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The Study of Pneumatic Behavior for Application on Building Personal Lift
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The objective of this research is to design and develop a cost-saving yet safe building personal lift for up to four storey building. The design analysis carried out is focused and based mainly on identifying the characteristics and limitation of the pneumatic lift used for building of 4 storey and below. Literature review on all pneumatically personal lift available in the market and journal on pneumatic lift was carried out in order to tap the findings of the other researchers and use it in the design process. The best conceptual idea of pneumatic personal lift was determined by analyzing and improving the existing available system in the market. The limitations and disadvantages of the selected conceptual model were identified and further studied and the solution to improve its characteristics were sought in the process of designing and developing a more practical pneumatic lift for low rise building. The limitation of the compressed air in lifting applications were also identified and used as a guideline to design cost-saving, safe and user-friendly pneumatic personal lift. During the last stage of the research, a small size model of pneumatic personal lift for low rise building was fabricated incorporating all design aspects derived from the theoretical and experimental data. Matlab Simulink simulation was performed onto the prototype in order to validate the data obtained. The validated data shall be used in the design of an actual size building structure at UTeM???s innovative product testing bay.

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Assoc. Professor Ir. Abdul Talib bin Din
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