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MASTIC has implemented data collection for facilities and equipment in the area of science and technology since 1994. Then, MASTIC also initiated a Study on Science Technology Facilities & Equipment in 2006. This study suggested developing an efficient inventory system for facilities and scientific equipment. Knowing that MASTIC has published Directory of Scientific Equipment 2012 aiming to provide comprehensive and accurate reference document on facilities and equipment in various sectors in Malaysia.

Currently, a total of 826 facilities and 2,734 equipment from various organisations have stored in the database MASTIC. This database provides as the primary reference for multiple parties involved in the research and development (R & D).

It is vital for MASTIC to ensure the data were reliable and scalable. MASTIC has taken an initiative to start updated data from agencies and department under the purview of ministry. Ultimately, MASTIC successfully published 'Direktori peralatan saintifik MESTECC 2018'. The publication aimed to optimise R&D grant effectively and promote sharing of equipment among STI organisations.

Scope and Methodology

The data collection involved information such as the location of equipment, technical specifications, cost of purchase and sharing status. Questionnaire (electronic survey forms), interview and site visit was used as the instrument to collect data.

The organisations that were involved ranging from public institutions of higher learning education, private institutions of higher learning education, government research institutions, government agencies, government-linked companies and private companies.


S&T Facility

Location or places where research and scientific activities are pursued such as a laboratory, the monitoring centre and site of testing


  1. Research and Quality Assurance Laboratory (JKM)
  2. Genomic Research Facility (MGI)

S&T Equipment

Machine, equipment, apparatus, accessories or parts that are specific or unique worth RM100,000.00 and more which utilized for research activities, analysis, teaching/learning, testing and inspection services.


  1. Liquid Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer
  2. Genetic Analyser
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Mar 2019