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Synthetic Wood Composition & Method of Processing Thereof
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The invention relates to the technology and materials for processing thermoplastic natural rubber wood from a blend of natural rubber and polyethylene, as the matrix and cellulosic fibers, rice husk or any dried parts of the rice plant/grass and wood powder, as the filler.
The composite will be further improved in properties (hardened and strengthened) with addition of particulate filler such as clay, and chemical modifications to the matrix. The special properties of the thermoplastic composite wood like mouldability and resistance to moisture and fungi enable it to be applied in the construction of formed products for outdoor applications (garden furniture) and in wet indoor areas (tiling applications). It can be applied to door fittings and furniture through the addition of pigments or painting of the composite for a better finishing. The use of agro-waste such as rice husk and wood flour helps to lessen environmental problem related to rice and wood industries.

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Bustaman & Co.
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School of Chemical Sciences and Food Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM),
43600 Bangi

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Prof. Dr Ibrahim Abdullah
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