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tm3493115558 Detachable Electrical Socket
tm3447615447 External water filter with dual-functional photoelectrochemical sensor-adsorbent of copper(II) ions
tm3404415015 Development of powder metallurgy high speed steels component through additives Enhancement
tm3404015011 1. Research and Development of Metal-Graphite Brushes (Carbon Brushes) Through Powder Metallurgy Technique.

2. Development of collector shoe for light rail application.
tm3298013951 Rubbercrete Hollow Blocks: Novel Solution for Industrialized Building in Malaysia
tm3235613327 Blanching Testing Kit
tm3234513316 Circular Polarized Antenna Array
tm3233613307 Continuous Industrial Microwave System
tm3233013301 Crosslinked Polyethylene Compound For Blow Molding Process
tm3232313294 Design and Reliazation of Trisomy 21 Early Detection System Based on Ultrasound Fetal Images and Maternal Health Data
tm3231713288 DNAnts : A Software For DNA Sequence Design Based On Ant Colony System
tm3225413225 HYCATPLAS- A Low Temperature Hybrid Catalytic- Plasma Reactor for Co-Generation of Synthesis Gas and Higher Hydrocarbons
tm3218113152 Output Visualization Of A DNA Computer On DNA Engine Opticon II System
tm3215313124 Recovery of Base Oil From Spent Lubricant
tm3214013111 Security Based Real-Time Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
tm3213213103 Siakap Best: An Aquaculture Feedmeal From Fermented Prawn Waste Silage
tm3212013091 Solid Rubber Blend Base Electrolyte For Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
tm3211613087 Synthesis of Anti-Inflammatory Agents By Using Highly Reactive Zinc
tm3211313084 The Effect of Edible Bird's Nest Extract on Chondrocytes Isolated from Osteoarthritic Articular Cartilage
tm3211213083 The High Viability Of Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria
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