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Meat ID Kit II: A Kit For Meat Speciation
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Meat ID kit II, an improvement of Meat ID kit is a more sensitive and versatile for meat species identification. The kit includes several solutions for DNA extraction and DNA primers for polymerase chain reaction amplification and Real-time PCR. Meat ID kit consisted the specific primer series that are used to amplify the meat specific genes while primers Universal amplify a gene common to all meat types. Real-time PCR detects the presence of a specific meat type or the identify of a meat species can be resolved when the meat specific primers generated a DNA band on an agarose gel. The absence of a DNA band indicates the absence of meat species targeted. Sequence analysis of amplicons of primers, SPEC and UN1/2 will confirm the ID of a meat species.

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Biotechnology Research Institute
University Malaysia Sabah,
Locked Bag 2073,

88999 Kota Kinabalu

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Clemente Michael Wong Vui Ling
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