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Sugarsorb: Physical Treated Sugarcane Bagasse As Adsorbents For Treatment Of DYes Poluted Wastewater
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Pigments and dYes represent one of the problematic groups to treat from several industrial wastewaters. They are mainly from dye manufacturing, textile finishing, food colouring, cosmetic, papers, batik and carpet industries. The textile industries, including batik industry in Malaysia is also contributing significantly to the problem.
The use of low cost, recycled waste and ecofriendly adsorbents has been investigated as an alternative method for replacement of currently expensive method for removing dYes from wastewater. In this study, sugarcane bagasse - an agro industry waste were used to remove the dYes from the aqueous solution in a batch reactor. The sulphuric acid treated sugarcane bagasse (SupaSORB) were used to adsorb dYes at a various parameters, namely contact time, adsorbent dosage, initial dYes concentration and pH. The optimum combination all these parameters were determined by using Design of Expert (DoE) software.
As sugarcane bagasse is easily available in the countryside, it has potential to be used for the small scale industries which produced dYes as their effluent, after it was being pretreated with formaldehyde and sulphuric acid.
The data maybe useful for designing and fabrication of an economically cheap treatment process using batch or stirred tank flow reactors for the removal of methyl red from diluted industrial effluent.

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