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This bag is invented specifically for people who need in treatment of soft tissue or muscle injuries. Usually Ice and Heat (gel, cream, electrmodalities based) was used in managing soft tissue or muscle injuries (Prentice 2006). There are many disadvantageous in using these tools which the main reason why this rice bag has been invented. Rice bag is 100% used the local rice grains as raw material that covered by special wool fabric that can sustain similar strength of ice and heat simultaneously. Rice, barley and mung beans were used in this study, the grains and beans were washed and dried under sun light, sterilization method began with these grains and beans were roasted on a hot plate, to prevent them from seeding. All grains and beans were treated under UV light for an hour. The grains and beans were packed into a bag using rib fabric, and these bags were cooked using autoclave (a machine that acts like a pressure cooking) with 1210C for 15 minutes. A small hole was made on each bag (that could fit a thermometer) and measured the grains and beans holding capacity. Rice shown with superior characteristic compares to barley and mung beans. In terms of fabric, the rib fabric alone without the wool fabric is enough to detain and retain heat (5min + 1550C). The study proved that rice covered with fabric have similar characteristic with ice and hot pack that can surrogate for management of soft tissue injury.

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Faculty of Sport Sciences and Recreation, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM),
40450 Shah Alam

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Rahmat Adnan
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