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Industrial & Commercialisation Funds were established to provide partial grants to qualified R&D projects to stimulate the needs of harnessing technology for wealth creation. It is aimed at enhancing and improving the competitiveness and capacity of the Malaysian industrial sector by promoting the commercialisation of indigenous technology. The funds provided also enables full commercialisation of home-grown R&D, developed by local universities/ research institutions or the private sector.

Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF)

The  fund aims to harness and leverage on outsourcing opportunities created by MNCs operating in Malaysia; intensify technology acquisition by Malaysian-owned companies; and enable Malaysian-owned
companies to obtain international standards/certifications in strategic industries. 

SME Technology Transformation Fund (STTF)

The objective of the fund is to assist the entrepreneurs in ensuring their products and services are given the boost to penetrate new markets with quality offering.

HIP2 Concept To Commercialisation Gap Fund (CCGF)

The objectives of CCGF are as below:

• To support the development of new technologies or further develop existing technologies through ‘filling in the gaps’ when specific market barriers stop good innovations from reaching the market;
• To support the development of new technologies or further develop existing technologies for the creation of new businesses and generation of economic wealth for Malaysia;
• To undertake market-driven R&D towards commercialisation of R&D outputs;
• To encourage institutions, local companies and inventors to capitalise their intellectual work through Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation;
• To stimulate the growth and increase capability and capacity of Malaysian technology-based enterprises.

Venture capital Fund

Venture capital financing for ICT companies/high technology for the purpose of commercialisation, R&D and add business networking.

AXIATA Digital Innovation Fund

Looking for innovative and high growth companies from an early stage (Series A) onwards. The target sector are  ecommerce, location-based services, big data analytics, the internet of things, traditional to cloud services, Fintech and other innovative companies.

Creative Industry Development Fund (CIDF-SKMM)

The CIDF-SKMM aims to facilitate and encourage Malaysians’ involvement in the creation, production and distribution of highly creative, original and marketable multimedia content for domestic and international markets.

1-InnoCERT Certification Programme

The main objective of the certification is to encourage entrepreneurs to venture into high technology and innovation-driven industries. With more SMEs participating in such activities, it will eventually lead to them being more competitive and would help in Malaysia achieving its objective in becoming a high income nation by the year 2020.

Bioeconomy Transformation Programme (BTP) Fund
  1. The BTP Fund is a term loan/financing facility that will be offered based on conventional principles.
  2. It serves as a ‘tipping point’ or ‘bridging’ mechanism to mitigate and de-risk a project from the point of view of conventional financing institutions.
Biotechnology Commercialisation Fund (BCF 2.0)

This BCF 2.0 programme is intended to facilitate on-going commercialisation of bio-based products and services as well as provide assistance in expanding applicants’ existing bio-based businesses.

RMK 10 - Pre-Commercialisation Financing

An innovative financing programmes to match your funding requirements that have good and viable businesses in the technology sectors especially for whom at the early and pre-commercialization stages. The funding of post R&D pre-commercialization activities cater for companies with good and viable technologies to achieve their potential.

Business Start-up Fund (BSF)

The objectives of BSF are to support and encourage entrepreneurship; creation of new strategic businesses that are important and potentially scalable; and funding of supporting companies within a technology eco-system.

Focus Area :

  1. Industrial Technology
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Sea To Space
  4. Science &Technology Core
  5. Information Communications & Technology
Business Growth Fund (BGF)

To bridge the financing gap between the early stage of commercialisation and venture capital financing for high tech products with an initial allocation of 150 million ringgit. The aim of this fund is to support these companies until they can generate sufficient commercial value to attract venture capital financing and other forms of financing.

Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund (CRDF 1)

CRDF 1: Partial grant to conduct technology and market validation activities for R&D outputs by public universities / public research institutions or any local R&D outputs to be undertaken by local companies

Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund (CRDF 2)

CRDF 2: Partial grant for the commercialisation of any local R&D outputs by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs)

Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund (CRDF 3)

CRDF 3: Partial grant for the commercialisation of any local R&D outputs from public universities / research institutions or local companies by non-SME / subsidiary of large corporation and public-listed companies

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)

1. To facilitate eligible Malaysian companies in the acquisition of foreign technologies for immediate incorporation into their existing business and manufacturing activities.
2. To enable companies to accelerate their growth through the acquisition by enhancing their technology capacity and production processes capabilities.

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