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A GPS Guided Legged Robot for Mapping Areas of Impossible Human Entry
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This invention is a product, a legged (walking) robot, which is useful for mapping the objects in certain areas where man cannot enter. These areas are unknown such as unexplored tunnels and debris that would have been created by calamity such as building collapse and earthquake etc. The robot is small in size and can travel within restricted places and map the objects that may be living or otherwise. The robot has several sensors. The sensor data are processed on robot computers and transmitted wireless to outside world. The robot has a specially designed Ultrasonic Sensor Bank (USB), a Global Positioning System (GPS) and an Electronic Campus (EC). The USB computes the range (distance between the sensors and the object) of objects around the robot, the GPS connects the robot to a maximum of six space satellites to compute its global position and the EC takes the job of GPS when the robot is inside a groove or under a ceiling where satellite signal is highly attenuated. Since the robot is legged, it can easily maneuver rugged path where wheeled robot is not suitable.

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School of Mechatronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
02600 Jejawi

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Prof R. Nagarajan
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