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Transliteration Engine for Jawi to Rumi
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Jawi is a writing system that is adapted fom Arabic characters for writing Malay language. The usage of Jawi script in writing has been disregarded particularly since the Roman script is used as the official script in Malay language. Since, then contents that are written in Jawi, especially in the Internet, are scarce. The smart way to escalate contents in Jawi is by assisting the transliteration process of digital documents, i.e. web pages that are in Roman script, to Jawi script.However, the fact is that there is no system that can do the job including the well-known Google translation engine. Hence, building a Rumi to Jawi transliteration engine for web pages is a way to create Jawi contents and to rejuvenate the usage of Jawi script by using the information technology. We developed the Transliterasi Engine for RUmi to JAwi (TERUJA) in a form of web services that can transliterate any web pages that is in Malay Roman script to Jawi script without changing the original web page layout. The engine is up and running on the TERUJA official website at

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Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi

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Assoc. Prof. Madya Dr. Khairuddin Omar
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