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tm289509921 Coconut Energy Bar Use of Coconut Fibre in Candy Making
tm289499920 fROSHi-Frozen Sushi
tm289489919 Frozen Malay Kuih An Application of Dicaccharides to The Textural Properties and Sensory Characteristic of the Malay Kuih
tm289479918 The OKRA Flour
tm289469917 Im-Pro (Interative Multimedia-PC Repair OS Solver)
tm289459916 Banana Kaya with Chocolate
tm289449915 Lensa Kamera (Lensa)
tm289439914 Mandarin For Beginners: PinYin Approach (Yipin Courseware)
tm289429913 Multipurpose Stow Vehicle (CAI-KES)
tm289419912 YamMush Veg-Get
tm289409911 Electronic Aduan (E-ADUAN)
tm289399910 Electronic University Voting System (E-UVote)
tm289389909 SSMSS - School's Student Management System
tm289379908 Waste To Wealth: Biocomposite Products from Rice Husk
tm289369907 RECLITE - Recycled Glass Lighting
tm289359906 Soft Pastel for Ceramic Underglazed Decoration Using Oxide Colorant
tm289349905 Exploring The Potential of E-Learning for The Teaching of Line Drawing Subject
tm289339904 CALIB
tm289329903 Landfill Leachate treatment with a combined system including Electro-Ozonation and composite adsorbent augmented sequencing batch reactor process.
tm289319902 MathZzle Board Game
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