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Compact Planar Highly Efficient Antenna for WLAN Applications
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A printed microstrip monopole is designed to be operated in WLAN frequency range, which is one of the most important data connectivity features required in mobile terminals. The antenna is designed in compact size and feed, with a parasitic and ground plane to replace large ground planes used in traditional monopole designs. Using a /4 transformer, the antenna is easily matched to any 50 transmission line and ports interface to RF front ends. The optimized design is fabricated onto low cost FR-4, a material widely used in the production of printed-circuit boards (PCBs). Such mature fabrication technology reduces inaccuracy risks and ensures consistency of measured results. Antenna return losses are less than -10 dB over the WLAN frequency range of 2.40 GHz - 2.48 GHz. This narrow band and yet efficient feature reduces the collection of other signals within the adjacent frequency spectrum. Radiation pattern of this antenna entailed a comparable gain and beamwidth against conventional monopole antenna.

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Pintas IP Group Sdn Bhd
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School of Computer and Communication,No.12&14,Jln.1, Kompleks Pengajian UniMAP, Sebarang Ramai
02000 Kuala Perlis

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Soh Ping Jack
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