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Loose Palm Fruit Picker
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Oil palm fruits are clustered as bunches before being harvested from the palm oil tree. Due to height of falling of the bunches, loose palm oil fruits are separated from the main bunch due to impact of the bunch falling to the ground during harvesting. The current method to collect loose fruits collection is important because it will boost the crude oil production rate between 1%-2% from current average 20% yield from totally weight of the fruit bunch. The Loose Oil Palm Fruit Picker device has been designed, developed and tested in the oil palm fields to pick up loose oil palm fruit from then ground. Results show that the device is capable to collect the fruits from the ground and effective separate the debris from the fruits into a collection bag. The separator is able to separate loose fruits and debris whereby ,ore than 90 percent debris can be separated efficiently. The fruit picker utilizes vacuum power produced by a cubic cylinder petrol engine The design is versatile, mobile, and compact, light efficient and effective loose oil palm fruit picking in the terrains of a typical oil palm plantation.

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Research Management Centre (RMC), Blok BJ Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Jalan Kajang-Puchong KM 7
43009 Kajang

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Kumaran a/l Palanisamy
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