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tm3253713508 3D GIS based on game engine for terrain visualization
tm3253613507 A New Framework Of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Reserve Engineering For Obsolete Single Layered PCB
tm3253513506 A Novel Accident Investigation Management System (NAIMS)
tm3253413505 A Web-Based Component For A High Performance Computing System
tm3253313504 Adaptive emergency evacuation center management (AEECM)
tm3253213503 Affective Sociable Human Computer Interaction With A Theory Of Mind
tm3253113502 Agenda ICT Ke Arah Pembangunan K-Ekonomi Malaysia
tm3253013501 Agent-Assisted Md-Matrix (Mobile Development Methodology Matrix)
tm3252913500 Al-Adab : Islamic Sex Education (ISE) Interactive Courseware
tm3252813499 Al-Adab: Islamic Sex Education (ISE) Interactive Courseware
tm3252713498 AppGen: Application Portfolio Generator For Information Strategy Planning
tm3252613497 Automated mobile paddy diagnosis system
tm3252513496 Automated Water Reservoir Gate Control Decision Support System
tm3252413495 Automatic Covecethess Assesment of Java Programming Assigment
tm3252313494 BLEUSEMS : An Integrated Structured Exam Management System
tm3252213493 Blog Influence Analyzer (B.I.A)
tm3252113492 BM Tutor : Kenali Ayat Bahasa Melayu
tm3252013491 Career Guidance Decision System (CareGuiDeSS)
tm3251913490 Child sexual abuse education kit
tm3251813489 Children Mobile eBook Creator
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