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tm3209013061 (PolyFoc) Polymer Foam Concrete: An Alternative IBS Material
tm3208913060 (TNBT-Ti02) Synthesis of TiO2 Particle and TiO2 Thin Film using Titanium (IV) Butoxide as Starting Materials
tm3208813059 A New Novel Semi Continuous Ultrasound Clamp on Tubular Reactor for Biodiesel Production
tm3208713058 A new sustainable hydrophobic adsorbent media developed from cow bones for the remediation of palm oil mill effluent (POME)
tm3208613057 A Novel Cell Preservation Method at Room Temperature using Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate
tm3208513056 A Novel Interface For Automatic Data Communication (NiACOM)
tm3208413055 A Novel Steganography Algorithm to Hide Secret Message inside an Image
tm3208313054 AdVeS INTERFACE: GiD to Impact Interface
tm3208213053 Aerial Fish Feeding System
tm3208113052 Algorithm for Measurement of Human's Fatique Level Using 2 Factors (Eyelid Blinking and Mouth Yawning)
tm3208013051 An Improved Former
tm3207913050 An LPG Retrofit Kit
tm3207813049 Apparatus For Measuring Water Infiltration Rate In The Soil And System
tm3207713048 Apparatus for Producing A Spiral Catalyst Substrate (Cor-Ral-Tool)
tm3207613047 Aquamonitor:Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System For Aquaculture Industries
tm3207513046 ARG Shock Absorber Replacement Apparatus (SARA)
tm3207413045 Automatic Data Flow Diagrams Checker
tm3207313044 Automotive Air Conditioning Simulation System (TPU2)
tm3207213043 Automotive Components using Palm Oil Based Fly Ash Composite
tm3207113042 Beau-Tea:Antioxidant Rich Nutraceutical Herbal Tea With
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