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TYPHIRAPID - A Rapid IgM test for the accurate diagnosis of acute typhoid fever
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Thphoid fever remains as a public health problem in many developing countries. Current diagnosis for typhoid is via the method of culture and serology (Widal test). These methods lack sensitivity, specificity and speed. Hence the need for an alternative test for typhoid that is rapid, sensitive, specific, cost-effective and without the need of cold chain for transportation and storage. An early discovery of a 50kDa specific protein on the outer membrane of Salmonella thphi had resulted in the development of a rapid one-hour test for typhoid called THPHIDOT to detect the presence of specific lgG and lgM. Despite world-wide acceptance of the test, its need for the cold chain limits the extensive use of the test in remote areas where the test sould not be transported due to lack of cold chain facilities. THPHIRAPED was strategically developed to convert TYPHIDOT into a 15 minute lgM testor the acute diagnosis of thphoid in order to create a global impact for typhoid diagnosis.

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Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM), Universiti Sains Malaysia
16150 Kubang Kerian

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Prof Asma Ismail
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