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The rapid development and enhancement of S&T since the millennium, has transformed socio-economic throughout the world. New skills and ability is therefore required to correspond with the ever-growing knowledge-intensive and skills based industries. The Human Capital Development Fund Programme in S&T is an effort by the Government to encourage and strengthen the human capacity and capability for the enhancement of S&T in Malaysia.

This programme is introduced to increase the critical mass of scientist and researchers in the country besides strengthening the R&D functions in institutions of higher learning and public research institutions. It also committed to enhance the country's competitiveness through the development of trained, innovative and creative human resource.

Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera (TUBE)
  1. Foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth
  2. Paradigm shift youth from employees to business owners and
  3. Shaping resilience in the conduct of business.
SME Expert Advisory Panel (SEAP) Programme

To strengthen technical advisory services to SMEs. SMEs are given on-site assistance by industry experts to transfer their technology know-how and industry experience.

Biasiswa MyBrainSc

MyBrainSc scholarship is open to all Malaysian citizens who are or will be pursuing a Bachelor or Post-graduate Degree full-time in the field of natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in local Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and the world's top universities or Ivy Leagues.

This program is one of the agenda of the Ministry of Education to achieve the goal of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (PSPTN) and produce young scientists with big hearts who would boldly accept challenges to produce world-class scholars and finally be recognized as a Nobel Laureates.

Skim Latihan Bersama (SLB)

To assist employer to organise joint trainings with other registered employers and facilitated by either an in-house trainer or external trainer

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