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Design Of Motorized Scooter
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The motorised scooter is a class of low-powered motorised vehicles with low top speed and small capacity engine, generally attached with two wheels. The new design of motorised scooter is build for recreation and military purpose within a rifle platoon organization for troop mobility. The scooter design is can foldable and can be stared in the bag for portability. The selections of design are based on selection of the conventional motorised scooter, types of braking system and safety feature. The methods for gesign includes assessment using matrix method, theoretical calculation and studies on the advantage of thr design concept and features. The detail drawing is done using the CAD software which us Autodesk Inventor Professional and the software can show advanced parametric modeling, techniques and simulation products like SolidWorks. The detail drawing will be used for fabrication of the motorised scooter prototype process ang bring to the final testing comprising the unctional check, testing the performance and drivability.

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Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

57000 Kem Sungai Besi
Kuala Lumpur

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Khalid Abd Jalil
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