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The project developed is a Wireless CATV Tester Unit for a fiber-to-the home (FTTH) network system. Wireless CATV Tester Unit is a video monitoring eqiupment for optical fiber network line. It consists of two main parts; a detection module (transmitter) and a handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit (receiver). Detection module functions in detecting and extrating video signal from three main signals present in optical signal in underground cable while handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit is responsible in manually determinig the status of the line by accessing the video displayed on the device's video display. To certify transmitted signals are in working provision, CATV tester device is designed to measure signals passing through optical network unit (ONU) at user's premises. A single mode optical fiber at ONU will be obtained by 'tapping' method and 10% of the signal will be fed into detection module. Video signal is then extracted. Through wireless technology, video signal transmitted by detection module throughtout fiber optic cable located in the underground to the handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit. Here, this handheld device will translate the obtained signal into a video to be displayed and accessed by the in-charged personnel. If received signal is accompanied by noises, FTTP main line is possibly damaged and needed to be repaired. Two worth-enhancing appropriates taken for this project are by using Solar panel to charge rechargeable battery to avoid of frequently changing the battery. Secondy is for power saving, ON/OFF switch is implemented inside signal detection module.

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Faculty of Engineering and Built Enviroment, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi Selangor
43600 Bangi

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Mohd Syuhaimi Ab Rahman
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