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Timber-Lightweight Concrete Composite Floor System
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Malaysia is rich with tropical timbers that have excellent mechanical strength properties which can be used as the main building structure component. Some of the Malaysian timber is able to achieve greater strength to weight ratio than both steel and concrete. However, it is not fully utilized, and the use of Malaysian timber is mainly on furniture production and roof construction. In the Ninth Malaysian Plan, the Malaysian government encourages local developers to use Industrialized Building System (IBS) to reduce the dependence on unskilled foreign workers in the construction industry and provide better quality houses. Precast concrete system is one of the most common IBS used in the construction joints, and the combination between timber and leightweight concrete could be an IBS in our local building construction. An innovative floor system consisting of the use of Malaysian timber and lightweight concrete has been experimented and developed to provide an alternative floor system for building. This system is a combination of the use of Malaysian timber with an excellent flexural strength as the main beams and lightweight foamed concrete for the slab with good thermal and sound insulation properties. The composite action between timber and lightweight concrete is provided by the multiple choices of shear connectors. The floor systems demonstrate a superior structural system in its high structural efficiency as well as being easy to install. It can be applied in the renovation or extension of existing residential and historical buildings, and building for soft soil construction.

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Faculty of Civil and Enviromental Engineering, Faculty of mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,
86400 Batu Pahat

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Koh Heng Boon
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