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Naturally Ventilated Solar Drying Structure and Shelve Facility for Drying of Agricultural Products
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Naturally Ventilated Transparent Solar Drying Structure utilizes ventilation effect, blackbody concept and buoyancy. It was designed constructed and tested locally and abroad under United Nation Development Program (UNDP). In addition, multiple layer shelves were also constructed to facilitate the drying process. The solar dryer structure was designed to trap solar radiation energy that heat up in-house ambient air and also reducing air relative humidity by stack effect process. Moreover, the floor was painted black to increase radiation absorption and then radiates the heat by conduction, convection and radiation. The process of air thermal buoyancy (stack effect) is naturally induced by temperature different pressure between inside and outside temperature with the aid of adjustable windows and tall black chimney. The Solar Drying Structure was made of reinforced concrete foundation, reinforced concrete floor with painted finished, galvanized steel square hollow section frames, clear polyethylene thermic film cladding and black sheet metal chimney. The structure was designed according to standard engineering code of practice, natural ventilation and drying process requirements. These requirements induce high temperature, low relative humidity and high ventilation rate inside the structure. Ventilation is necessary to exchange the inside and outside air as a pre-requisite in the drying process. The structure was made pre-fabricated portal steel structural frame, straight side wall, gable roofing and chimney. The width, length and high of the structure are 9m long, 9m wide and 4m high respectively, while the chimney height is 6m. in addition, the structure has double door and bottom window (0.02% of total cladding) for the protection against insects and vent opening respectively. Numbers of four layers hardwood shelves were spaciously constructed inside the solar drying structure. The floor of the rack was made of galvanized steel mesh to provide convection hot air movement between the drying products. In addition, the shelves were built for proper working flow to facilitate material handlings.

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Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP), Dean of Academic Management, 9th Floor, KWSP Building, Jalan Bukit Lagi
01000 Kangar

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Rezuwan Kamaruddin
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