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Thermally Efficient Sustainable Hybrid Brick (TESH BRICK)
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It is important to improve thermal performance of building envelope, as the energy efficiency of a building depends on the ability of the whole building envelope to retain internal heat as well as reduce heat loss and moisture movement from a building through the walls. Glass powder POFA have the potential to be used as supplementary cementitious wall material to replace cement which has a high level of embodied energy and is a cause for environmental concern. Also, fibers form oil palm residues are found to be a useful waste material that can be used to enhance the insulating property of walls . Thus, the developed TESH Brick has a unique combination of GP and POFA to provide strength because of its pozzolanic behavior, and the incorporation of fibers in the matrix to lower the heat transfer rate due to increase in porosity. Utilizing 85% locally available waste material in developing the TESH Brick products confirms its high degree of sustainability.

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Department of Construction Management,
Faculty of Technology,Management and Business (FPTP),
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,

86400 Batu Pahat

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Ashwin Narendra Raut
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