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Wireless Monitoring Machining Performance : MO-MAC 3
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Mo-Mac 3 is a real time wireless monitoring system for monitoring cutting tool wear progression. The system consists of handy, portable and light weight PDAs/uPC which are used to monitor the real time wear progression during turning process simultaneously, by online detecting and analyzing the cutting force signals. This system is designed to be robust in any shop floor environment. The individual PDAs/uPC produces accurate result by detecting the dynamic signal cutting force data which is then compared to the programmed database installed in the PDAs/uPC. The main function of this product is to detect and analyse cutting tool wear in terms of flank wear land (VB). Later, tool wear progression will be displayed to inform the user about the status of cutting tool conditions is three modes of different colour i.e green(good condition), yellow(transition zone) and red(end of cutting). Therefore, this product is able to give early warning related to the damage and failure of cutting tool, and helps the operation of machine to be smoothly operated in order to produce acceptable quality in manufacturing process.

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Dept of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment,
43600 Bangi

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Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jaharah A.Ghani
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