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Intubation in Emergencies (A Color Coded Guide)
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Endotracheal Intubation is an essential procedure in managing the airway of a critical patient. The rapid sequence induction (RSI) is commonly used method. RSI involves certain drugs and specific steps. The steps, drugs can be unnerving especially in an emergency situation. The guide aims to make RSI easier by making drug administration thus life saving decisions faster and more accurate. It hopes to achieve this by the usage of color coded flipchart and precalculated drug-dose table. The problem in the market is most of healthcare personnel need a quick reference guide that lists doses of drugs and specific indication for certain drugs. Flipping through pages of books delays treatment but it is a must to make sure the correct doses are given. The solution is the flipchart uses color to reflect the steps that needs to be taken and has a precalculated drug-dose table for accurate drug dosing. It also have a table for indication of certain drugs in specific situations.

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Fakulti Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Tingkat 13, Menara B, Persiaran MPAJ
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