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Incentive Category
Scope of Funding

a. To encourage more angel investments from the private sector into early stage companies in technology space.

b. To bridge the early stage investment gap by encouraging qualified individual investors to invest in early stage technology start-ups in Malaysia, to boost the growth of start-ups.

Application Method

Qualification Criteria
  1. Accredited angel investors who invested in a certified technology-based start-ups (Investee Company).
  2. There must be NO familial ties between angel investor and investee.
  3. The investment must be for the sole purpose of financing activities as approved by the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.
  4. Accredited Angel Investor must hold investment for a period of two years before claiming for tax exemption.
Contact Information

Secretariat MBAN
C/O Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd,
Level 20, Sunway Putra Tower,
100 Jalan Putra,
50350 Kuala Lumpur.

Last modified
Dec 2018