCO3 and Magnesia (MgO2).

Silver Medal - 35th International Exhibition of New
Inventions,Techniques and Products,Geneva
Bronze Medal - Malaysia Technology Expo(MTE)2007
Bronze Medal - Industrial Art and Technology Expo(INATEX)

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3230613277

EcoNoSep: Economical and Novel Separation of Propiconazole Enantiomers Using Smart EcoNoSep Chiral Solution in Micellar Capillary Electrophoresis

EcoNoSep is a cheap, rapid and highly efficient enantioseparation method for propiconazole, a triazole fungicides widely used as agrochemicals. EcoNoSep employs a smart chiral separation solution for micellar capillary electrophoresis (MiCE) separation of enantiomers and is able to produce a novel and rapid separation of four propiconazole stereoisomers and three other chiral triazole and fenbuconazole with efficient separation.

Silver Medal - Innova-Eureka 2007(Brussels, Belgium)
Silver Medal - PECIPTA 2007
Gold Medal - INATEX 2007
Best Invention Award - INATEX 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3230713278

EcoNoMe: Economical, Novel and Green Extraction Sol Gel Fiber

A new sol-gel material based on polydimenthylsiloxane-poly(vinyl) alcohol(PDMS-PVA) as a strong sorbent for solid phase micro extraction fiber (SPMEF) is produced. Sol-gel PDMS-PVA sorbent material is organic solvent resistant, withstand high temperature up to 400 C, multiple reusable fiber usage, cheap production. Material is useful as sorbent for green extraction process such in solid phase micro extraction and stir bar sorptive extraction for pesticide extraction, persistent organic pollutants and not limited thereof. Sorbent can be in the form of rod, plate, column, bar and cartridge.

Silver Medal - INNOVA-Eureka 2007 (Brussels, Belgium)
Silver Medal - PECIPTA 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3231613287

Domestic Water Filter Using Customized Product of Zeolite and Activated Carbon as Filtering Media (ZEOAC-Filter)

Iodinated zeolite P(K-P2-I) and hydrated iron(III)-oxide dispersed zeolite Y(ZeoY-HFO) were used in the filter system to disinfect the water by iodine, to remove the hardness causing cautions and heavy metal ions by zeolite and to remove arsenic and selenium species by dispersed hydrated iron(III)-oxide. Zeolite P was used in potassium exchange from for the present concern over sodium level in the dietary. Acid activated carbon(AAC) and carbon-hydrated iron-oxide(C-HFO) composite were used to polish the drinking by removing selectively trace contaminants of heavy metal iron, organic pollutants and ionic and non-ionic species of arsenic/selenium to a safe level. Two major agro-wastes of Malaysia namely, rice husk and palm shells were used as sources of silica and carbon precursor in manufacturing filter media.

Gold Medal - 35th International Exhibition of New
Inventions, Techniques and Products, Geneva
Bronze Medal - Malaysia Technology Expo(MTE)2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3232513296


D'hair terdiri daripada ekstrak tumbuhan
semulajadi yang merupakan ekstrak kulit manggis
dan ia adalah bebas daripada bahan kimia yang
boleh membahayakan kulit rambut kita. Fungsi
D'hair adalah merangsang pertumbuhan rambut
yang lebih cepat dan sihat, menguatkan rambut
dan juga membantu menyelesaikan masalah
rambut gugur

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3233813309

Cone-Shaped Membrane Liquid Phase Microextraction System

CSM-LPME is an extraction procedure that utilizes membrane impregnated with an organic solvent that is used to accommodate or protect micro-volumes of acceptor solution. This novel methodology has been proven to be simple, low-cost and virtually organic solvent-free sample preparation technique, which provides a high degree of selectivity and enrichment by additionally eliminating the possibility of carry-over between runs.
The development of fast, precise, accurate and sensitive methodologies to isolate compounds of interest from a sample matrix has become an important issue because most analytical instruments cannot handle sample matrices directly.
Miniaturized sample preparation methods have been regarded as the most attractive techniques for the pretreatment of complex sample mixtures. In this procedure, the concentration of target compounds is enhanced(enrichment) and the presence of matrix components is reduced(sample clean up)
Liquid Phase Microextraction(LPME) is a relatively new analytical tool for the extraction and concentration of water, headspace and atmospheric samples.

Silver Medal - Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition
(INATEX) 2007
Gold Medal - Malaysia Technology Expo(MTE) 2008

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3237613347

An Active Smart Plastic Film Using A Bio-Switch Concept for Application in Packaging

- A food protection kit monitoring quality with biotechnology concept and tools implementation.
- The term 'Active Packaging' changes the condition of the packed food to extend shelf life or to improve safety or sensory properties, while a 'smart' packaging system monitors the condition of packaged foods to give information about the quality of the packaged food during storage and distribution.
- It is a newly developed pH-sensitive material in plastic film. It is used for food packaging based on modified nanocomposites incorporated with natural antimicrobial substances and encapsulated colorant AnthoUTM extracted from Brassica oleacea var. Capitata
- Based on pH, total color different (TCD) and titratable acidity (TA), the color indicator has been developed and evaluated on its applicability to food packaging.
- Commercial practical use of the indicator has been developed for non-fermented and fermented food packaging reliably to maintain the quality, safety and integrity of packaged food.

Gold Medal - 35th International Exhibition of New
Inventions Techniques and Products, Geneva 2007
Gold Medal - Malaysia Technology Exposition (MTE) 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3239913370

A Knowledge Management System For Biodiversity Data

Provides graphical user interfaces that provide authoring tools to manage data, document, images and multimedia files in the database with little knowledge of programing language. Upload data using spreadsheet format, generate report, summarrizes data and allows spatial visualization and an interactive map. Able to help biodiversity researchers to warehouse, demonstrate and elevate their biodiversity data. Specifically designed for management of biodiversity data by possessing an automated taxonomy, bibliography and access to databases such as Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3240013371

A Knowledge Management System For Biodiversity Data

Provides graphical user interfaces that provide authoring tools to manage data, document, images and multimedia files in the database with little knowledge of programming language. Upload data using spreadsheet format, generate report, summarizes data allows spatial visualization on an interactive map. Able to help biodiversity researchers to warehouse, demonstrate and elevate their biodiversity data. Specifically designed for management of biodiversity data by possessing an auto-mated taxonomy, bibliography and access to databases such as Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3317414145


Autopump is an automatic watering system designed to conserve water. The system only water when it is needed, i.e. when soil is dry. Autopump is now expanding its usage to vertical rotation under sunlight for vertical farm. In the future, Autopump is aimed to develop into one stop farm care system.

Kulai Johor

ID : tm3446015431

SitroPro : Ekstrak Herba Sabagai Rawatan Alternatif Terhadap Jangkitan Parasit Protozoa Pada Ikan Marin Ternak

Penggunaan SitroPro telah berjaya mengatasi masalah jangkitan penyakit Hexamitiasis dan Trichodiniasis di FRI Gelang.Selain itu , rawatan menggunakan bahan semulajadi terhadap jangkitan ikan ternakan adalah salah satu alternatif yang lebih selamat untuk meningkatkan produktiviti industri akuakultur , seterusnya dapan menjamin keselamatan dan kesihatan pengguna.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3446215433

Kaedah Penternakan Dan Penghasilan Artemia Dewasa Secara Intensif Bagi Bekalan Makanan Rega Ikan Marin

Bagi tujuan menyediakan prasarana dan teknologi penghasilan
Artemia biojisim secara intensif atau satu modul penghasilan
diwujudkan dengan penghasilan 1 kg biojisim/tan isipadu ternakan.
a) Kemudahan Ternakan
Kemudahan ini terdiri dari tangki gentian kaca (650 L). Tangki tersebut dipasangkan empat tiub pengudaraan untuk bekalan oksigen dan bagi menjamin taburan makanan dan taburan
ternakan yang efisien. Air ternakan disedia pada kemasinan 30
ppt yang terlebih dahulu disteril dengan bahan aktif klorin.
b) Keperluan Sista Artemia dan Pemakanannya
Sejumlah 20 g sista Artemia ditetaskan untuk hasilkan purata
3 juta naupli dan membentuk kepadatan dalam tangki pada
5,000/L. Semasa ternakan, makanan yang diberi ialah dedak
beras yang disaring dengan penapis bersaiz mata 50 m. Kadar pemberian makanan adalah 50 g dedak pada hari pertama diikuti 20 g sekali penggunaan untuk tiga kali aplikasi sehari pada jam 0800, 1200 dan 1600.
c) Pengurusan Ternakan
Pertukaran air pada kadar 30% pada hari kelima dan 20% selang
sehari dilakukan untuk mengekalkan mutu air ternakan pada
tahap optima. Bagi tujuan ini, dua jenis penapis kecil bersaiz mata 150 m dan 350 m disediakan. Tiub getah dengan diameter 15-20 mm dijadikan hos supaya tekanan tarikan semasa pertukaran air diminimumkan.
d) Hasil
Biojisim Artemia (dewasa) bersaiz 0.4-0.5 cm TL selepas 10-12
hari ternakan boleh dituai pada kadar purata 250,000 ekor atau10% kadar kemandirian Biojisim Artemia. Ia sedia untuk diberimakan kepada rega ikan sementara menunggu tempoh peralihan kepada makanan jenis rumusan.

Johor Bahru Johor

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