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Dynamic-Active Washing Technology and Process
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This is invention about a new introduced cloth washing method. It will require new technology so support these dynamic-active washing process. There is a non-rotating drum where the washing process takes place. It does not depend on the actuator which normally deficient which time to rotate and wash the cloth in the liquid solution. Water is directed pointed towards wash load and create abrasion and squeezing effect on the same time to carry the stain away from cloth. This active washing approach is more efficient than the available washing machine because there is pressurized water as a working liquid which ensure uniform mechanically cleaning. This could hence minimize the washing time and detergent used. The present of ultrasonic vibrator in the washing drum may further enhance the washing process. Figure 1 below are the process flow of the invention:

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School of Manufacturing Engineering, UniMAP, No. 21, 1st floor, bangunan indah, jalan pengkalan Asam
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