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DOMIGREASE :Grease From Dolomite
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"Dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2) is a pearly, translucent mineral, commonly colorless or white in color. It was named after the French mineralogist and geologist, de Dolomieu D. (1750-1801). Like the others, dolomite can be traced by its physical and chemical.
Dolomite is composed of 52.06% oxygen, 13.03% carbon, 13.18% magnesium, and 21.73% calcium. Iron and manganese carbonates, barium and lead are sometimes present as impurities. In cement industries, dolomite is an industrial waste.
Only a small portion of this industrial waste (dolomite) is used for general purpose such as to cover muddy land. A big fraction of the remaining waste however is not used and creating serious air pollution problems to local community. Hence, the used of the waste to produce greases will be able to overcome numerous problems, including the air pollution problems. Besides that, as a raw material, it is abundant and inexpensive.
The use of dolomite in production of grease can reduce the need for disposal. Besides that, as a raw material, dolomite is abundant and inexpensive. Therefore, it can reduce the grease production cost. Besides that, the grease is expected highly resistant to water and can be use for corrosion protection purpose. "

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Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Bahan, Taman Muhibbah
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