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WebNRW: Web Based Non Revenue Water Management System
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Non revenue water (NRW) figures for all the states in Malaysia are still above the Government targeted figures. The Government is keen on the NRW reduction programs as this will increased the revenue of the water authorities and indicated good governance.

Presently, NRW components have been identified by the water authority but there is no classification of NRW components in relation to the layout of the water distribution network. This is due to the unstructured data collection which resulted in difficulty in data consolidation. This make it impossible for the water authority to validate the NRW figures and therefore efforts in NRW reduction cannot be done.

A conceptual model for the water distribution network has to be formalized for the purpose of identifying the source/location of water loss and non revenue consumption. The NRW components will have to be classified according to the distribution network to capture the source and magnitude of the components. A work procedure to calculate and validate the NRW has to be formulated. This can be done when a detailed analysis on the distribution model and data is done.

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Dean, Research and Innovation Management Centre, Universiti Utara Malaysia,
06010 Sintok

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Prof. Dr. Ku Ruhana Ku Mahamud
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