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World's Smallest RFID Reader
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MD770R is a MDT development of new generation, ultra-small (81mm2) and low-cost HF (13.56 Mhz) RFID reader module using new architecture approach. It measured just 8mm x 8mm, yet provides all the advanced features and performance of a desktop RFID reader to read and write ISO15693 and ISO14443 Type A and B RFID tags. MD770R reader module is much smaller and consumes less power than typical reader module which means it could be utilized on mobile phones and PDA products seamlessly. Significant size reduction at the module level, accompanied by a substantial performance increase, plays a crucial role in delivering future platforms to mobile users by allowing an increased number of features and capabilities. Among MD770R's derived products are BHR300 Bluetooth(TM) interfaced RFID reader and UMR300 USB dongle RFID reader.

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Japan, China, Malaysia
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3F, Iris Smart Technology Complex,Technology Park Malaysia,
57000 Bukit Jalil
Kuala Lumpur

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Liew Choon Lian