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Trainee Haptic Dental Simulator with Force Feedback
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A software system has been developed to help trainee dental doctors to prepare themselves for patient consultation. The environment in a dental room can be limited in space and quiet crowded with dental tools and equipment. Dentists have to be trained to position themselves in this working space such that they can maneuver easily to reach tools and move them around the mouth for teeth inspection. The current form of training using 3D models or real patients can be risky or anatomically monotonous. We propose a training system using 3D graphics to simulate a patients teeth and several dental tools in real-time. This system is currently not available in most dental training hospitals. The main technical feature of the proposed system is the use of an Haptic device to manipulate the tool and generate force feedback to the user. In order to do this accurate 3D models of patients teeth and dental tools are required. It is well known that faithful rendering of haptic force and graphic displays are difficult and often lead to instability. We improve on this by using efficient algorithms and high level libraries of low complexity. This combination is by itself novel. The results obtained are good with a rendering rate of more than to 40 FPS (graphics & force). The proposed system will be beneficial to the young dental community and hospitals. It can be a platform to introduce a new learning paradigm in the medical domain. The system also allows cost saving, time saving and improves quality of consultation. The trainee can repeat the exercises at no cost at all and at their preferred anatomical teeth.

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Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Taman Muhibbah
02500 Jejawi

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Kenneth Sundaraj
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