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Zerit: DNA-Damaging Anticancer Agent
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Zerit, a sesquiterpene in the rhizomes of Zingiber zerumbet Smith, was shown to exhibit antiproliferation activities on various cancer cells. This study was carried out to determine the cytotoxity and genotoxicity of Zerit on WEHI 7.2 wild type murine thymoma cells through the employement of standard MTT assay, alkaline comet assay demonstrated that Zerit has a dose dependent but not a time dependant cytotoxic effect towards WEHI 7.2 cells with IC50 values at 24,48 and 72 hours were 13.83 M , 12.50M and 12.14M respectively. Using IC10 and IC25 values obtained DNA damage in Zerit treated cells at three different time points for both concentration. Comparison of DNA damage levels at both concentrations suggested a concentration-dependent genotoxicity, as significantly higher values of tail DNA percentage and tail moment were obtained for cells treated with IC25 cooncentration as compared to IC10. Furthermore, the mode of cell death included by Zerit was found to be via apoptosis. In conclusion of DNA damage as an early event of cytotoxity.

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Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi Selangor
43600 Bangi

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Asmah Hamid
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