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No More Smoking Burners-UMS Helps in Developing a Smoke Emission Control System
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TA burner smoke emission control device was invented by Ir. Philip Yong (IC No. 421219-12-5031) and patented (Malaysian Patent 111240) in 1999. There appears to be no such device commercialized to date. Ir. Yong has been awarded a Cradle grant to commercialize his invention and to quantify the effectiveness of the invention. Typical single stage industrial scrubbers which remove particulates from exhaust gas using water have an efficiency between 60 to 80% removal of particulates with a water use of 0.45-0.55 litres of water per m3 of exhaust air [1,2]. The invention works by spraying water onto the smoke produced from a burner to cool it and then forced through a mechanical mixing process diving dissolve chamber (DDC, Item 60 in the patent). The gas is released through a rotating exhaust while the water continues to collect more smoke emissions until the water is replaced. Sawdust, wood stick and tyre tubes were burnt in the burner to simulate the pollutant gas. The device???s ability to remove smoke particles is found to be highly effective, above 90 percent, based on tests on the diving dissolve chamber alone of the smoke emission control system. Filter paper was used to capture the residue smoke particles carried by the cooled exhaust gas and a membrane filter for the water suspending the particles. The existing system must be coupled with a feasible water treatment technology for it to be validated as fully functional, besides the design modifications suggested for the rotating gas sparger. The machine???s effectiveness in operation has been captured on video and Ir. Yong is confident his invention can be commercialized immediately.

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School of Engineering and Information Technology, University Malaysia Sabah, Locked Bag 2073,
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